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  1. I feel for ya man lol.
  2. Even still if he doesn't want the battery he doesn't have to pick it up really that simple.
  3. Honestly at the current rate the game will kill its self off in no time.
  4. He quite literally mocks gun to there face saying he is sure he gets ban requests multiple times a day and its like a shit show.
  5. Ok so what about the admission on glitching?
  6. He doesn't have to do anything you like its a game if he wants the shotgun over a battery its his choice its that simple meanwhile you admit to team killing and glitching.
  7. Wow this guy admits to team killing because he doesn't like the way someone else plays and no ban this shit is insane nice work Gun.
  8. Exactly and that's what is very sad the double standard.
  9. Thank you ash yes he does it in quick matches just watch the videos. So how exactly does he not get banned maybe the millions of followers just throwing that out there as he provides all the proof needed.
  10. Can someone please explain how this guy H20Delirious can use glitches in public matches make videos of himself doing so and not get banned?
  11. Wow look at the comment from creator guy admits to using glitches all day but says they wont ban him because he is actually helping them???
  12. No ones talking about modding anything there talking about giving or trading a product they own.
  13. I agree totally my dlc hasn't worked at all still and I had the codes a day before the release.
  14. The thing it tells me is there was no testing done on consoles at all.
  15. Yea its getting worse as the days go on for me.