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  1. Hello Campers! I would like to introduce Victoria Sterling, Camp Crystal Lake’s newest counselor. Similar to Chad, Victoria comes from money and she is used to getting her way. So much so that she often is perceived as “bitchy” and manipulative. She doesn’t mean any physical harm, but it’s safe to say that in a pinch, she’s looking out for herself first. Victoria has low repair and strength, so she will need to rely on her above average stamina pool and stealth skills. It would be ill-advised for Victoria to square up to Jason without some additional help from another counselor. In a 1v1 situation you’ll find Victoria doing less fighting, and more yelling for her Dad...the Dean of an Ivy League junior college. Getting a better picture now of Victoria? She’s the worst, in the best possible way! Victoria will be added at no additional cost in the next update. Note; Victoria will not have access to the premium DLC clothing packs (Spring Break and Halloween).
  2. Hey campers! I hope you guys are getting excited for the Beta! We sure are (and are kinda nervous too)! I thought it would be cool if you guys got a sneak peek at what counselors you will be able to play as well as what Jason's are available for the Beta. I also thought it would be nice for you understand the stats per counselor. These stats still need some balancing, but we want to see how you guys play and what gripes you might have from each counselor. Our goal was to create characters that really felt unique when you play with them. So if you really love playing as Tiffany and you just wish she had higher intelligence so you can fix stuff faster...well tough. That's kinda the point, right? So give these all a look and drop us some comments. IT'S HAPPENING!
  3. Hey campers! I hope you all had a great weekend and that this Monday isn’t being too rough on you. I heard that Mitch is still recovering from having too much fun this past Friday. So, seems to be a lot of chatter about our pal Reggie, huh? It is true that Shavar Ross AKA Reggie “The Reckless” Winter reached out to us about being a character in the game. We’re fans of Mr. Ross and loved him as Reggie in Part V. Let’s not forget that scream he has! Man, he could beach dolphins with those pipes! However, as you guys are fully aware, adding a new character to the lineup isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. A lot of thought would need to go into a new counselor and their stats. Let’s not forget that Reggis was a kid in the film, and Mr. Ross is a little older now. I’m not sure he can hit that high note scream anymore. It would be cool to see Reggie back at Pinehurst again, but adding new content to the game isn’t always our call to make. Especially with the uncertainty of the on-going Miller case with respect to the license. There are other characters we have on our internal wish list as well. Maybe someday we will get to bring them back to Crystal Lake. But in the interim, under the circumstances, we can’t commit to them. It sucks, I know. Trust me...I’m a fan just like you guys, and I want to see more familiar faces at camp. Wes Keltner CEO Gun Media
  4. No, this will not change specs at all.
  5. Thought everyone would like to see the improvements to characters from the upgrade as well. AJ is angelic now! -W
  6. They aren't related, but they do attend the same country club...
  7. I've seen this question posted many times. Hell, we've talked about it a million times here in the office. So I thought it would make sense to provide a breakdown on how big of an undertaking it would be to add Pamela as a playable killer in F13. First, let's talk broad assumptions about Pamela as a killer. In the films, we didn't see Pamela actually kill. "We" (the audience) saw these kills from a first-person perspective, and only the victim knew it was Pamela just before they died. It wasn't until the last reel of the film that we discovered she was the killer. But think about how she killed. She was very stealthy and her kills, for the most part, were very up-close and personal. There's almost a Michael Myers approach to her killing style. Jason on the other hand is a brute killer. In the later films, he didn't care to be seen. In fact he would jump through windows and break down doors to enter a building. Very impactful, jump scare-y and athletic at times. Jason 2, 3 and 4 all ran as you're aware. He was more human. There was a stumbling/bumbling aspect to these Jasons. However, Jason 6-9 were more stoic, undead, slow and menacing. With that said, let's talk mechanics and level layouts. We built all the maps with pacing in mind. Think about a rubber band in your mind. Put the rubber band on your right-hand pointer finger, now stretch it over to your left-hand pointer finger. Now stretch it out as far as you can, then relax it back, bringing your fingers close together. Separate your fingers, bring them back close, back and forth. That's the mindset for pacing in our game. You are one finger, Jason is the other. The mechanics we create in the game become the rubber band. How fast can the counselor run? How fast can Jason run? How fast is Jason's cooldown for his abilities? What is the distance from one building to the next? All of these are considered in the