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  1. Good Luck with that..I think I can hear crickets cherping.
  2. Just send me a request. Huskerboy on PSN. I am on Wednesday Evenings and Weekends.
  3. Even with it's flaws I think the game is awesome and worth the 2 yr wait that us original backers have had to endure. Looking forward to it's future and DLC. I have to admit I'm still not very good at Jason but still have a blast even if I only kill a few. I do feel bad for XBOX Player's though as I think they have had the most issues with the game. I'm on PS4 and have a few groups in which I play including several members from this forum and it's been great ! I guess i'm a pretty patient person though. Here's to the future of this game and can't wait for SP sometime this summer so I can practice as the man !
  4. If your in a Match with me you better lock or barricade the doors ! If you want to piss off some of the other players leave them open and see what happens as I have seen people kill each other over this. None of the guy's in the groups I play in leave doors open. It's a Sin..Plain and simple and will get you killed !
  5. Seems like XBOX has the most problems for this game. I'm on PS4 and have had limited issues from release. Hopefully they can get a stable update for XBOX.
  6. Can't blame you for being upset. I would be too. Hopefully Single Player will arrive soon and they include you guy's on things for that.
  7. All great ideas ! Hope we get some of what you discussed.
  8. I suck as Jason and average between 3-4 Kills per match as him. This is why I will benefit from Single Player when it comes out so I can practice. But honestly I'm having a blast even if I don't kill too many it is still fun and I don't get to play too much only once during the week and weekends when I'm off work and I'm only at Level 28
  9. Spelling my friend Spelling.
  10. Thanks I have a way of doing that sometimes.
  11. Ya not worth that to get banned. I heard something about game sharing on PS 4 and sony added some things to their TOS against this. Hope you don't get caught @wierdkid5
  12. Has anyone found any tapes?
  13. Hmm, If I had known that I could have saved some cash because I bought my son a 12 mo PlayStation Plus membership and I'm on my 3rd month of my own. Oh well live and learn.