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    Hey everyone! My name is Brad I'm from Kingston, RI. I am a $500 backer of Friday the 13th! My user name on Kickstarter is powellcustomdrums and yes I own and build custom drum sets and snares powellcustomdrums.com ...
    Anyways I'm really excited about this game I can't wait! I am a PS4 player my psn name is - Campfacer
    I like gta5, Star Wars battlefront, and madden 16
    I grew up playing NES (Mario Zelda contra double dragon salomons key... ) Yes I'm an old soul but young at heart!

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  1. Is it Emote pronounced "Emotea" or "Emoat"? I've had mixed answers and was told by a lot of people they say "Emotea"
  2. **The scoreboard on PS4** Now it's a 2 step process - "Pad then L1" plus load time... that takes too long, every second is crucial when jason is chasing you! Can't we put Emotes on the "Left Dpad" and scoreboard on the "up dpad"?
  3. I'm a bit upset you can't push up on the D pad "quick" to see dead councelors anymore!!! To push the center square then R1 takes too long!!
  4. Again everyone thinks digital is popular, it is maybe on PC but when it comes out physically on shelf it with be an awakening to the clueless public eye @NScarlato 99.9% of people shop at Target / Walmart ... last night alone via digital I had 3 new players say they just found out about the game!!!!
  5. It's only been released digitally so far! I bet or Guarantee when the physical release hits Walmart target GameStop about 80% of the population will be dumb founded "holy crap a jason game?" Or an older dad or mom browsing Walmart "there's a friday the 13th movie game?" Or "hey mom hey mom can You buy me the new jason game?" $$$
  6. This game hasn't even come out yet
  7. The kids who get banned are the ones who deliberately break the terms of service non stop and especially the ones who verbally attack people! Trust me I know and it works ... after I warned this kid over and over and he verbally attacked my email I finally shot gun and email and got him banned! But then the kid came back at me because I got him banned he trolled my psn email with over 500 emails and he created 3 new accounts I had to block them all! I think his last message was "go kill yourself faggot" my mistake was I should of never let the kid know who I was ... so heads up
  8. Not sure if you knew about this but the annual "15 Second Horror film challenge" free submissions is due by mid October! I entered last year they pick the top 10 scariest 15 second films out of a few hundred! Anyone can enter just create a gory or scary film no longer than 15 seconds but get creative! Last year judges were actors producers from Friday the 13th hellraiser Texas chainsaw massacre and more! Enter here - http://15secondhorror.ca/ Here's the one we did (my daughter my wife) but didn't make it in top 10 https://filmfreeway.com/project/868744 Finally here's some of the submissions we reacted to -
  9. I'll try and screen shot it next time!
  10. Is this an Easter egg from part 6 when the 2 get stabbed on the scooter?
  11. Maybe uninstall the game and restart your console? Not sure if you will loose your progress though...
  12. @bewareofbears everyone needs to chill lol again why is it the ones who payed more are the ones who are calm and patient? The ones who kickstarted say $60 are the ones making threats? lol not saying you @bewareofbears ... yes this week us "Virtual Team Members" are starting our meeting process and so on
  13. No no no not at all I sometimes get young kids that try telling me I'm a noob for owning Savini jason or sometimes I promote my twitch channel out loud and kids laugh and try telling me I'm a stupid streamer and twitch is dead which makes absolutely no sense
  14. I hear ya it's tough! I'm a big boy older dude and sometimes I get a young little guy that laughs at me and gives me anxiety lol