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  1. To deactivate Jason's traps get a pocket knife then crouch in front of it and it'll prompt you with which button to press. X on ps4 I believe.
  2. My girl has a private match up now if you need one to join. RainbowDyke83
  3. I second that whole heartedly. I've been waiting for this since the eighties haha. And it's great. Thank you all for making it happen.
  4. Add my girl too if you want. Psn- RainbowDyke83
  5. I have a private room up if anyone needs a game to join. Psn DAWWWWWSON Room down
  6. Hold on a sec guys my game crashed. I actually had it running with another guy and was seconds from inviting everyone
  7. It's been working good for me once I get in but it's getting in that's terrible so far. But after that it's been good until I back out
  8. Damn it did the same when I tried joining you
  9. Yeah it just said lost connection to host maybe if we create a party then try getting on it'll work ? oh that's what you did sorry haha long night and a lotta beer
  10. I'm down as kill and be killed as well. Looking to start or join a lobby. Just let me know Psn: DAWWWWWSON
  11. Try signing in with a different user if you haven't yet. That worked for me on ps4.