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  1. I'd replay the map and then come back and realize how wrong you were. There's a door in the house that leads downstairs.
  2. Less than 2 minutes. Found keys + batt in a cabin I spawned by. Went to car, someone else putting in gas. Left. Had 18:12 left on the timer.
  3. It's the update. Mitch, P4, Jarvis map and weather. Been playing it for a while this afternoon
  4. It is possible. I tap 13-15 per second. Most of us online Tecmo Super Bowl players can tap fast. Best I've seen is 18 per second.
  5. Teamkillers - Lose all XP for the match. Repeated offenses cause a ban hammer to be dropped. "Helpers" - Banned. Disconnectors - Unable to join a game for a while when leaving early. Exploiters - Banned. Yes, I know I'm harsh. Oh well. Play the game as intended, and we'll get along famously. This is why I've started hosting and becoming the "police" in my games. Any shenanigans, and you're gone.
  6. Anyone need a tissue for this very well thought out heartfelt speech and apology from a cheater/glitcher/etc,? Yeah, me neither.
  7. I'm getting irritated with Microsoft. Takes their multi-billion dollar think tank 6 days to test a patch? Hurry the hell up.
  8. You can with a pocket knife, but it uses it in the process.
  9. On consoles, if the Jason leaves or lags out everyone else gets xp. Happened a couple times unfortunately, but hey, free XP!
  10. I have many that can't be said here, but my favorite (clean) taunt is: "Did your mother ever discipline you as a child? Guess that one must've went over her head, if she had one"
  11. Yeah, played quite a bit until Monday, but at the moment I'm on a streak of 13 straight disconnects right before lvl 20. I gave up until the patch is out.
  12. Shhhhh. They'll hear you.
  13. I've been saying this since launch. No one listens..
  14. House, like someone mentioned earlier. Same with Session 9. Although I don't recall if someone had said: The Howling, the original Fright Night, Phantasm, Jeepers Creepers, and the immortal.... Dr. Giggles
  15. Had Tommy shoot me 30 seconds from the cops arrival while hiding in the bushes together for absolutely no reason. Took my stuff and ran. Next game me and 2 other counselors ran to the car with the gas and battery, and this jerkweed decides he wants to tag along. I shoot him, and lo and behold, he had the keys. Payback's a bitch.