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  1. I agree. I have no problem with most kids, but when they start acting like the ones you found, then I hate them. I pray the game decides to be nice and let Retro Jason unleash hell upon them. I then leave after getting all my XP.
  2. His IP address or something should be banned.
  3. I've had this game on full blast and sat close to the speakers and heard nothing. However, I just remembered that the body blocking exploit (hopefully it's fixed in the next patch) still exists, so that might've happened to me instead of them being disarmed.
  4. I'm pretty sure it doesn't. I've disarmed multiple traps but Jason doesn't morph to me. Even it's on CD, I'm either doing something with the phone or car so he could get a kill by morphing to the disarmed trap. Jasons that check their map often don't need a sound; they'll see the symbol change and not get the points, so they'll morph over there.
  5. As long as I can find 3-5 players for a lobby, player population isn't that big of an issue for me. But I am curious as to the population on consoles.
  6. Once the new patch drops, then people will just disarm the traps. Door blocking won't work unless there aren't any windows available.
  7. The PS4 controller mapping doesn't say anything about this. I know it's one of the directional buttons. I've hit them all and sometimes I drop it, but sometimes I don't. I've tried holding the button down and sometimes that works. It makes me afraid to pick up parts as a counselor if my repair is low.
  8. The intro scene would have to count because people will either leave at the start of it to troll or leave the moment they see that their Jason isn't in the cutscene.
  9. The year is 2455. Humans are traveling across the galaxy in their awesome spaceships. Universal peace has been achieved. Meanwhile, on the Friday the 13th game forums, Gun Media STILL doesn't care about dedicated console servers.
  10. You're stuck in an animation and it takes a bit longer from what I've heard. Using combat stance is faster, but counselors can stun you the moment you break the door instead waiting for you to come inside.
  11. Some kids are bad and everyone automatically seems to assume all kids are the same. They aren't. Give them a chance.
  12. No forcing a player to play a counselor game is wrong. I bought this game to be Jason. However, I will still play counselor until I die or escape. Then if I get picked as Tommy, I'll stay. If I don't, then I'll leave so I can have a chance to get a seed high enough that I get picked as Jason. I don't want to spectate. The only thing I'm losing is XP. As for players leaving while dying, hopefully SP fixes that by having a bot take over the dying counselor. Gun promised a lot of things at launch, but we didn't get them. Host migration should've been in this beta from day 1. This "game" is a $40 beta. Way too many issues for it to be a full game.
  13. Wow looks like playing Titanfall all week for the 2XP was a good choice. Would hate to see these Turbo Jasons in game. I like that controller, but I don't want a modded one. I'd like to get just a normal controller with the mask skin and some different color buttons.
  14. I'd love all the Kickstarter stretch goal kills and Jason X. What was the in game Twitch support? Could you like comment on Twitch and stuff from the game?
  15. Thank god this what I was asking for (mostly, the car and counselor traps can still kill you)! Public matches have TKing disabled and you don't get a penalty for a counselor dying in your trap!