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  1. I just find this laughable. One of the signatures of the movies is the unrealistic way that Jason can suddenly appear out of nowhere, can somehow end up in front of someone who was running away from him. In fact, if this were truer to the films, literally no more than two people would survive by the end of each match. And what exactly do you propose be done about him shifting down a hallway? That as soon as you have a gun aimed, and haven't even fired, that he should somehow be unable to use his abilities? That he should be forced to stand still? You know, I'm sorry I gave you the advice of trying to host your own lobby. You're exactly the type who would ragequit and end the match for everyone else if you felt you were killed in an "unfair" manner.
  2. Not sure you know what the word objective means; your experiences, and gripes regarding Jason, are subjective. What you consider improvement others might consider worsening of the game. If you're having problems surviving and have this much impatience one day into playing I'd suggest you either become a better player, or quit. You adapt to the game, not the other way around, you have an unearned sense of entitlement.
  3. Since I bought off Backerkit I won't have my disc for another week or so, and until they definitively answer and fix stuff like this I could care less about a couple new outfits and bloody Jasons if it means losing my trophy progress, of which I only have one left to pop, The Final Chapter, which will in turn pop the Killer Franchise Platinum trophy. If they don't have a fix for this, I'll definitely just take the physical disc to the nearest Gamestop and trade it toward Dead By Daylight.
  4. I went into a cabin today that was fully searched, all drawers open or empty, except for one. And in that drawer was a Pamela tape. Reminds me of going into the bathrooms at Crystal Lake one time and finding car keys on the floor. Someone actually dropped the car keys in favor of a med spray.
  5. If you're looking for realism, or 100% faithful to his abilities/disabilities in the movies, return or resell the game. If not, give it a little time, wait until you play a few matches as Jason, you'll come to appreciate that he has a few (limited) tricks up his sleeve. All the different Jasons have different strengths and weaknesses. One starts with 7 traps, another with 3. Some can run, others at best can speedwalk. There is balance in the game. While a quick reflex can shift through a shotgun/flare blast, shifting over exploding firecrackers will stun you and break your shift. My suggestion would be to have patience, you shouldn't even expect to get a full 7/7 or 8/8 kills your first few runs as Jason, his controls are not as self-intuitive as a Counselor's, and it actually takes a good combination of reflexes, timing and skill to be able to shift and break shift directly into a grab. It'll take a little time, but you'll get the hang of it (hopefully). Just remember, you're going to die a lot lol there's actually a trophy for it; unless you have a posse of supportive teammates, expect to be killed nearly half the time. As for the host(s) rage-quitting, yeah, it's a big problem in the game, has been since day one. But if you plan on playing for a couple of hours, join and back out of lobbies until you're hosting, that's what I do. Guarantees no rage-quitting hosts closing the lobby AND it gives you control over the maps.
  6. Been playing since launch, one of my friends knew I'd never found one and let me grab one they found, popping my Pamela Tape cherry. That was a few weeks ago. Since then I've found three on my own, two of those just today and was uber-pissed that one of them was a dupe. So I now have I believe #4, #5, and #19.
  7. So here's my stash, not listing the full descriptions for times sake but the +/-'s for those who are curious: Adrenaline Rush: +20/-3 Controlled Breathing: +20/-1 Escape Artist: +14/-0 Firecracker: +9/-0 Friendship: +5/-2 Grinder: +5/-1 Home Body: +20/-2 Hypochondriac: +18/-9 Lead Foot: +10/-0 Level Headed: +13/-4 Lightfoot: +15/-4 Lone Wolf +9/-1 Man at Arms: +25/-3 Marathon: +15/-2 Medic: +10/-1 Motorboating: +14/-2 My Dad's a Cop: +28/-0 NIght Owl: +57/-0 Potent Ranger: +20/-3 Preparedness: +10/-2 Psychic: +19/-2 Swimmer: +25/-1 Restful: +14/-0 Scout: +15/-0 Sneaky: +25/-4 Spatial Awareness: +25/-1 Sucker Punch: +25/-0 Swift Attacker: +20/-2 Thick Skinned: +19/-0 That's all she wrote. BTW, Thick Skinned is COMPLETE garbage now after being nerfed. Prior to this last patch I could snap two traps and still not be limping, now I snap ONE and I'm already limping.
