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  1. What is the official name of the club?
  2. I see, and hear, a lot of people complain about "spawn killing" but I was wondering if there was a specific length of time you feel Jason should wait before he starts killing people? Do you feel that counsellors should have to wait that same time frame before they start completing objectives?
  3. Awesome! I'll check this out tonight! What platform do you play on, Laphin?
  4. Inventory items, in the possession of people who escape, will show up along the waters edge in random places. I know weapons don't but i dont know if objective needed "main hand" items do. I've never seen gas, battery or propeller on the shore line.
  5. I didn't see it listed on the hot fix list but i have had 3 instances when i, as Jason, have become glitched in one spot after successfully breaking down a cabin door.
  6. Not sure if mentioned already but sometimes Jason gets glitched and is stuck in front of the door after he breaks it.
  7. I'm always down for a good match when I play. Gamertag: Repo Boom
  8. No more crashing/dashboarding and perks working 100%... plus the previously mentioned things.
  9. My gt is Repo Boom. I want in on this.
  10. maps

    I don't care what they do with emotes and minimized map reboots...i just want all the perks, and perk slots, to work.
  11. My car start perk is still not working and perks still randomly don't work in slots 2 or 3. Any word if this is being addressed anytime soon?
  12. I'd settle for the game not crashing and possibly host migration.
  13. Can anyone confirm if they fixed the issue with perks not working, i.e. not spawning with items the perk allows and so on? I forget the perk name but the one that allows you to start the car faster has never worked for me and it has 45% car start/restart time.
  14. I get this pretty steady with one specific user and no-one is in a party at all. How is that explained by the party system?