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  1. Part 2 is my least favorite Jason to go up against because of the traps. I use Vanessa with medic, hypochondriac, and scout perk and try to tank traps, but also it sucks to always have to be the player wasting resources and risking death. It still needs to be done to get objectives done though.
  2. I've done this. I prefer to choose counselors and Jasons, but it's fun to do once in a while. What's even more fun is having all different counselors. We would play one round and basically have a quick draft in the next lobby where the first victim had first pick and so on. It really adds to the challenge since you can't just have 3 Tiffanys running around or a bunch of Debs.
  3. Composure has absolutely been nerfed. I'm not against it, but to say otherwise seems strange. In my three matches as Jason since the patch I've had as many people break out of my grasp as they had probably in all my games before hand. Again, not necessarily a bad thing. Jenny will be a more playable character, however environmental kills will be harder.
  4. Lol, the PC guys are complaining? Oh my.
  5. Yep. I have no problem kiting Jason and dying if other stuff is being done. In quick match this is a huge problem. Private match not so much unless people can't find objectives.
  6. Nuthin, not sure if you have me down but I'd like an invite. PS4 malloymk
  7. Just play private matches. I play most evenings. Malloymk ps4. We have a solid group. All mics. I only play pub matches when i see people aren't on. Which for me isn't all that often. It's a whole new world in private match mode.
  8. It's all good. Sorry if I was too dickish.
  9. Basically this thread is just a guy letting us know he knows a lot about the Friday the 13th franchise. There is no way the developers had that info in mind while coming up with his stats. They just want a different yet still somewhat balanced Jason.
  10. Keep penalty in public matches. Drop penalty in private matches.
  11. If I have taken a bit longer to place traps at the phone, I usually on trap the battery. Unless the gas can is by the car and not put in.
  12. Who is purposely playing quick play matches?