  8. In my experience there is an endgame to perks, there are epics and then there are perfect epics, which is highest allowed percentage on the + side, 0% on the - side. I have 29 epic perks, most of those listed here so they are there you just have to roll a lot for them. I keep one slot open to continue to roll for better epics, sell anything under epic. I can provide a screenshot later but right now I'm playing The Evil Within 2 since the F13 servers are wonky. And they DO still drop with about the same consistency no matter how many you have. In the last week or so I rolled epic sucker punch, potent ranger and a couple of others that I already had but sadly all but one had worse stats than the ones I had so sold them back immediately.
  9. Now that's a horse of a different color, and an interesting one, at that. Depending on the point in the series and what one considers to be canon him letting the kids live would or would not be out of character. Pre-Part 6 Jason almost always followed the sin factor formula wherein if the characters are smoking dope or having sex they're definitely dead. Then you have poor bastards like Shelly who was most certainly a virgin who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's usually the most virtuous of the group who end up the "Final Girl". He's obviously not JUST killing the sin group, there's a lot of collateral damage, which throws the whole "Mommy told me to" motivation out the window since he's punishing people who aren't even tangentially linked to how he or his mother died. As of the 2009 reboot Jason is explained as territorial, and that would make me think he'd murder ANYONE for trespassing, be it teenager, child or otherwise. Wasn't it in Freddy Vs Jason that a flashback shows the kids picking on him? If that were canonical, you'd think he would have murdered every last child who ever step foot on the camp.
  10. As others have mentioned, there's no such thing as a TryHard, it's just whinging on the part of those killed. When I'm Jason I'm brutally efficient, and that often rubs people the wrong way, and that's more telling of them than of me. In fact if anything there are subtle levels of TryLess Jasons, like those whose objective is killing counselors in a more specific yet inefficient manner or those that let some survive for whatever reason. Jason's primary function is to turn Crystal Lake into Camp Blood, it's his raison d'etre.
  11. It's interesting you mention that, friends I play with and I, from time to time, will "stage" a repair, such as bringing the propeller or gas almost all the way to the boat, drop it somewhere nearby but not obvious, and then come back with the other part and escape. We've done this because obviously the goal is to survive and people generally don't look at the objective list and say, "Oh, look, someone installed the propeller! Good for them, I hope they find the gas!". Generally people run to the boat looking to camp the passenger seat to get out. Screw those people. That said, we've played MANY a game where parts go "missing" and there really isn't an explanation other then someone is trolling. And I digress, but I personally don't see any way that unbanning these people could help the game, in fact I see nothing but disaster, no opportunity. I'm sure Gun and Illfonic have metrics with which to gauge this, but a huge amount of first generation players completely abandoned the game solely because of glitchers, they never even saw the TK problems. But I also understand what is lost can't be replaced, it's just bad for business in general. Those first generation players were probably 10 times as likely to buy DLC than anyone who bought the game simply to screw with other people, and hopefully it's a lesson learned for Gun, because that's literally tens of thousands of dollars lost, probably more.
  12. I've routinely driven cars into the lake when non-contributors run up out of nowhere and take the last seat. Someone stole a 4-seater from me the other day, Jason is pursuing them when I finish building the two-seater. I drive it right to their location and T-Bone the 4-seater. It wrecked either one or both cars, all occupants of the 4-seater were killed and I escaped via the cops.
  13. Someone should lock this, obvious troll is obvious.
  14. Yep, sorry about that. For whatever reason when I hit "submit reply" it didn't seem to take effect so I probably hit it more than once, mea culpa.
  15. See, it's when stuff like that happens I yearn for the ending of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back; find the player's location IRL and beat the ever-loving shit out of them