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  1. This is false. I'm not going to keep arguing, but as someone who has done this dozens of times I can tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT that breaking the exterior doors of a cabin will NOT cause the counselor to shout in early game (before the counselor has accrued any fear).
  2. Knocking down the front and back door (and even windows) will not cause the counselor to out themselves. Trust me.
  3. IF the two of you guys actually do this, you're letting an awful lot of objectives get completed in the time it takes you to smash every door, window, interior door, bed, and closet. Totally not worth the chance that you MIGHT find someone hiding when there's no way of knowing early on anyway whether they're there. But hey, what do I know?
  4. Why waste so much time at that first objective? Good Jasons stay on the move.
  5. I will hide EVERY time I realize I'm in the phone house or Jason comes to me early on. Jason NEVER finds me. Early game he has no clue anyone is there and it is a waste of time for him to smash up beds, etc without knowing anyone is there. I bide my time and can leisurely check my surroundings after he morphs away. The key is to keep from barring the door. If you do, he'll know someone is there.
  6. The Jarvis map, while cool, is just too spread out. Everyone I've played with agrees. I like having a big map, but maybe there should be some more cabins to fill in all that blank space. Any other ideas for how to improve the map, or do people think it's fine as is? It's definitely Jason-friendly, which is not a bad thing, but I think it could be more balanced.
  7. With the new patch, I noticed a small change that I find very helpful. If your character is equipped with the medic perk, there is a small "2" on the icon for first aid spray when you pick it up, reminding you that you have 2 uses. Along that same track, I wish the game would show you your selected perks when the round starts. As a person who likes random counselors and plays them in different ways, it would be nice to be reminded of what perks I have at the beginning of the round. Are there any small touches like that anyone else would like to see?
  8. Can’t even get my friend into a private match without him getting kicked out and then my game crashing. This game is awesome but it’d be nice to be able to play on a double XP weekend. PS4, btw
  9. Much obliged, my good man!
  10. Only Xbox players, right?
  11. I do stuff like that all the time. I find it’s fun to play that way. I make a habit of dropping the keys by the car just in case I die before it’s ready. If I’m a character who can’t repair (I go random on counselors), I’ll also drop the parts by the car or boat. I consider it a win if people escape due to my actions, even if the game scoring system doesn’t record it that way.
  12. I keep my counselor and Jason on random. I learn different strategies for different characters, and I have a lot of fun.
  13. Yeah, I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but the double XP weekend coupled with the physical release makes me think everything will be way overloaded.
  14. Looking for players gtdjlocker311 is my psn
  15. Jason, you have killed 1500 pounds of counselor meat. Unfortunately you can only carry 100 pounds back to your cabin.