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  1. If no one is around and an objective is repaired, then it's fine to take it and go. I repaired the boat (both prop and gas by myself) and no one was nearby, so I took it and left. Nobody wants to stand around waiting for a counselor they can help and give Jason a chance to find and kill them. If I see somebody getting close to the car or boat while I'm in it and Jason is not chasing them, then yeah I'll stop and pick them up.
  2. I agree with this. I was going to give him +Morph, but I think that'd be too much, especially without -Traps. Also, how did Jason lose his mask in Part 6 and Jason X? I know it was taken off after Ginny and Paul fought him in Part 2 and he lifted it up to scare Chris in Part 3 (he put it back on afterwards), but I don't remember him losing it in Part 6 or Jason X.
  3. That's why I think the skin should stay as an option for people like you who want to use the new Retro Jason.
  4. 11 AM, correct? Not PM like I'm hoping?
  5. I didn't think I'd like Mitch. Now I main him. I still play P3 Jason. I only played the others for the Jack of all Jasons, Let's Split Up, and Ph.D in Murder trophies.
  6. Roy with a Pinehurst map. Roy's strengths can be Shift, Morph, and Can Run. One of his three weaknesses can be Sense (Not sure about the other two).
  7. Yes. Gun and Illfonic keep ignoring us about this. Their current selection system is bullcrap and needs to be changed. We desperately need a Jason queue. I don't want to play as the counselors unless I'm working on a trophy. I should be able to have as many Jason games as I want.
  8. I always play as Retro Jason, unless I'm testing out a new one for the three weapons kills for the Ph.D in Murder trophy.
  9. I'm an exception. I never played the NES game and I always use Retro Jason. DbD is a fun game, but it is not scary when you discover the Killers are jokes (Behavior Interactive is still trying to make Killers even bigger jokes than they are). The next Killer is rumored to be a bastardized version of Freddy Krueger. Gun and Illfonic did a much better job with Jason and would've done a much better job with DbD's Killers. They would be near-unstoppable. It's probably done to please the causal, non-horror movie fans though. F13 has like 5k players on each console while DbD probably has like 9-10k because Killers aren't as powerful, making it easier for survivors to troll the Killer and mess around. That's nice. Guess if you'll be embarrassed if I kill you then.
  10. I took him around most of Packanack. Think I missed the northwest corner of the map though.
  11. I'm hoping he comes after P5 and Jason X and that the skin ends up staying so people who like using Retro Jason with Part 3's stats can still do so and are not forced to play with the new set of strengths and weaknesses.
  12. Yeah it's just a bunch of newbs who aren't prioritizing the phone. I had a game on PS4 yesterday where a Part 3 Jason tunneled me for like 15 minutes. I don't remember if he was new or not, so I messaged him about it and all he was that he had to kill me. He didn't care about the rest of the counselors. I'm guessing he was new and decided I HAD to die for whatever reason, even if everyone else escaped. I was really surprised by that. He started chasing me from the start of the match. This is the only game where I've been singled out.
  13. Yeah they are. I did repair the boat once yesterday and it looked like Jason was distracted and wasn’t going to kill me. Then the host quit and ruined my escape. That really sucks, having to carry a part all the way across the map to an objective. They still seem to spawn closer to the objectives on the first three maps.
  14. I was Jason and had a Tiffany, Jenny, Kenny, and Tommy start having a dance party at a campfire. I shifted there and performed the poker environment kill on Tommy, the birdbath kill on Jenny, the water pump kill on Kenny, and I used the Crotch Chop kill on Tiffany. Jason doesn’t care if you’re having a party. He will kill you. The regular emotes are good for communication. The new ones are good for messing around and giving up the game (which I’ll gladly accept a few free kills).