mechanics of the game. Some games create tension by limiting resources (food, water, bullets) but we do it through how we built the entire game. The level layout, the characters, their abilities, etc. It all comes back to the rubber band. Now that you're thinking how we think, are you starting to see how difficult it would be to add Pamela as a playable character? When the level is created to make Jason's abilities shine and heighten tension as a counselor...how do you create a killer with NEW abilities? And Pamela's abilities would need to be grounded in "real life". She's a real person after all. Unhinged, but real. Nonetheless, I hope you're starting to see how much work it would be to add her. We would need a new abilities system just for her. We would need a new map, just for her. We would need to balance her abilities against the counselors abilities to make sure no one gets too much of an upper-hand. It makes my head spin to think about it. We're not against it. We think it would be pretty cool. But it's something that would take a lot of time and money to do right. I think we could spend that doing other, more manageable DLC in the future. Manhattan/Boat, Space/Grendal, etc, etc. I hope this helps answer this question. -W
  8. Hello campers, As promised, I wanted to give you an update on the current status of Paranoia. Our goal with this game mode has always been to create a different experience compared to the traditional multiplayer F13 mode. We want it to be unique, scary, and offer a new kind of challenge for players. We began working on an internal prototype late last summer (2017), and started playing together (ILL + GUN) weekly. The point of the prototype was to test theories and ideas within the paper design doc for Paranoia. Do these ideas work? Is it unique and challenging? Most importantly - is it fun? To put it bluntly: it isn’t fun enough. We unanimously agreed, after weeks of playing together, that there’s something there...a glimmer of a very fun game mode. But it needs to stay in the oven longer. We need to keep throwing around ideas, mechanics and features to find the missing piece. But our teams were faced with hurdles to overcome, some greater than others. While we would have liked to go head down and keep pushing Paranoia, this would've required us to set aside the work towards dedicated servers, as Paranoia would've needed the full team. I had to make a decision, and focusing on dedicated servers and new content, feels like the best decision we could make. We have some ideas on what will make Paranoia what we want it to be, but until we launch and perfect dedicated servers, I made the call to hold on all forward movement with Paranoia. I’m sure that this is not the news that you were wanting to hear, but I think it’s the best call and it was mine to make. I always strive to steer this ship to the best of my ability. What I don’t want to do is launch a game mode that is “just ok”. We don’t get out of bed everyday to produce an average product. Once we are finished with dedicated servers, we will return our focus to Paranoia to continue tinkering to find the fun. If we never find it, then I will make the call to completely cancel it. Again, I don’t want to give you content that doesn’t live up to the standards we have tried to deliver throughout this journey together. You not only deserve better than that, you also deserve this type of transparency, and I intend on delivering both to you. I would also like to thank you all for your patience, and for the overwhelming support and passion you have for this game. We will continue to push to make this the best F13 experience we can, and we look forward to seeing you all at camp. -W
  9. Howdy Campers, long time no see. Sorry about that, been head down, working with the team on this upcoming patch. They have busted hump and I'm proud of this content patch dropping on Tuesday, Jan 30th. But let's cut to the chase. J5 STATS!! First off, he unlocks at level 0, meaning you get him instantly. OK, now the pros and cons. PROS CONS + Throwing Knives - Defense + Stalk - Grip Strength + Can Run - Stun Resistance I know there's a lot of questions about Paranoia as well. I will be doing a write-up next week to update everyone here on the forums as to the current status of Paranoia. Look for that post mid-next week. -W
  10. We have received a lot of questions regarding single player since we released the DLC roadmap. There seems to be some confusion and I wanted to take a stab at clearing it up. I’ll cut to the chase. Single player has three elements; Offline Bots, The Virtual Cabin and Challenges. Here’s a breakdown of each. Offline Bots work very similarly to a multiplayer match, except you can play it without an internet connection. You can only play alone, meaning you can not invite your friends to play co-op. Also, you can only play as Jason in this mode. There are a few reasons why you can only play as Jason, with the number one being the programming needed for believable Jason AI. We’ve all seen/experienced bad AI, and the last thing we wanted was to see Jason walking non-stop into a wall and not chasing you. That’s not fun, nor is it scary. Plus we saw a lot of frustrated players that just wanted to be Jason, whenever they wanted to...without having to deal with people yelling