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  1. What ever helps you sleep at night. I'm just fed up with this game at this point. We keep getting shit we didn't ask for, and that shit comes with glitchy and game breaking side effects. Where is all the content we were promised? We just have to be patient; wait for the content to come out. I can do that. However, what I can't do is wait for said content while the game gets worse and worse, and more unplayable each time an update comes out. By the time single player challenges are released I won't care anymore...
  2. Lmfao, isn't this like saying: "Yeah we know we fucked up the game again by adding a bunch of shit no one asked for instead of giving you what you were promised. Here's a thread so you can rant about it!"
  3. Yeah it doesn't help. As usual with another update comes the added bullshit of more problems. It's not game breaking but very fucking annoying.
  4. I actually use this to my advantage when I'm playing as a councilor. I'll just say something random like, "Yeah I'm distracting him go ahead and fill the car with gas!" When in reality no one is actually filling the car with gas, but it works quite often. Lol.
  5. I play this game with my wife all the time and thankfully I've only had one instance where we had to deal with an obnoxious jerk who wouldn't leave her alone. Thankfully I was playing as Jason and I singled him out as my first target. He was pretty pissed off, it was awesome.
  6. Is it just me or does this guy look eerily similar to Crazy Ralph?
  7. They should have search parameters when you're looking for a match. Like the option to search for chatty players or players with a mic. Something like that, only problem though is that it would make looking for other players even longer. So... you win sum, you lose sum.
  8. I have been wanting this Jason to be added too! I hate the Remake but I LOVED the version of Jason in it. Much respect goes to Kane Hodder, but Derek Mears' portrayal of Jason was really intense and his physicality was menacing!
  9. Why tho? We should start a poll, maybe that'll get their attention?
  10. Both games are balanced in their own way and broken in their own way. DbD seems to be a little more balanced though all in all. One thing that does annoy me about DbD is the way they limit who you can invite to play with you. To keep things fair you can't invite friends into public matches unless you pick the option from the main menu and even then it's only if you all want to play as survivors. Again, it's fair but it's also kinda annoying. I guess it's better then playing with a bunch of douche bags who are working with the killer. I hate playing a good match of F13 only to find out half way through that match that someone is working with Jason. 😡 I think there should be an option to pick between Jason and Counselors though, for sure. Especially with the newest update to F13. Playing as Jason can be overwhelming and infuriating. I don't mind playing as a counselor anymore now that they've gotten rid of team killing. There's still a lot to fix with the game and still a lot of things they could add. I hope they keep listening to the community for ideas and feedback.
  11. You do realize that Jason is supposed to be an unstoppable killer right?
  12. Well that's what you get for hiding the whole time. That's annoying.
  13. I don't exactly remember when I first heard this news but I know it was on YouTube and Adam Sessler was in the video talking about the game. I saw that they had all the greats: Kane Hodder, Harry Manfredini, etc. and I was immediately hooked on the idea. I've been a fan of Friday the 13th since I was 5 years old(I'm 27 now.) and wen I heard about the kickstarter I ran to my computer and donated $65 with the promise of an Xbox One code and Savini Skin. The funny part is that I mostly play on my PS4 and I bought every friend I have a copy of the game. I spent over $200 on F13 The Game and I can safety say: Money well spent.
  14. I laughed out loud as he was walking right past Jason and the car. Wtf.. lol