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  1. I am thrilled with the release date around the corner but am wondering with the time it took for certification and a release date would will still get single player this summer as they hoped for. I'm fine if not but was curious. I apologize if this was already asked but I searched and didn't find anything on single player delay.
  2. Years in the making and their vision made it come true ! Proud to be a Early Backer of this project and grateful to the whole Team We have been waiting for this game for way too long and they are delivering !
  3. Getting both. Hard Copy will come later and Digital on Release Day. This should apply to all backers that got a tier that has a physical Copy.
  4. Sure as long as they get Final Chapter Jason in there.
  5. I guess I don't understand why people are pissed because they can't get The Savini Skin or Clothing Pack anymore ! You had a year to do it.
  6. Any news on how long it will be before we actually get our physical Copy?
  7. They removed it till release day.
  8. Sorry I didn't see this either and created a new post. My mistake !
  9. SHIT ! I'm sorry. It's early here and I admit I didn't search the last few days as work has been crazy and just found out about the release last night on Twitch. Sorry Jpops this can be locked.
  10. Am I the only one that has noticed this ? Background used to be black now it is blue and everything looks different. I took the site out of compatibility mode and it looks better but is still a different format. Things look cleaner but not what I'm used to and I check this site everyday since Kickstarter started. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this as well.
  11. I'm hoping we don't get too many trolls or this will be monitored so those can be weeded out. Ok so how is this done ? If you don't have to pay. I'm already following Laphin on Twitch so how do I set this up. I was never trying to cause an issue but I thought you had to pay $4.99 a month to play with Laphin on this discord. I guess I really don't understand how it works. Please explain. Thanks in advance.
  12. Pre ordered yesterday !
  13. In time it would be a nice addition. Weather is a staple in most horror movies but it was a constant in F13 Movies and a vital part of the atmosphere. I say patch it later if it can be done because I wouldn't want this to delay the game further.