over mics, or even worse, getting chosen to be Jason only to have the host quit out. That sucks. Luckily dedicated servers will fix this issue. Lastly, playing as Jason when you choose can really help you hone your Jason skills, which in return, actually helps you become a better counselor when you think about it. Some of you have seen the countless videos online of people playing The Virtual Cabin 1.0 in the past. We built the first version of the Virtual Cabin as an add-on to our Kickstarter campaign. It was a pretty straightforward experience with a few puzzles and easter eggs. Hardcore fans seemed to really enjoy it, so we decided to go back to the drawing board and completely revamp it. We redid the entire layout of the VC, made it bigger, with more puzzles, easter eggs and props from both the films and the game. VC 2.0 still has an F13 museum aspect to it, but there’s something deeper, beneath the surface if you wish to dig around. We liken this experience to a certain crazy good/fun horror demo that got canceled. However we’re doing our own thing, wrapped in Friday the 13th, and we think it’s pretty cool. The whole experience is in 1st person and has some jump scares that you twisted people love so much. We’ve received some messages from fans thinking that some aspect of our singleplayer was story driven. Sorry to let you down, but it is not. The F13 films weren’t really known for their narrative. Sure, there’s a story in the films, but again, not the focal point per se. It was about Jason, victims, awesome kills and the occasional boob, right? That’s the approach we took with challenges. There’s a certain, very popular game, with a bald protagonist in a suit with a barcode on his neck. Yeah, that one. If you played that game, you kinda see the direction we’re going with Challenges. Except you’re not an elite special agent...you’re Jason. Here’s an analogy I’ve used before that helps some; If you think of the game like a film - Multiplayer is around reel 3 or 4 in an F13 movie. Everyone knows Jason is there, and he’s killing people wholesale. Challenges however is reel one, scene one. Counselors are just getting to camp, they are settling in for the first night. They’re drinking beers, going for late night dips in the lake, smoking the drugs, and showing their wedding tackle to each other. All of them, grossly unaware that a masked serial killer is in the woods, staring at them. YOU are staring at them, you perv. So what are you going to do? Well, within the Challenges, there are, well...challenges. It could be as simple as “Kill everyone”, but then you might find a challenge that asks you to locate a specific counselor and kill them first. Or perhaps kill someone a specific way or with a specific weapon. Since these counselors are unaware of you, they will be doing AI tasks. They will stay on their paths, doing their tasks unless alerted. I know what you’re thinking; “Is this a stealth only kinda thing?” and that’s a good question. It’s not the focus of these challenges, but it does play a part. Let’s say you spot Tiffany on a nightly stroll, headed to the lake to cool off. It would make sense to wait for her to leave the camp area (where other counselors are) and let her get to the lake. Then you can strike, thus limiting the chance that she alerts other AI counselors. Alerting others, or your target can put the AI in a couple states; low or high. In a low alert state they may begin searching in the area where they heard or saw a glimpse of you. This directly relates to their character trope. Meaning Adam or Brandon might come directly towards the sound to investigate, with flashlights drawn. Whereas Deborah or Eric might be more apprehensive, and instead of investigating, they turn and head back to the others. High alert puts the AI into a fight or flight type state. Again, it depends on their trope. Adam might run for a weapon and come back looking for a fight, whereas Chad will just run, leaving others behind, as he’s looking for an exit. Every Chad for himself, right? What a douche. Additional Q&A I hope this quick write up helps explain our plans for singleplayer. Also to help clear up some additional questions: Q: Is all of singleplayer free? A: Yes. All three components that make up Single player will be available at no additional charge. Q: Will Bots, The Virtual Cabin and Challenges be available on all platforms? A: Yes. 100% on all. Q: How do we get singleplayer? A: It will be broken up into three parts; Bots, VC and Challenges. You will receive them as free updates. Q: I was a Kickstarter backer that bought the VC on PC, I don’t think it’s fair that you’re giving this away for free to everyone now. A: That’s not a question, but nonetheless...I hear you and the original VC is still intact for those that purchased it. But we completely rebuilt it from the ground up. Also, your donation via KS helped build the entire game, not just the VC. Q: I backed the tier that included the Backer Computer thing. Where’s that? A: It’s going to be in the Virtual Cabin 2.0 Q: Bots sounds cool! Can I change the difficulty of the bots? A: Not at this time. However, the bots react per their character tropes. So Adam might immediately find a weapon and come looking for a fight with Jason. Which can add to some intense gameplay moments.
