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    Friday the 13th Part III is my favorite of the series. Best characters, best Jason.

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  1. Thank you for the update! Look forward to playing it! Keep the content coming. And still waiting for the Camp Counselor Database!!!!!!!!! Need an ETA, please!
  2. Pitt was one of two main characters in that episode. It was one of the better ones of the memorable series, IMO. The best were the two-part episodes where Freddy actually shows up and slaughters that family in their house and police detectives spend the two episodes in the house trying to piece together clues as to what happened. That was A-grade TV horror.
  3. I forgot to mention that Pitt was also in a pretty good episode of Freddy's Nightmares. Him and his girlfriend get stranded as their car breaks down on a deserted road right in front of a conspicuous phone box. You can tell from that episode alone that Pitt had some acting chops.
  4. That`s what I and others have told them to do. Ronnie Hobbs told me that they were going to have it available from the main menu as opposed to just in-game. We'll see what becomes of it.
  5. GUN told me that it would be included after they got the Xbox issues ironed out. The Database seems like a one-and-done simple data file that they could've completed and added before the launch. Maybe the launch came too soon?
  6. I was counting the seconds until someone caught that. Heh heh heh. Awesome forum members on here.
  7. Highly doubt it since retro Jason is retro Jason and nothing else, nor should he be. Glad to see things moving along. Hopefully by the time the physical disc comes out, the Camp Counselor Database Computer is also added to the game.
  8. No, F13 is not on the same mesmeric level as a The Shining or Halloween, but the first film is a classic and a Top 10 lister. As for why the F13 Franchise ends up measuring up, it's a classic case of the sum is more than its individual parts. From memorable characters, to a world-class soundtrack, to great one-liners and unforgettable scenes, to a legendary antagonist, the F13 ends up on the "All-Time Best of" list because of it. And you're supposed to laugh while watching the films. All of them were made with the tongue-in-cheek in mind, especially the sequels, and were okay with it. The Amex car scene in Part VI plus the dialogue in it is the ultimate example of how the films have fun with themselves.
  9. Wow. If you are a horror fan and think the F13 films are awful, or just like this game and think the films are awful, then you are a rare breed. Not quite sure what brought you here in the first place then?
  10. I say it was fair. The dude who was blocking you knew he faced some sort of retaliation. He was just hoping that you were the type of player that wouldn't do anything in return. As far the gas is concerned, when I find a can, I take it to wherever is most convenient. If Jason is camping the car or the car doesn't have the battery and I don't have the keys, or no one does, the boat is a great option. Why would I search for another gas can near the boat when I already have one! Besides, as you said, most of the others were already killed, so it didn't matter about car for the car or gas for the boat.
  11. Troll Succeeded. Or you`re under 30. Or both. Anyway, can't see how Miller wins this case. So if you create "Attack of the Foam Hand" in 2017 about a killer Foam Hand and it's young boy owner, and then leave the franchise after that, and in 2047, "Attack of the Foam Hand Part 12" comes out and Rocky the Roaring Razor Rocker is back for the 9th time and keeps killing, you automatically own Rocky the Roaring Razor Rocker? Umm, no. If he wasn't in the first film, you're out of luck. Have to wait until Summer 2018 for a judgment anyway.
  12. pornhub

    I don't see anything wrong with it either. Just mind-blowing that a porn website takes a massive hit when a top show comes on. Made me wonder what took huge hits back in the day when I Love Lucy, M.A.S.H., Cheers, etc. came on??? Surely it wasn't a quarter of the country wanking it. Hahaha...
  13. I condemned the Zombie Halloween film when I first read about it in its planning stages in Fangoria. I knew him and his 1960's drugs and hippies vibe would totally screw the film into a disgrace. I wasnt't wrong. This new TCM looks like a turd as well. Let's show Leatherface as a 6 year-old eating cereal and show you how he became a maniac. Like Zombie made us sit in on a half-hour long psych eval of young boy Myers, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, and then took 10 minutes to kill his father or uncle or whoever in the lounge chair when we all knew what was about to happen. Too many drugs.
  14. That`s exactly what I told myself when I wrote it. It`s all but inevitable at this point.
  15. Database Login Failure Quiz