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  1. Being Jason sucks when there is a glitch during every match.
  2. Thick skin, medic, hypochondriac (2 sprays per med kit)
  3. 8 in the game. Probably 6 or 7 in the movies.
  4. Good call. Lol.
  5. This and instead of the list showing which counselors showing as dead/escaped/etc- make it where you can only see them as dead if you received the jump scare by wandering by their dead body.
  6. In seriousness, my guess would be Spring of 2018. Which would be fine by me.
  7. I did this for about a week and then was like, "yeah. This is bullshit". Definitely an exploit.
  8. Reported. Jk.
  9. Only change I would use with the sweater is if you get grabbed before using it, it should act like a pocket knife. Stun him to get out of the grab and then lose the sweater.
  10. Hey, at least you're owning it
  11. On my repair characters (AJ, Deb, Lachappa) i go with thick skin, medic, and hypochondriac so I can tank any traps and get a quick repair in and not be left a sitting duck.
  12. Tell that to Kane Hodder who considers himself the "real Jason".
  13. Ok. I'll do that. Also, use health spray. You'll be fine.
  14. Or they have a knife. Or they're grouped and just melee you to set them free. Jason's weapon should do significant damage. He is Jason. He can punch your head off and punch through your chest, but his weapon attacks should be weak? Nah.
  15. Used to hate Packanack, but now it's my favorite.