  11. F13 UPDATE - Monday, May 29th, 5 pm EST OK, we made some big strides late last night and into the morning. We found several issues that were causing the database errors, missing XP, infinite saving while customizing characters, and perks not saving or appearing properly. Our number one focus was getting players past the database login error screen. Once we got to around 50K concurrent players, the database would not scale properly. We shut down all servers this morning to migrate the database to a larger cluster to help with scaling. Once we started servers back up, we could support 90K concurrent players. That’s good! However, we are aware of the following issues that persist. Login Database Error - Can’t sign in XP not saving or lost XP Infinite “saving” when customizing counselor, Jason, equipping kills, etc. Perks not saving or not appearing properly once “saved”. Can’t use Quick Play on XB1 What’s going on? After 10 hours of digging around in the database, we discovered a few things. Right now we are pushing too much data across our database. Your player profile save data is too big, especially if you’re a higher level with lots of unlocks/perks/etc. It works just fine when there are only 30-40K players. Once that number grows, the database starts lagging. This lag is what keeps some players out AND causes all the weird XP, saving issues outlined above. In addition, we still need to scale to meet the demand which we’ve had a phase 2 of the database upgrade planned that we are working on today. The Quick Play issue with XB1 requires a patch to fix. Meaning we can’t fix this “live” on our end. This requires our partner to help. OK, how do you fix this? We have made some good optimizations for retrieving and storing the player profile. We have cut down the calls made to retrieving and saving happen a bunch less. In addition, we have cut down the amount of data that is being saved to the database. Cool, when do we get these fixes? Steam users will get a patch late tonight or early tomorrow. PSN users will get this patch tomorrow. XB1 will probably be Wednesday. This isn’t because of favoritism, it’s simply how patches/hot fixes get rolled out. There is no certification process on Steam. Once we have a fix, we click a button, it goes live in 30 mins. PS and XB both have a rapid patch system, but they need to be certified by both PS/XB and this will take time due to today being a US holiday.
  12. First let’s talk Freddy, Leatherface, etc. These icons of slasher films are IP, or “Intellectual Property”. The easiest way to define this is to just think about them as “brands”. Like Coca Cola and Pepsi for example. The name and likeness of other film icons, like Freddy, are owned by companies. Why do you think it took so long for us to get a FvJ film? Think of it this way. Have you ever seen Coke and Pepsi packaged together? Nope. Never. Wait, I know what you’re thinking...what about Mortal Kombat? They had Jason, Leatherface, etc, all in one game. Yes, that’s true. But it’s an MK game, not a Texas Chainsaw game featuring Jason. So MK becomes neutral ground in that case. It’s just licensed characters, which still has some legal red tape, but easier by comparison. Now that you’ve had a very brief crash course in IP, I’m thinking I know your next question. “OK, Fine. I get it. But what about the characters from the F13 films! Will we see characters like Reggie, Shelly, Chrissy, etc, in the game? You guys already announced Tommy Jarvis, maybe there will be more? Yes?” This one is more of a “maybe”. Let me explain. When we got the license to work with F13, the only thing that came with it was the ability to use Jason’s name and likeness. But even then we couldn’t touch JvF or reboot Jason. They simply were not included. Also not included were the characters from the film. Now, could we just make up a generic female character and call her “Chrissy”? Sure. But that feels kinda phony don’t you think? Shouldn’t it look just like her? We think it should. Which then leads to another authenticity question...Shouldn’t she sound like Chrissy too!? Yes, she should. That’s a problem. First we would need to find the actor/actresses that were in the films. Some have passed away, so securing their likeness would be very difficult. Some however, are very much alive and still very much involved with horror cons. So first we would need to pay them for their likeness. This gives us the legal ability to replicate how they look in-game. The actor/actress would go through our iterations and requests changes here and there to make sure they look as close to real life as possible. This takes time. Months usually. Next comes their voice. As people age, so do their voice boxes. Meaning regardless if you are male or female, your voice gets a little deeper as you get older. Vocal cords stretch and you sound deeper and a little raspier. So a 50 year old version of you, doesn’t sound like the 20 year old version did. Think about that. Most of the actors/actresses from the films were around 20 when they filmed. Which means most of them are in their 50’s by now. So putting them in the recording studio doesn’t always get you the result you’re after. Imagine your dad, trying to sound 20. Yeah. So in theory, it sounds awesome to put Freddy in the game, or try to get your favorite character from the films into the game. But there’s so much more to it than just having the idea. It’s not impossible, it’s just a major time-sync that more often than not, doesn’t pay off in the end. You either get something that feels shoe-horned into the game, or just leaves you feeling underwhelmed. -W
