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  1. I went with the 28th because it seems that's when they usually drop an update. LOL also yeah I think from what we have seen this far it does take them that long to drop an update. Even a dlc. I would love to be wrong and they drop it this week.
  2. More then likely the dlc and the next update will be released September 28 or October 28.
  3. Children should not play this game. Plain and simple.
  4. DBD got boring very fast for me. DBD needs more killers and maps to keep people's interest. I will start playing again when Michael Myers is released for xbox.
  5. Great video. Fans can't complain anymore about not getting updates. This is good. Keep it up.
  6. Yes Host Migration is needed. I have some people who quit the game literally as soon as they are killed. Thankfully it does not happen a lot but it happens enough times it should be taken care of.
  7. Interesting because Part 8 Jason is my best and Part 2 Jason is second behind him. Oh their are great Jasons and bad ones for sure. I don't like Part 9 Jason too much. Spear Jason I find to be one of the worst actually.
  8. People need to wait until a good amount of XBOX Players have actually downloaded the fix. It just came out 2 hours ago.
  9. Well that's on the player who is the host.
  10. Thank you for the update. The game will be great now on XBOX.
  11. No the game on XBOX is not worth $40 when most people can barely play the game. Other then that I agree on the rest of the points you made. Communication is key. A more experienced game company would know this.
  12. I have played Dead by Daylight instead. People on XBOX either need to get a refund or play another game. This game was a waste of $40. More like $20. However complaining constantly and wasting your time doing it does nothing.
  13. Its Gun Media. Microsoft Certification does not take anywhere this long. That update like a website said better come with one or two new maps and more after all this time.
  14. Yeah true. The game is fun though. I love the Doctor Killer. My favorite with the shock treatment.
  15. I just got Dead by Daylight and honestly after playing a little. The game is fun but has some flaws that I don't like. I think its overrated. I will play it some more but I hate the first person aspect as the Killer, the game is geared to much toward survivors which is why its easier for them, the maps are not that big compared to Friday the 13th, and more. Now honestly I can't wait for that Michaels Myers DLC because that will be awesome but I will play some more and maybe my opinion will change. I just started so I have to be fair.