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  1. Idk about this, sure it's more accurate to the movies but this isn't a movie, it's a game. The game has to be balanced for everyone so no one has an advantage. I feel like your idea just complicates everything. I could be wrong, maybe this idea would make the game more fun, or it'll break everything. Can't know for sure. I agree about spawning in as a counselor and getting unlucky being right next to the phone or a car, but that's just how the game goes you know? I've spawned by the car and phone dozens of times but sometimes you play against a Jason who doesn't plan ahead and wastes time chasing the "wrong" players. It's hard to run away from Jason and keep him at bay, but it's not impossible. I'm very good at avoiding Jason so I don't mind it anymore. When I play as Jason I actually just teleport away from people after chasing them for too long. It's easy to get distracted by one counselor while everyone else is busy escaping. As Jason you have to pay attention to everyone so no one escapes. Player skill, perks, and Luck all play a factor here and for those reasons I don't think they need to change anything.
  2. They could also add snow too couldn't they? I mean idk how much sense that would make seeing as it's a "summer" camp but I just thought that it could be cool. Like wen ur outside you could slowly take damage from the harshness of the cold(kinda like Lost Planet: Extreme Condition) or if the snow is deep enough you can't move as fast. One of the escape vehicles change to a snowmobile, and the lake can be walked on if it's completely frozen over. - Just a few ideas.
  3. Little subtle things like this make sense, but I don't think it's possible at this point cuz all the kills were motion captured, I don't think they can change any of the kill animations at this point.
  4. Oh that's awesome.
  5. Lol, awesome.
  6. Yes. I helped back in the day on kickstarter and got my Xbox version all pimped out but my PS4 version is Vanilla. I don't see why this would be such a big deal.
  7. Yeah but this isn't one of the movies, this is the video game. I think it works fine the way it is. Sometimes only one person gets away and when it's one of the girls I usually laugh to myself cuz it reminds me of the movies. The way the game works right now is pretty much perfect.
  8. I've been thinking the same thing, I have a shotgun and hold on to it just in case they glitch. I haven't had to unload the shotgun into anyone thankfully but I came close yesterday. Sum guy was trying to glitch into the closet in the Higgins barn but Jason got him before he could.
  9. Oops. didnt mean to double post
  10. Yeah I figured him out almost immediately. Thanks for the heads up. I'll block him too.
  11. Yeah it's damn annoying.
  12. AGREED! Sony needs to step it up. I've had multiple instances where I've almost given up on the system, only due to its community. It's really sad.
  13. I have this on Xbox and PS4 and the PS4 version is rampant with trolls. Not just in F13 either, I had the same problem with GTA Online. I've had a long history with Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. I can personally say that my worst experiences with any online community has been on PlayStation, hands down. It sucks too cuz I really love the PS4.
  14. The glitches that people are doing in the game you can't do by accident. I agree the glitches need to be fixed but that doesn't mean that I'm the meantime jerks can abuse them.