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  1. The reason you're struggling with Jason is because you keep slipping on your tears. Adapt, improvise, and overcome.
  2. I'm level 101 and have found zero tapes.
  3. Every game of this nature experiences this. It's not going away anytime soon.
  4. If Tommy is coming into a match due to player death, the player would do well to make their way back to their body and retrieve items of value. If the player is returning from a survivor, then he just needs to hit the beach and stock up. Already coming in with a shotgun, radio, and map is more than enough to get things started.
  5. Lately I've been running at about a 60% survival rate. If the lobby is good at communicating, even higher. Last night I only died once out of 6 rounds and it was a hell of a chase
  6. I first heard of this game through a friend when it was still in it's early kickstarter phase. Kept a close eye on it, then watched the beta streams over the Christmas holiday. Thankfully, got on the backerkit quick enough to land a Savini Jason. Been accused of Pay-to-Win ever since lol. It's ok, though. I like my meat with a little extra salt.
  7. My biggest peeve has to be car thieves. I hate it when someone lets the team put a car together, starts it and guns it without letting others in.
  8. - Rage quitters that log off while getting killed - Players that whine about good tactics that negate their plans (Why you blocking?) - Trash talking/Teabagging-in-place glitchers that act like they've somehow achieved a great feat of gaming talent by exploiting a flaw in the environment - Insta-quitters that log the moment they confirm that they're not Jason at the start of a round.
  9. Sprint + Jog + Shift would be stupidly broken. I get that Jason is meant to be OP, but that would virtually eliminate the evasion tactics that are available to the counselors. Best guess for strengths/Weaknesses Strengths: - Can Run - Improved stalking - Improved shifting (to reflect his speed from part 4) Weaknesses - reduced destruction - Weak against stuns (supported in movie by his tendency for hesitation and confusion during the final act) - Reduced Swim Speed (to balance increased shift)
  10. I didn't read all the replies, but it case it hasn't been said already, you can still swing break the windows. On double pane windows, aim for the right window. On regulars, just swing away. The animation is optional.
  11. Learn the savor the taste of salty counselors. You'll encounter many.
  12. I'll admit that I use the head punch pretty often. The reason is availability of kills. Often, I will grab a counselor INSIDE of the cabin, and for some godforsaken reason, the headpunch is the ONLY kill that comes available. Since I primarily use Savini, the weaker grip means you take what you get, otherwise a perked out counselor will break grip and the chase starts all over. Now, if Illphonic wants to patch that and actually make these kills available upon grab INSIDE of a structure, then I'll be happy to change it up. But until that happens, indoor kills are probably gonna be the flavor of a knuckle sandwich. Here are my two signs of a good Jason. 1. Doesn't rely on "team players" to help him cheat over the counselors. 2. Leaves the survivors with a sense of accomplishment and relief if they escape you. Achieve those and you're a good Jason.
  13. None of us are simply amazing players. As long as you're having fun, keep swinging that axe!
  14. Nah, Jason's sound blips usually give away approximate locations enough. Being told the location of counselors isn't THAT big of a help to me. I'd had a few counselors try to sell out their teammates to buy themselves time. I typically reward them by showing them that they have a more spine than that... ....by ripping it out of them, even if it means a few counselors get away. I REALLY hate sellouts.
  15. I'm very happy with this game. I greatly appreciate the effort that has gone into the creation of this lunatic masterpiece and am doubly thrilled about the additional content that's on it's way.