  13. Hey, campers! Below you will find screenshots for each Jason. These shots were taking from the "select your Jason" section of the game. I'm posting these because I thought you guys might like to see the pros/cons for each Jason. We gave each Jason a strength and a weakness to help bring some gameplay variety to each Jason. Let me give some definitions to the strengths and weaknesses now, as I'm sure you'll have some questions that the images alone can't answer. J2 Strengths Can Run - Pretty self-explanatory. Traps - This Jason starts with more traps than others. Right now, that number is 6. Morph - Faster cooldown, so he can morph more frequently than other Jasons. J2 Weaknesses Shift - Slower cooldown on this ability. Defense - This Jason has lower HP and lower chance to successfully block attacks. Waterspeed - This Jason is very slow in the water. J3 Strengths Can Run - Same speed as J2 Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon against counselors. Grip Strength - It's harder to "wiggle" out of this Jason's grasp, once he grabs you. J3 Weaknesses Stun Resistance - This Jason gets stunned more frequently than others. Sense - Once sense is activated, it doesn't last very long for this Jason. Stalk - Similiar to "sense" in that it doesn't last as long. J6 Strengths Throwing Knives - This Jason starts with 4 knives. Other Jasons have to find them during a match. Sense - This Jason's sense lasts longer once activated. Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. J6 Weaknesses Defense - This Jason has lower HP and lower chance to successfully block attacks. Can't Run - Has a "fast walk" but can't run like J2 and J3. Morph - The cooldown for using this ability takes longer, so this Jason can't Morph as often during a match. J7 Strengths Sense - Faster cooldown with this ability. Water Speed - Very fast in water, slightly faster that the boat. Grip Strength - It's harder to "wiggle" out of this Jason's grasp, once he grabs you. J7 Weaknesses Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Traps - This Jason only has 2 traps to use. Shift - Slower cooldown on this ability. J8 Strengths Water Speed - Very fast in water, slightly faster that the boat. Destruction - Reduced amount of hits required to break doors/walls. Stalk - This Jason can remain in "Stalk" longer than others. J8 Weaknesses Sense - Once sense is activated, it doesn't last very long for this Jason. Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Grip Strength - Counselors can break free from this Jason's grasp faster than others. J9 Strengths Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. Stun Resistance - The chance this Jason will be stunned will be lower. Stalk - This Jason can remain in "Stalk" longer than others. J9 Weaknesses Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Less Hit Points - This Jason has lower HP than other Jasons. Traps - This Jason only has 2 traps to use. Savini Jason Strengths Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon against counselors. Destruction - Reduced amount of hits required to break doors/walls. Savini Jason Weaknesses Water Speed - This Jason is very slow in the water. Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Grip Strength - Counselors can break free from this Jason's grasp faster than others.
  14. I wanted to take a moment to update our Xbox One Users. Both on the current state of the build and the imminent “Retro Jason” patch. Retro Jason Patch Unfortunately, our patch that was to include the Retro Jason has not passed certification for Xbox One. This was due in part to some instability of the new content AND the memory leak issue mentioned below. This is an unfortunate turn of events, as we had hoped to add the skin and content while continuing to work on these issues, however, this has become our top priority for Xbox One users. We’ve narrowed some memory leak crashes down, and we are currently back in certification and are hoping to have the new content out to you just as soon as we can, however, we are not certain when that will be. Crashes The XB1 build of the game has been unstable since launch. I know, I know..tell you something you don’t know, right? The problem is a memory leak in the engine, and our guys are working to fix this leak. I know it appears on the surface that PC and PS4 players are getting some favoritism on this front, but that’s not true. We have been working very hard on the XB1 version, this has just been a tougher problem to track down. When we test internally, we can play the game for 15-20 matches in a row on XB1 and only have one player crash out. On the exact same build, we can test again and get 3-4 players crashing out after only a few matches. Again, this all points to a memory leak. So what is a memory leak? Basically, when a program (in our case a game) uses memory, it is supposed to “release” said memory when not in use. When a leak occurs, memory is not being released properly or in some cases at all. Almost every game suffers from this, but they are usually so small, that the end user doesn’t notice it. Ours is very noticeable. We’ve narrowed some down and have fixed them but there are more. We are actively working on finding and fixing them as fast as we can. I wish we knew the exact amount of time required to fix it, but at times can be like a needle in a haystack. But we’re getting some outside help, from other colleagues in the industry that have had this identical problem. This in an effort to speed it up, or at least avoid some hurdles getting to the root of the problem. What we Know Here’s what we do know. We failed certification, we then immediately put in some quick fixes and re-submitted for certification with MS early this morning. Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) we will get an update from MS on this patch. If everything checks out and we pass, then Retro Jason will be available within that patch. This could be same day or Thursday morning. However, if we fail certification again, we will continue to work on fixes to get this content out ASAP. I want to personally apologize to all XB players. Both for the memory leak causing all the crashes, for the bad matchmaking, and for this content delay. We were very excited to get XB players this awesome update, as you all deserve some cool stuff, given the circumstances. This is on me and I’m sorry. We’re doing our best to make it right, just as fast as we can. As soon as I know more, you will know more. You are our priority right now, and few of us are sleeping until we solve it. -W
