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  1. It work!!! Happy Friday the 13th everyone!
  2. Im in Canada and i got the same problem as well. This la frustrating...
  3. Seriously... i gave a 6,5 out of 10 for this game when it came out but as it is now... it's a 8 out of 10 for me.
  4. I'm mostly the metal type guy and i have a very huge record collection. And i am into all kind of metal from traditionnal Heavy-Metal to Black Metal... Death Metal.. Thrash Metal... you name it. I also enjoy music score, John Williams in particular. I listen to some video game score too, i enjoy some punk rock a little bit...
  5. And what about that hulk hogan dlc where you get to bodyslam every counselor as the hulkster?? Ok jk, i made that... ... oh my god... the goofy police phonecall during a session!! 'PLEEEASE, HULK HOGAN IS PINNING DOWN ALL OF MY FRIENDS WITH A LEG DROP!!!' ....ok ugh... im really really tired today....
  6. That's a lot of content, can't wait to ses the virtuel cabin 2.0 and. But first thing first, i want that damn part 4 Jason with the new map already!!!!!!!
  7. Yup i Will do this later.
  8. They should also fix this bug in a near future.
  9. These two morons were using a bug and Jason couldnt kill them... standing in the lake like that in packamack lodge... 10 minutes straight bleh... Édit: oops sorry ive just réalized that there is a forum for topic about bugs.
  10. Angry joe wasnt too severe and did like it a lot. Thats good news for me.
  11. And mark my word, this game will probably worthy of a 8.5 in the next few months.
  12. I never said anything about freddy to begin with ? Im talking about a take on jason own hell where the counselor are unfortunately draw To, not his dreams. ?
  13. What do you think about... being caught in Jason personnal hell? A twisted version of crystal lake (Think about a silent hill version of this place) where Jason is literaly the warden. .. With new objectives since like the cops cannot be there obviously and we would be in take of what Jason very own hell, where we are unfortunately caught, would be like?
  14. Oh me too you know? And that does prove that each side is well balanced so im happy.