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  1. If it was up to me I would let the "victim" decide; the person who is teamkilled would have an option to either forgive or punish. Where forgive would allow the TK'er to stay in the game and punish would remove them from the lobby.
  2. I am guessing the hard reset "releases" the memory leak data
  3. Here is a link to that thread that @Bulldawg2010 mentioned. There is some further information there.
  4. I think some people don't understand attacking a point vs attacking a person. I am very critical of the job that been thus far, but that doesn't mean I think that wes/ben/soandso are "assholes" or "pos". I would buy any of those guys or anyone here a drink at a bar because its not personal.
  5. Zombie my experience is that it is 50/50 to fill up my lobby when I am by myself. I give it a minute and then search again.
  6. Oh yea its almost a running joke for us; I really aint mad anymore. Its like this : I am more concerned with stability for xb1. After the most recent patch for me at least its been a vast improvement.
  7. Yea for sure, I just think people picture only you guys all huddled in a place the size of a bedroom trying to fix everything. You got Illfonic, QA people, and other people onboard/coming on board working on all platforms of the game per what Wes said in the other thread.
  8. Yea I figured as much; its almost like the roles are reversed with this game release due to the nature; usually its the game studio that's out in front taking heat. The main point is its not 4 of you guys in a storage unit supporting 3 platforms like a lot of people seem to be under impression. ty!
  9. I think what people do is go on their website and only see 4 or 5 people that work under the Gun Media banner and they assume that's it. Illfonic is the team that is actually doing the game portion. They are a 50 person studio. The easiest way I think I can describe this(and I might not be 100%) is look at Wes as a customer...He gets this great idea to make a Friday the 13th game so he contacts Gun Media team. Gun-Wes is a project manager; he gathers the necessary permissions to use the intellectual property of F13, maps out the goals and the game he envisions. Gun-Wes hires Illfonic to make the actual game for them from ground up. This is a pretty generic way of looking at gun/illfonic partnership
  10. The myths you guys believe is astounding lol
  11. You guys are not a "normal" game. You took a lot of money from backers to build this and for 1/3rd of us this game has been broken. Mine currently has been nice in short sessions over the past few days thanks to the latest patch. Us xb1 backers are stuck between a rock and a hard place with this game as we cannot get a refund where as jimbob who bought it from the store can. So I think that you are wrong in this aspect. Now if you are referring to plans down the road then yea you are 100% right. But when a game is crippled with the same issue 3 patches in I think you all need to circle the wagons and have one of you stand above. With regards to the last patch that came out Wednesday it was said they were hoping for a Thursday/Friday release, it came out on Saturday that the patch wasn't even submitted until Thursday. So the Thursday window was a lie because its just not possible for that turnaround to happen in that timeframe. Then if you ask if it was rejected you get an NDA response. Which apparently is now lifted since this DLC was. Its a lot of cloak and daggers. Well you know what the CM is supposed to be front and center for better or worst (s)he is the face of the company to us; a liaison if you will. When you struggle to get answers on the official forums and then have to check 4 or 5 places for information that "may or may not" be correct. Someone needs to start standing up and apologizing. There has been a ton of this recently from jx to new unique kill etc... I hate to break it to you but that is a key element of that role. Better roll that thick skin perk. Robert Bowling was the best I have ever seen he was a machine at relaying information to people, engaging the community and dealing with vitriol 100x more than anything from here.
  12. I still disagree with how this was handled but Ill let you get back to it, Thanks for coming in and not hiding out in Discord
  13. I saw him once in a bathtub of a cabin weird as hell lol
  14. well Wes is responding actively on this thread if you guys wanted to catch him :
  15. Alright well then you gotta see where my anger towards you guys is coming from with regards to the job that's being done. I will say that the last patch you guys did has greatly reduce the dashboard mem leaks for me. I think may 1 outta 20 or so games thus far. So that's great progess, I am just disappointed to read that you all were semi aware of these issues prior to release.