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  1. Devs you could make a cutscene of Jason's death from part 4 similar to the movie with Tommy stuffing the machete on the side of Jason's head and Jason falling from Knee making the same faces
  2. Well Fx is not a good processor today . All CPUS i7 2600k and forward are excellent for any game nowadays, less friday the 13th, and because the game very stresses a one core and leaves others resting and this is all quad core processors and probably six core to. The tasks should be equally distributed among the cores for good performance, I'm pretty sure that the problem with the game is in the use of cores.
  3. This is not Christmas, its winter...
  4. It is very clear to me that this is one of the problems, use of core # 1 is very very high anothers very low, you can not enjoy your GPU.
  5. Steam: i_cold
  6. This game is cpu bound: I noticed that game have a bad uses of cpu cores. It use much core# 1 and little use of cores #0, #2 and # 3, i have i7 3770 @ 4.26ghz and i think this is valid for al quad core processors. Devs check the balancing of use cores, i think this is respossible for some "bottleneck" with GPU. The use of cpu cores should be balanced, i think most players use quad core cpu.
  7. And the performance (PC)?
  8. They will be made both, you will alternate skin. Jason x Standard never make´s sense, Jason is a zombie since part 6 and back "human" look on Jason x.
  9. Maybe new game mode is with Pamela! Is no possible put pamela in normal game.
  10. Jasons: parte IV, Roy e Jason X
  11. I think you have a problems of interpratation: the game works like a trash , have a terrible performance and fix this is most important now than single player, i see many player annoying devs for single player while we have is broken.
  12. @Gertz the most important for now is solving game problems to finalize a single player or add new things.
  13. Change zombies Jason´s blood to pus
  14. Ill be cool a Teenager 16 or 17 Jason Like part 1 ( Ari lehman ) with this face Clothes: What you think?