  15. Hey Campers, Love seeing all the passion and feedback you guys are providing us. Hits us right in the feels to see you guys in here, banging away ideas, sharing thoughts and having open discussions about the game. Very cool! So let's talk about disarming Jason traps. We already have a "paper design" for disarming traps, and have for some time. We already had a pretty good idea that this feature would need a counter, but we wanted to see what you guys thought. Another factor was time and certification. We knew we wanted traps even before the beta, but you put everything up on the whiteboard, and then start crossing stuff off due to time. Post-beta we went back to that board and started circling things we crossed off because we knew we had the time between beta ending and launch. But disarming traps was going to be tricky and some of the other features we wanted (better flare guns, firecrackers, etc) needed some additional TLC to get done. The last thing we wanted to do was put certification at risk. And sticking in a new feature during certification is a major no-no. What's the design we have? Great question, glad I asked it. Counselors will be able to disarm Jason traps, but there's a catch. To disarm a trap, the counselor must be crouched and very, very close to the trap. If standing, walking, jogging, or running, the interact prompt will not appear. Thus, SNAP > Ouchy. But wait, there's more! Once crouched and near trap, you must have a pocketknife in your inventory to disarm the trap. This gives the pocketknife more than one use, pretty neat. Ready for the fiendish, difficult decision part of this? (muahahaha) As you are crouched, with the pocketknife in your inventory, and the "disarm" prompt appears, you select it. Your counselor starts working on the trap. As they work on the trap you see the trap slowly start closing. It's not a quick snap shut. It's slow, as if your knife is turning a screw, thus loosening the tension of the trap. Just as the trap is nearly closed (disarmed) you hear a light "SNAP" sound. What happened? Your pocketknife blade just broke, making it useless. Your knife disappears from your inventory...no more get out of Jason jail free card. Decisions, decisions. Do I step on the trap? Do I move on and let someone else deal with it? Do I disarm it and burn my knife? Tough call. But we're not done yet. There are also perks that we did not discuss. Perks that might lessen the chance that the trap will go off when you step on it. Or perhaps the trap will still snap on you, but there's a chance Jason won't be alerted. These are just a few ideas that we feel are great additions to this feature. We could also tie the pocketknife breaking to a game of chance, perhaps linked directly to the luck stat. There's a lot of directions we could go with this. Here's the thing. I don't want to make a promise I can't keep, but we're going to do our best to get this design implemented, and submitted as a day one patch. Again, I can't promise it because it requires art, animation, and engineering, and the latter two are up to their ears with certification at the moment. We already predicted that when we announced Jason traps, that this would be a hot topic of discussion. We have a plan in place, I just want to remain transparent and keep our promises. Thanks again guys for all the passion. Can't wait to see each of you at Crystal Lake. -W
  16. Hey campers! Thought I would take a moment and share the stat screens for counselors. There still may be some minor tweaks to these stats leading right up to launch, but this list is pretty dang close to what you'll experience when we launch. Bonus: You'll find some clothing options and perks on these screens too. Enjoy! -W
  17. Hey campers, Been a rocky few days, to say the least. Few of us have slept since Thursday, but I wanted to take a moment to inform all of you as to what’s going on with everything. We’re having global issues, on all platforms (PC/XB1/PS4). Here’s a breakdown of the most common issues so far. Known issues. Why they are happening. What we’re doing to fix them. Issue: “I can’t login, it keeps saying something about a Database Error.” Why: Our database was hit really hard when the game went live. We had upwards of 75K players in a short period of time. Due to this, our database was hit hard. We tried spinning up more nodes to help alleviate the stress but ultimately caused some corrupted nodes which are causing people not to be able to log in that were affected by those nodes. In addition, it has caused major slowdowns in our database software which can on and off effect other accounts from logging in. Fix: We are working around the clock to get this solved. We are a small team but brought in outside resources to help. It's our top priority right now and we need to make sure we can get our servers properly scaled and balanced to handle the current demand. Once we can alleviate some stress on the database this should all start working smoothly. We are working hard to properly load balance our servers and identify issues with accounts that are slowing down the database. Issue: “I can sign in (sometimes) but I can’t find a match when I select Quick Play” Why: Due to a high demand of PS4 players there is an issue with Matchmaking when it finds an open session several players try to join that open session at once filling up the room the same time you receive the message this room is still open. You end up not being able to connect to that session and move on but it wastes time taking it a lot longer to find an open session. On Xbox One there also is a high number of players trying to find games and the amount of requests is really adding up which is overloading the Matchmaking service. Fix: We have tuned Matchmaking on PS4 to create more open sessions to spread out the player base. We also have tuned the time it takes to create new sessions. We are currently testing the fix and hope to have a patch out real soon. For Xbox One we have been working with Microsoft who has tuned some settings on their end. This has helped some users but not all. We are still working on tuning our Matchmaking algorithm along throttling requests more in line with LIVE standards and with working with Microsoft on this as well. We hope to have a patch in testing early this week. Issue: “It’s not saving my Jason kills, XP, clothing customization or achievements.” Why: This is a result of the mentioned above database issue. Unfortunately, all of this information is tied to the database as well. Fix: Once we can alleviate some stress on the