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  1. Clothing code and savini code came back with the same message for me..Im on PS 4 However I played 2 matches with no issues but didn't see any of my fellow counselors in either match. Just Jason chasing my Ass !
  2. I have my codes for clothing pack and Savini Jason and neither of them are working for me. I'm on PS4 Says invalid ..When I downloaded the game it was over 5 GB so that should be patch included. Wasn't that supposed to fix this issue?
  3. I have a ps4 pro. where is the boost mode in the settings menu ?
  4. Ditto ..To it all ! Great work Fella's ! As George Kastanza would say : " Thanks for keeping all of us Bastards in line "
  5. Man I hope all this is sorted out by the time I get home tonight.
  6. Cool, Looks like it's running smooth for you. Enjoy !
  7. From their twitter. 11am Eastern Release
  8. I agree it would be helpful.
  9. If you have your keys just go to the PlayStation Store and enter them under redeem codes. from what I've seen there are some ps4 users that have been successful. Are you in the US ?
  10. Hopefully while your waiting all the download dlc issues and bugs will be worked out.
  11. Here is some footage I found.
  12. Hopefully later Today they will have this fixed. I saw your scheduled game for later tonight in the community ! I'm stoked to play with forum members including yourself. I already told my wife Tonight belongs to me and Jason.
  13. Just some advice and don't take it the wrong way but don't double post as you already opened a Post on this. You will get scolded from the mods. Newbie mistake..I did it too when I joined. I believe they will get this worked out for you because Ben did see your post.
  14. Ben to the rescue ! It will get worked out.