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  1. Yes, the game has issues, but for me host migration is far and away the biggest. If this is implemented properly, I'll be thrilled.
  2. The kids who play this game? Yes. Reckless Reggie? No. HELL no.
  3. I knew about this game in its infancy when it was Slasher Vol. 1, and was very excited about it. Being very old school, I was reluctant to donate to a Kickstarter because I honestly just didn't trust the whole idea of giving money far in advance of receiving a product. This is my own shortcoming, and not something I would blame anyone else for. So I knowingly allowed the chance to buy Savini and the clothing pack to pass without partaking, even though part of me really wanted to. I knew I missed out on them and accepted that others who showed more faith in this upstart project would get them. No big deal. However, now that many other Johnny-come-latelys have acquired the skins (whether intentionally on the part of Gun or not doesn't matter), I think the rest of us, particularly those of us who were day-one buyers, should have the chance to purchase these extras, which are no longer "exclusive" anyway.
  4. I love the idea of random characters coming back. I'd like to add one of my favorite characters, Reckless Reggie. Reggie would not be killable (who wants to see a kid get killed?), but he would have some sort of time limit before he'd have to run away. I think it would be cool if he could have an idea of where objective parts were, and be able to quickly repair. Also, maybe some method of insta-stunning Jason.
  5. So these people think Jason should just be a punching bag for weak little counselors? Screw 'em! Everyone repeat after me: "Jason is SUPPOSED to kill counselors." People can whine all they want; Jason should be able to block any weapon attack from any counselor. And this is a totally intentional game mechanic, unlike the blocking over traps.
  6. There is nothing sad or desperate about Jason trying to prevent these pot-smoking, sex-having teenagers from escaping. And yes, cops being called is all but a certainty that counseors will escape. A good group of counselors who work together will ALWAYS escape once the cops are called.
  7. You realize Jason is a stone-cold killer, right? Do you just want an "auto-win" option as a counselor? Quit complaining and learn how to be a good teammate; you'll still die a lot, but that's the point of the game.
  8. I'll give you two sets for me: When I was of a similar age of the kids in the game: Composure 1 (I was very excitable in my younger years) Luck 8 (I got myself out of some sticky situations with minimal effort on my part) Repair 1 (although I've always been book-smart, I've never been very handy) Speed 7 (I played football and ran track, but was not super fast) Stamina 8 (never a long-distance runner, but could sprint and recover quickly all day long) Strength 6 (weighed only 170 pounds but was always stronger than my slight frame would have suggested) Stealth 4 (a true hide-and-seek aficionado, but also liked to loudly announce my presence as kids tend to do) As I am now, age 33 with two kids and about 50 pounds heavier: Composure 10 (I am a father, teacher, and football coach...nothing surprises me) Luck 8 (still...I am very fortunate) Repair 3 (I've learned a little...just enough to be dangerous) Speed 4 (in short bursts, I can move fairly quickly) Stamina 1 (I'm so out of shape...sigh...) Strength 8 (old man strength) Stealth 1 (I'm too old to hide)
  9. To me the bigger issue is people on private chat. Oftentimes they are also cheating. Additionally, the private chat destroys what would otherwise be a really cool perk (Psychic, starts with walkie talkie). If I enter a lobby and no one is on their mic, I announce that people should turn them on. If no one does, they either refuse to play with a mic or are on private chat. Either way I don't want to play with them, so I'll try to join another game.
  10. No problem, brother. That was how I felt when I quit as host that time! I truly hate when someone quits as they're getting killed, regardless of whether they're the host. It's just a whiny thing to do; unfortunately, it hurts everyone when the person happens to be the host.
  11. Agreed. Again, I am not attempting to excuse it. Just venting my frustration and coming clean, kinda like an addict at an AA meeting. However, I wouldn't be put in the situation if host migration was in like it should be.
  12. No, it's not ok, as I already acknowledged. I legitimately felt bad about it; however, it was not just Jason tunneling me (and he did have shift when he got me by the way; he was on me for several minutes). It was about him totally screwing me as a counselor for no good reason the previous match and THEN spending all of his time after only me. I still am not defending what I did, but trying to give you an idea of why I was so frustrated. Not sure what "containing salt" means, but it sounds like some sort of insult of the moment, so I'll just ignore it. EDIT: and I totally agree about host migration; I wouldn't have had to screw everybody else over if the developers put in a very basic feature that every online game should have.
  13. I did it for the first time ever yesterday, mid-game. I felt bad about it, but let me explain: This guy (I'll call him Jerkwad) found me finishing the propeller on the boat (the gas was already in). He ran up and spammed the X button to get in before I could recover from my "repair" animation. No big deal, he wants to get credit for revving up the boat. Well as soon as the engine is up, I guess he was spamming the trigger so that I couldn't even hit X to get in with him. He speeds away all by himself and reaches safety. I ended up escaping with the cops later anyway, but this really pissed me off. There was literally no strategic advantage to hin leaving me behind, but he did it anyway. Next match Jerkwad is Jason. I spawn inside the phone house and he's there before I even know it. I lead him on a goose chase for a while, hoping the guy will wise up and morph elsewhere rather than waste tons of time with me. Instead he keeps chasing me for several minutes until he finally gets me. Again, he employed poor strategy just to screw me over. If only one or the other had happened, I'd let it go. It's not cheating, and I don't totally mind occasional dickish gameplay. But both of these actions, back to back, pissed me off that I refused to let him get his XP for the match. I feel bad that others didn't get to finish the match, and I probably would not do it again (nor had I ever done it before), but at the moment it felt good. If any decent players happened to get booted, please accept my sincere apology.
  14. Hilarious...good show! I don't know why, but I could not stop laughing watching this.