database this should all start working smoothly. We are working hard to properly load balance our servers and identify issues with accounts that are slowing down the database. Issue: “What happened to my XP? I was level ‘X’ now I’m level 0” or “My XP is stuck and I’m not getting any more.” Why: This is also a result to the database issue. Match statistic reports still seem to be coming into the database correctly so if you had a level at some point, it should be still progressing. Fix: Once we can alleviate some stress on the database this should all start working smoothly. You should still be earning XP but it’s just not showing it properly. When the database is less stressed you should see your proper XP level. Issue: “I see others can play, but I have yet to get past the login screen.” Why: This is also the result of the database issue. We’ve noticed it can randomly affect specific accounts. So while you can’t play someone in the next room with a different account can play. We have identified what causes it for some accounts and fixed it, but there are a few causes at play here. Fix: Once we can alleviate some stress on the database this should all start working smoothly. We are working hard to properly load balance our servers and identify issues with accounts that are slowing down the database. Issue: “My DLC isn’t working. I downloaded it, where is it?” Why: PC Keys were not working and we had to issue a new set of keys. For PS4 DLC keys we are still waiting for the DLC to be approved and go live. Fix: If you are a PC user please make sure you have received your new keys. Check your email. If not please contact us. PS4 users we will keep you posted when the DLC is live. Issue: “I never got my game/DLC code. I’m a backer, what’s up?” Why: This could be due to multiple reasons. Emails from BackerKit do not contain codes, you must log in to BackerKit to retrieve codes you’ve ordered. You possibly did not complete your BackerKit survey? Or there may be an actual customer service problem, error or glitch. Fix: The first step is to use your original Kickstarter email address to log in to https://friday-the-13th-the-game.backerkit.com/ and retrieve your codes. Keep in mind that if you ordered multiple times that you will have to check each order survey to look for all your codes as they are associated with each order they were placed on. If you did not fill out your survey/s, you will need to do so and then we can lock it down and process your codes so they show up in your account. Remember, if you had multiple orders then you will need to go through and fill out each survey. Issue: “I received the wrong platform code via email. Help!” Why: Sometimes mistakes are made and glitches happen. Some players received codes for the wrong platforms, but this can be rectified after verification of the issue. Fix: If for some reason you received the wrong code for a platform you didn’t order for, please contact BackerKit by logging on to your account at https://friday-the-13th-the-game.backerkit.com/ and then use the contact form to input your issue. You will then only need to wait for a response. You cannot switch to a different platform. You will receive the code that was selected in your original BackerKit survey. We repeat, you cannot swap platforms just because you changed your mind. Issue: “I can play, but i’m experiencing glitches/bugs/crashes.” Why: General gameplay bugs that may have already been fixed but a patch hasn’t been released for that platform yet. In addition, as new players play they are helping us find bugs all the time. Fix: We have an Xbox One patch that addresses a lot of the glitches/bugs/crashes that we are testing now and are shooting to have it out mid next week. We are currently working on another PS4 patch to help with Matchmaking and some gameplay bugs. Our team is constantly working on fixing bugs, optimizations and pushing new patches on all platforms. Issue: “OK, but why weren’t you guys prepared for this?” We thought we were. We looked at average concurrent players during the beta; 5K. We then took PC pre-order numbers, as well as backer numbers and tripled it for three platforms (XB1, PS4 and PC). We then added more cushion just to make sure. We were forecasting somewhere around 30K concurrents and that’s what we setup our database to handle. However, when we flipped the switch, making the game live, 75K players showed up in the first 20 minutes. 50K players got in, but at that point, our database was melting. We immediately started spinning up new database servers to meet demand. But in the process, the original database started getting damaged nodes due to the influx of players. We were moving just as fast as we could to meet the demand. But it wasn’t fast enough. Due to the damaged node, bad accounts started being recorded. Bad as in, the data associated with the account was taking too long for the database to read it. So we had two issues hitting at once, within a 30-minute time frame; not a robust enough database to meet demand, and corrupted data (bad accounts). Basically, we have accounts that are taking a long time to query and we are investigating why. If you log in on your bad account and the request hits before someone with a good account, it’s timing out both players. Right now, bad accounts are taking upwards of 120 seconds to pull it down. This slows everyone down that is in line with them on that node. And in some cases, the database says “this is taking too long” and just throws up the error for everyone standing in line. Good or bad account. The fix to this is a more robust scaling solution in our database. 90% of player accounts are good. The remaining 10% will take more time due to how corrupted they are. Again, this data is salvageable, just tedious and time consuming to repair. Sorry everyone. We are doing our absolute best. -W
  18. Thanks for the kind words! Man, I wish it was something like that, but it looks to be more than that. But I'm not the one staring at the code..the engineers are hard at work doing that..I'm not an engineer. Most of the time when problems come up, they have to ELI5 me. I just make sure they have food, coffee, redbull, etc...try to keep them distanced from drama, and focused on the fixes.
