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  1. Hey, campers! Below you will find screenshots for each Jason. These shots were taking from the "select your Jason" section of the game. I'm posting these because I thought you guys might like to see the pros/cons for each Jason. We gave each Jason a strength and a weakness to help bring some gameplay variety to each Jason. Let me give some definitions to the strengths and weaknesses now, as I'm sure you'll have some questions that the images alone can't answer. J2 Strengths Can Run - Pretty self-explanatory. Traps - This Jason starts with more traps than others. Right now, that number is 6. Morph - Faster cooldown, so he can morph more frequently than other Jasons. J2 Weaknesses Shift - Slower cooldown on this ability. Defense - This Jason has lower HP and lower chance to successfully block attacks. Waterspeed - This Jason is very slow in the water. J3 Strengths Can Run - Same speed as J2 Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon against counselors. Grip Strength - It's harder to "wiggle" out of this Jason's grasp, once he grabs you. J3 Weaknesses Stun Resistance - This Jason gets stunned more frequently than others. Sense - Once sense is activated, it doesn't last very long for this Jason. Stalk - Similiar to "sense" in that it doesn't last as long. J6 Strengths Throwing Knives - This Jason starts with 4 knives. Other Jasons have to find them during a match. Sense - This Jason's sense lasts longer once activated. Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. J6 Weaknesses Defense - This Jason has lower HP and lower chance to successfully block attacks. Can't Run - Has a "fast walk" but can't run like J2 and J3. Morph - The cooldown for using this ability takes longer, so this Jason can't Morph as often during a match. J7 Strengths Sense - Faster cooldown with this ability. Water Speed - Very fast in water, slightly faster that the boat. Grip Strength - It's harder to "wiggle" out of this Jason's grasp, once he grabs you. J7 Weaknesses Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Traps - This Jason only has 2 traps to use. Shift - Slower cooldown on this ability. J8 Strengths Water Speed - Very fast in water, slightly faster that the boat. Destruction - Reduced amount of hits required to break doors/walls. Stalk - This Jason can remain in "Stalk" longer than others. J8 Weaknesses Sense - Once sense is activated, it doesn't last very long for this Jason. Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Grip Strength - Counselors can break free from this Jason's grasp faster than others. J9 Strengths Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. Stun Resistance - The chance this Jason will be stunned will be lower. Stalk - This Jason can remain in "Stalk" longer than others. J9 Weaknesses Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Less Hit Points - This Jason has lower HP than other Jasons. Traps - This Jason only has 2 traps to use. Savini Jason Strengths Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon against counselors. Destruction - Reduced amount of hits required to break doors/walls. Savini Jason Weaknesses Water Speed - This Jason is very slow in the water. Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Grip Strength - Counselors can break free from this Jason's grasp faster than others.
  2. Hey, Campers! We got our benchmark test results back. We tried to run as many "popular" configurations as possible. Hopefully, with this chart you can identify if your rig can run F13, and what FPS you can expect. These results were based on a using the "low" and "medium-high" settings in the graphics section of the menu.
  3. I've seen this question posted many times. Hell, we've talked about it a million times here in the office. So I thought it would make sense to provide a breakdown on how big of an undertaking it would be to add Pamela as a playable killer in F13. First, let's talk broad assumptions about Pamela as a killer. In the films, we didn't see Pamela actually kill. "We" (the audience) saw these kills from a first-person perspective, and only the victim knew it was Pamela just before they died. It wasn't until the last reel of the film that we discovered she was the killer. But think about how she killed. She was very stealthy and her kills, for the most part, were very up-close and personal. There's almost a Michael Myers approach to her killing style. Jason on the other hand is a brute killer. In the later films, he didn't care to be seen. In fact he would jump through windows and break down doors to enter a building. Very impactful, jump scare-y and athletic at times. Jason 2, 3 and 4 all ran as you're aware. He was more human. There was a stumbling/bumbling aspect to these Jasons. However, Jason 6-9 were more stoic, undead, slow and menacing. With that said, let's talk mechanics and level layouts. We built all the maps with pacing in mind. Think about a rubber band in your mind. Put the rubber band on your right-hand pointer finger, now stretch it over to your left-hand pointer finger. Now stretch it out as far as you can, then relax it back, bringing your fingers close together. Separate your fingers, bring them back close, back and forth. That's the mindset for pacing in our game. You are one finger, Jason is the other. The mechanics we create in the game become the rubber band. How fast can the counselor run? How fast can Jason run? How fast is Jason's cooldown for his abilities? What is the distance from one building to the next? All of these are considered in the mechanics of the game. Some games create tension by limiting resources (food, water, bullets) but we do it through how we built the entire game. The level layout, the characters, their abilities, etc. It all comes back to the rubber