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  1. Hard2Find239 -invite, pls&ty
  2. Hard2Find239 -invite, please & thank u
  3. Same here...Really pumped for future dlc
  4. Hard2Find239
  5. Hard2Find239
  6. Hard2Find239 -Invite
  7. Hard2Find239 -looking for private match
  8. Hard2Find239-XBL-Holla
  9. Nvermind got it from the ms store https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/friday-the-13th-the-game/c0723xb6xjsx
  10. Thanks bro, finally got it uploading.
  11. Tryna decide if I should pass on the Xbox download and start playing right away on steam....any suggestions?
  12. Literally...
  13. Damn bro good luck with that mess....Ima just continue this f13 marathon till I see daylight, hopefully it doesn't take all day to update.
  14. Well shit, all yiked up on redbulls and and no counselors to kill. This is sorta like Christmas but with no Hennessy or presents...I guess I'm up till santa decides to put that shit on the market
  15. ???????????