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  1. Need only animation changed
  2. If police shot Roy, he died? Some things Need to be changed: - The conselours Can not hit targets in mortal areas Like a knife in the neck, change Shoulders animation; - Pam Sweater dont work; - No Pam voice in his head; - If you approach the police, you will be killed; - After party Roy dont go at Jason cabin; Roy can handle a lot of beating, but not in head and neck areas. He is human like Pamela, things need be changed
  3. Machete or Long Cleat Need this special aditional weapon to this death: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Lr9RJclb9eQ/UOXtoeP4Y8I/AAAAAAAABkc/IYcDRrJ7Oc4/s1600/752137075_34.bmp
  4. He will be Imune sweater ( new skill) , like he not begin on the Jason cabin.
  5. i play in 1080p, my card is strix OC
  6. My spec: i7 3770 @4.2ghz gtx 1070@2.1ghz 16gb ram I have much drop fps in some areas, sometimes it drop to 36 fps and drop gpu usage. suffer you with this problem?
  7. In First movie Supposedly Jason talk to pamela Kill mama kill; No, They are just delusions
  8. Should not, In the movies there is no correlation. Roy just used Jason to cover up his crimes. Dick Wieand should be record voice.
  9. Eu não acho que seja necessário Vozes de encorajamento na cabeça de Roy. A menos que Gunmedia esteja disposto a gravar a voz de joey, como: - Mate papai, mate-o; Ou ele próprio, a voz de Roy Auto-encorajador. Mas a voz de Pamela na cabeça de Roy é estúpida e sem sentido. However Roy's deaths were more brutal than Jason, While a psychopath Jason was sociopath.
  10. i want much this on the game
  11. Lets talk this to telltale, its a good idea
  12. The best Friday the 13th death is by Roy:
  13. Yes, i suggest this for extra Pay DLC, play if you want.
  14. Obviosly Jason would be wearing another outfit when he kill alice Because it would be in 1979, Friday the13th part II happens in 1984. He would not have been in the same clothes for 5 years, except when he becomes a living dead. I suggest part 1 or part 2 alternate :Red plaid shirt and Jeans with no mask or sackhead.
  15. Is a extra MODE for have more manipulation with firearms and attack Instead of just running as counselors. It would make people more willing to play as Jason's victims. Attack vs Attack. And especial kill: exploded Jason.