  19. You're very welcome! It's fine, I completely understand. I can emphasize with being frustrated AF. But yes, you will get the double XP and the CP bonus, just during the end game screen there won't be a little fancy "DOUBLE XP" thingy that pops up showing you that you earned it. But you'll still earn it. As for Azura. Yes I'm aware of that service, but we use AWS on PC and everything is plugged in there (when you see the database sign in that's hitting AWS), so it just makes since to keep everything there. As for being free...that's the first I've heard of that. If MS did that, it would be amazing. But I seriously doubt they would give that service away for free, I could be wrong...but for reference...launch weekend, dedicated servers on PC for F13 was $50K. So I don't foresee MS giving that kinda service away for free.
  20. It's all good. We should have made it clearer in that tweet.
  21. Ah, yeah we launched with dedicated servers on PC because you kinda have to. Steam doesn't provide the type of multiplayer servers required...and how they use "lists" for P2P was not the best route. So we went with dedi's on PC. But again, we acknowledge the need for it on console and have it in our pipeline. Just a lot of fires at the moment to put out.
  22. As mentioned before, all games crash, but it's the severity that is the issue. But we did discuss the crashing and match making issue a few times since launch..both here, on twitter, discord and on FB. As for when the patch comes out...we do know that MS has an updated patch in certification now and we should hear something tomorrow. But we don't control certification or how long that process goes. It can be a day, three days, 5 days, perhaps a little more. We hand them the game, and then we wait. As for getting double XP and the CP bonus..this patch has elements built into the HUD so that you actually can see that you're getting double XP. We can turn on the double XP on the back end, but most users won't really "see" the bonus unless they are really looking at their XP before a match starts. If you follow. Either way, if the patch isn't live by this weekend we will turn it on...there will just be a lot of folks that probably won't notice the bonus and assume it isn't working. Does that make sense?
  23. We never promised dedicated for console, but it is something that we want to do. Usually dedicated is more often used for shooters, as in FPS games there's a need for accuracy/predictive algorithms. Being a 3rd person, non-competitive game, we didn't feel there would need to be this support for console. But we want to implement a system so that if the host quits, the match would continue...and the best way to do that is with dedicated servers. So it's on the docket for sure.
  24. Are you trying to suggest that dev teams on other games, don't reach out to other dev teams to ask questions? All game teams do this. They even bring in members of other teams to work on their games to help fight fires. It's understandable that you aren't aware that this is a very common occurrence in the gaming industry. But that's why we talk to you guys, to make you more informed about how games are made. But again, the update was tested internally, then by a third party and then certified by MS/PS. But there are always issues with online games, it's just the nature of the beast. There also aren't a ton of UE4 games on the market, especially online ones. So there wasn't a massive database of FAQ's for us to work with. I understand your frustration though, it does suck. We have egg on our face, that is for sure. There are issues that we dropped the ball on or lack experience in, while others are beyond our control. But we are doing our best.
  25. All games launch with memory leaks. It's a very, very common problem. It's the severity that is the issue. And we were unaware of said severity until more recently. Kind of like peeling layers of an onion. We had a leak pertinent to animation, we found that, fixed it and that helped to stabilize most users. But then it came back. But it's hit or miss, which is why we struggled so much to find the issue with it.