band. Now that you're thinking how we think, are you starting to see how difficult it would be to add Pamela as a playable character? When the level is created to make Jason's abilities shine and heighten tension as a counselor...how do you create a killer with NEW abilities? And Pamela's abilities would need to be grounded in "real life". She's a real person after all. Unhinged, but real. Nonetheless, I hope you're starting to see how much work it would be to add her. We would need a new abilities system just for her. We would need a new map, just for her. We would need to balance her abilities against the counselors abilities to make sure no one gets too much of an upper-hand. It makes my head spin to think about it. We're not against it. We think it would be pretty cool. But it's something that would take a lot of time and money to do right. I think we could spend that doing other, more manageable DLC in the future. Manhattan/Boat, Space/Grendal, etc, etc. I hope this helps answer this question. -W
  4. Hey campers! Thought I would take a moment and share the stat screens for counselors. There still may be some minor tweaks to these stats leading right up to launch, but this list is pretty dang close to what you'll experience when we launch. Bonus: You'll find some clothing options and perks on these screens too. Enjoy! -W
  5. As we’ve done with each step of making Friday the 13th: The Game, we’ve tried to lift the veil on how games are designed, developed, marketed and released. So much of this industry is cloaked in secrecy, some of it for good reason (for PR) while others could be blamed for the amount of time it takes to explain to the fans why they are kept in the dark. But we want to change this trend. This entire project has shaken up the industry a little, and we want to keep pushing. The more you are informed, the better. When you start seeing and understanding the process, you will begin to discover the hows and whys certain decisions are made. The topic I want to demystify today; “Why haven’t you told us the release date?” I don’t want to get too far in the weeds, as it would make this post far too long to read. And in our TL:DR culture, I fear most would see a long post and move on. So I’ll try to keep this brief. The only reason you haven’t seen a release date is because we have to pass console certification. Let me explain what that means. Once we have a candidate (feature and content complete) we have to send a build to Sony and Microsoft. Their internal teams test the game against a very intense checklist to make sure we pass. We have some details on how this process is “graded” but we don’t have everything they check against. Additionally, each territory has different guidelines. Let’s just look at Sony. There’s SCEA, SCEE, SCEJ and Sony Asia. Each of these territories has a different rule book and we don’t have access to all of these. So, to a certain degree, we go at this a little blind. What passes in North America, may not pass in Japan for example. There are several “levels” to passing certification. The first level is pretty basic; Does it boot and can you start a game? While other levels are far, far more intricate. For example; MS still requires that we support Kinect, yet they no longer sell/bundle this device for XB1. You, as the player, still need to be able to say “Xbox Record That.” You also need to be able to hot swap between apps, while the game is still running in the background. These console features actually use one of the CPU cores, thus taking one of those away from us, the developer. It’s like building a car, only to figure out that the Engine is a V8, but you can only use 7 of the cylinders. Bummer. Additionally, what happens if a player boots F13, but has a Rockband peripheral plugged in? Well, we have to support that to at least allow the player to navigate around to get back to the home screen so they can swap out for a proper controller. Then there’s the attenuated VOIP system we built. You know, the cool voice system that we integrated that allows you to talk within proximity of other players? Yeah, that’s an instant certification FAIL. So we have to work with Sony and MS to bypass this failure because it’s a cool feature that everyone loves. OK, I know what you’re thinking; “Yeah I get it, but AAA games like COD, Assassins Creed, etc, can give launch dates 6-9 months in advance, sometimes a full year.” You’re absolutely right. But here’s what they have, that we don’t. Mountains of money. They plan their milestones to account for potentially failing certification a few times. They “bake in” 4-5 months cushion just in case. We don’t have that luxury. You all know how much we raised on KS and Backerkit. I raised more money from investors to assure we could get singleplayer in for everyone...But we simply don’t have enough to create a large cushion like the big guys do. So all of this to say that we’re not withholding the launch date because we’re a-holes. We don’t think it’s funny to always say “Early 2017”. On the contrary, I wish we could say an exact date. But there are variables with the certification process that our out of our control. The last thing I want to do is give you guys a date, only to find out we failed certification and to actually pass cert, we need 3 more months. That would suck big time. Console players would have a date in mind only to hear it pushed 2-3 more months...that would be devastating, right? There’s also the beta to consider. We learned a lot watching and playing with you guys during the beta. There were things that you struggled with, while other things you picked up naturally. We knew the VOIP feature was pretty cool, but we didn’t realize how much you guys would really love it. And you did, a lot. So much that we had to carve off some time to make