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  1. I think it is just meaning Jan of 2018 not a snow map. Just like the Pumpkin is meaning Halloween. I hope I'm wrong as it would be cool..No pun intended !
  2. My question is now that Rain will be added will it be random on the maps or something that can be turned on or off by the host. Either way I'm excited as this will add so much to the game. And lightning too...Oh yes !
  3. I asked about Weather 2 years ago and it is in several post's and they said to expensive to do and wouldn't look good in the U3 Engine but..Here we are and mother is pleased !
  4. You need to see The Movie...One of the best of the Series. Could be Cleaver , Could be hacksaw , Could be Corkscrew.
  5. All of my prayers have been answered ! Part 4 Jason and Map and Rain as well..All I can say is holy shit !!! Thank You ! Hopefully this also applies to SP.
  6. Do a Search and you will find several threads on this. It's like beating a dead horse ! Yes we all want it but like I have repeated before it's not going to happen and the devs responses in the threads will explain why.
  7. Half the community would be banned if they banned children. I could care less if they would just shut up and play. I mute often !
  8. I like how my comments that were deemed negative were removed from an earlier post. Fine that I was being treated like shit after a very mild post with my opinions and defended myself then my reply was removed ! Nice way to treat a Charter Member ! Thanks for defending me !
  9. So you would give them 10 $ for nothing...Ok ,Give it to them I'm sure they would appreciate that.
  10. I regret buying it. First the Savini Jason and now Clothes. Now nothing is exclusive for Backers ! Total Fuck Up ! Had I known all of this I would have waited to purchase the game.
  11. Ya I bet they are super pissed as someone in their camp definitely leaked that footage. Way too much work on those mappings to be fake.
  12. New !!! His Facial Features are totally different from Part 3
  13. Yes, This is what I wanted all along. I can't see them adding Part 4 Content without adding the man himself !