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  1. *sees sexiest counselor poll* *sees poster is named I heart A.J.* *smiles and nods*
  2. I had someone running and opening all the doors I'd barricaded while Jason was there. Jason eventually got me and ran off with his friend, but I came back as Tommy Jarvis and ran over his friend with the car. Was a good time.
  3. That's probably what I'm gonna have to do! Seems to be the way to go.
  4. My_Destiny1234 on PS4 just now was running around with Jason and opening doors in cabins to let Jason in to kill other players. I was the first victim; thankfully I spawned in as Tommy Jarvis quickly after and ran over him in the car. Got killed right after but it was worth it.
  5. I didn't actually see the ton of other posts in another section of the forum on this issue, this can be locked now. Apologies!
  6. I just played four matches in a row where I was shown experience I'd earned at the end of the match but my level did not increase and I only received minimal CP. Is this a glitch others are having? Anybody have any solutions?