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  1. Someone's probably mentioned this before, but it smacks of the Coupon Collector's Problem. It's doubly frustrating in this context, because not only is perk selection randomized, but the "rarity" of the perk is a second dimension of randomness. I agree that the randomness needs to be mitigated. I'm level 101, and, believe it or not, there are still perks I have never rolled. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coupon_collector's_problem
  2. "Kill them Chad. Kill for Mother." After all, Chad *is* a momma's boy... though he would never admit it.
  3. I've found myself playing it a lot less lately. I've hit 101. I've gotten most of the badges and achievements. I'm tired of the bugs (especially where the fuse and keys become inaccessible) and the glitches (especially the aforementioned combat-stance-o-rama). Don't get me wrong; I still have fun. Played with a group until around 5 am Saturday night/Sunday morning. But it was mostly private matches, as Quick Play is devolving into a cesspool of glitchers and griefers. I have better things to do with my spare time than deal with that nonsense.
  4. Level 101. I'm playing for badges at this point. Jasons have gotten more savvy vis. the fireworks and being killed. Making my fun harder.
  5. My absolute favorite kill is any kill that the counselor does not rage quit in the middle of the animation for.
  6. Yeah, the "I'm not Jason" quitters and the mid-kill-animation quitters will really bring that average down. And it screws you out of the overall total, which, quite frankly, is absurd anyway. Which is why I am 150% behind the idea of implementing either a quit countdown timer and/or registering it as a kill when the animation starts instead of when it finishes. What also hurts is that glitch where you get knocked off the map. Hasn't happened to me often, only 4 or 5 times, but that's one of the bugs I really hope they get fixed soon, along with the items becoming glitched when a counselor dies, counselor trap-blocking, and Jason's combat stancing his way through traps, flares, & etc.
  7. I, too, hit Level 101 this weekend. According to Steam, I have 280 hours played. I'm 785/1000 on number of matches as counselor. I'm 91 of 500/1000 matches as Jason. Don't think I'll ever get this one. Of the 1313 counselors, i have 462 in my 91 matches over 280 hours. Quick math, using my stats. Average playing Jason once every 3.1 hours. Average 5.4 kills per session. It would take at least 243 matches (as Jason) to get 1313 kills. Which would take approximately 747 hours (assuming my once per 3.1 hours holds true). It would take almost 3100 hours of playing to get 1000 matches as Jason, which means 2800 more hours of grinding, or just letting this one go. Also, I *still* have exactly zero Pamela Tapes. Not that I'm bitter. I do enjoy playing when I'm playing (most of the time, when my lobby isn't filled with team killing rage-quitters).
  8. My funniest moment came via Instant Karma. In Crystal Lake, we repaired the 4 seater. But, instead of escaping, our driver kept looping around, to keep Jason busy while the remaining counselors repaired the 2 seater. I was in the back seat of said 4 seater, and we begged the guy, after the 4th lap, to leave. Once the other car was repaired, we formed a convoy, and it looked like we were finally going to escape. But both drivers agreed to do one last "Victory Lap." Enter, Hubris, and the Gods' Revenge. Jason morphed in front of the yellow car as it rounded the curve near the boat shack. The driver panics, over-corrects, and flips his car on the hill. I did not see exactly what happened, but the driver was killed instantly, and Jason made short work of the passenger. We waited all that time for those guys to finish their car, only for them to wreck it taunting a struggling Jason. Luckily, we made it out. But, truth be told, it would have been 1000x funnier if our car had crashed too and Jason had party wiped us.
  9. How about an environmental kill for Packanack where he tosses them down that staircase out front? Or stabs them, then tosses them? Either way. A shower environmental kill for the bath house in Crystal Lake. Does the swirly work there? I've honestly never caught someone inside. I was thinking more along the lines of the shower. I really like @ZooMalfunction's generator kill too. What about throwing a grabbed counselor at another counselor in range? That'll break up the mobs. As for adding new environmental kills, two words: giant woodchipper.
  10. I feel great about today. Played 3 games. Escaped 4 times (once as Tommy). Drove the 4 seater and juked Jason three times on Packanack. Helped get out in the 2 seater, came back as Tommy, and firecrackered my way out at Higgins, then fixed the boat and hopped out on Higgins map (killer went 7/8 that match, including my escape partner, who sac'ed himself so I could escape). I had a good group of randos in Quick Play; I could not have done it without them.
  11. I have had this happen to me a few times. Isn't just the car. I pulled Kenny off the phone box today, then LaChappa hit me with a flare that blasted me into outer GD space.
  12. The per unit profit for a $60 game is typically between $12-$15 dollars, with a median of $13.50. This was a $40 game, which means the margin would almost certainly be lower. Assuming the same percentage, profit would be about $9 per unit. Times 1.8 million units would come to $16.2 Million. Now, they said they've re-invested profit back into the game, but who knows what percentage they're talking. They could have taken half that money and given decent bonuses to the staff and still had over $8M to put back into the game. Mind you, this is just conjecture, but that's my take on the numbers, FWIW.
  13. The only things I can think of right now are the basic combat bonuses: Fight Back, Stunner, Distraction, Escape, Not in the Face, Show Yourself
  14. Not at this time. Add it to the list: "To the Rescue" +50 XP (One reward per match, naturally)
  15. I would not mind them bumping up "Found a Part" XP to 50. Though that might simply result in randos just picking up and immediately dropping any part they find for the quick XP. Maybe they could make it a radius effect - bring a part within the radius of the vehicle? Would that just promote people playing the Hokey Pokey with the battery around the cars? I mean, keep it a one time bonus, but bump it up to 25 or 50, to promote people bringing parts to objectives at least. Anything to incentivize collaboration.