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  1. I was riding on the car, and as soon as I moved a bit, the car crashed. It was very interesting....
  2. As Jason, warped to a moving car and ended up standing on the car? This happen to me once during the weekend. It was awesome riding on the can as Jason. I will try to find a video of this.
  3. I agree. Stalk is most useful in beginning when counselor are raiding cabins.
  4. Ps4 hasn't been really working
  5. That usually means they quit.
  6. If I didn't live in Sonoma County, and wasn't witness to dozens of people losing their homes, I might be upset about this. See tragic events really puts things in perspective. Anyway, I am sure by the time I get home later today, everything will be sorted out. If not, no big deal, I will be able to play the game again eventually.
  7. I'm curious to see what new jason will come after the last 2
  8. How likely is it that IllFonic will still complete the timeline? My guess is they will only make it to the snowflake if the physical copy doesn't sell.
  9. I am on the West Coast so that is also the time I am usually on.
  10. I've had this happen a few times. The most annoying part is the game continues until the timer runs out even though no one is playing.
  11. <------------------------------- PS4 tag
  12. I am a tunnel vision Jason, especially if I get hit or see an objective item in the counselors hand.
  13. Killing people as fast as you can is Jason is especially important in the small maps. People just love to complain and hate losing.