that whole system tighter. But it was interesting watching HOW you actually played the beta. Everyone played it much faster than we predicted. This, in turn, pushed us to go back and look at the controls and interactions to make them function faster and smoother. Our biggest takeaway was how severely the game reacted to players with high ping. It’s been a number 1 priority here since the beta to assure there are no more players getting “stuck” while interacting with objects in the game. So here’s my promise to you. Once we pass certification we are considered “Gold”. The very second that happens, we can release a date. The moment we hit “Gold” it will roughly be 30 days after that when the game is available for sell. So why not go ahead and take pre-orders via PS4, XB1 and Steam? Well, because they don’t allow preorders until we are 30 days from launch. Bigger, AAA, games have some leverage here, which is why you see pre-orders months and months before target launch. They have a relationship with MS, Sony and Valve. We’re the little guys, so we’re treated a little differently. It’s the nature of the beast. Sony has been a little more open to this idea and we’re working with them now to see if we can get a larger pre-order window. Thanks guys for being patient. I just wanted to take the time to explain this whole process and hopefully assure each of you that we’re not being jerks about this. We just don’t want to let you down. -Wes Keltner
  6. Hey, Campers! For about two months now we've had breakable fences in the build. Thought you guys might like to learn more about them. Let's dive head first into fences...wait...shit, you know what I mean. Only Jason can break fences. Meaning a counselor can't break them down with a weapon. Currently, the car can not break the fence either, which is weird and we're looking into that. We may patch that in later, but as for launch, only Jason can break them. All Jason's can break fences with one free melee swing. Only one swing is required, but remember; the swing animation time isn't instant. Meaning if you are chasing a counselor and they try to use a breakable fence to keep the two of you apart, you still have to swing, break and then recover from said swing. It's not like you can run towards fence, swing, break and keep running. INTACT FENCE FENCE AFTER JASON LOVE TAP Not every fence in the game is breakable. If the fence is tall, say roughly shoulder height, it can not be broken. However, the smaller, knee/waist high fences can be. We can't make every fence breakable due to performance (physics). But we felt some of them should be to help thwart looping behavior. Of course, a good knife throw seems to fix that right up. Lastly, as it is currently RAGE Jason can't "rage" through fences like he does doors. This is because those are two separate systems (doors vs fences). We would have to put HUD elements (interact prompt) on all fences to inform the player they can rage through it. You know, like doors have. This would junk up the world with too many icons. Could we allow Jason to RAGE through them without a prompt and just let the player "discover" this feature? Yeah, but it's not ideal. We've also discussed allowing RAGE Jason to simply walk through them, without a prompt. If you are pressing "W" or pressing forward on the thumbstick, he just beast-modes through the fence as if it weren't even there. That might be pretty cool. Who am I kidding, that is fucking cool! But we're going to hold off on that until post-launch. Let you guys drive Jason around, see what feels right. Looking forward to seeing you guys at Crystal Lake very soon. -W
  7. Hey campers! With the recent announcement of Jason having traps, we thought it would a good time to break this feature down with some Q&A. Q: Are Jason's traps the same asset as the counselors trap? A: No. Jason spent a long time in the woods, alone. Honing his skills as a hunter and killer. This is a trap that he has created, using found items in the woods. Old pieces of wood, rusty nails and spikes and perhaps old bed springs from an old mattress to slam the trap shut. Q: How do Jason traps work? A: Jason has traps in his inventory (hud icon). Once selected (button press) Jason kneels and places trap on ground, and then covers the trap with leaves. Q: How many traps does Jason have? A: Each Jason will have different amounts of traps. For example, J2 might have 5, whereas J8 only 3. Q: Can Jason find more traps in the world, like counselors? A: No. These are basically consumables. Once set, Jason can not disarm and move them, nor can he find more. Q: Can counselors disarm traps? A: At this point, no. We want to wait until after launch to see what you guys think about it. We want your feedback and then we'll make changes if deemed necessary. For what it's worth, we think they are pretty fun as is. Q: Once a counselor steps in a trap, how long does it take to break free? A: Slightly longer than stepping in a counselor's trap. Q: How much damage will the trap do to counselors? A: Slightly more than the counselor's trap. Q: Can Jason set traps anywhere on the map? A: Jason can only set traps within exterior areas only. He can not set them inside a cabin/building/underwater/docks. Only on ground textures. Q: Can Jason set traps near doors, windows and the car? A: Yes. And it's awesome. You might think, at first blush, that this is too OP and could be used to troll. But Jason only has a limited amount of these. Q: When a counselor steps on a trap, how will Jason know? A: The Jason player will hear a "trap snapping shut" sound. He will also see the traps he set on his minimap. Traps that have gone off will be flashing on his map. He will see the same thing when he opens his Morph map interface. Here's a couple screenshots of a set trap by Jason, as well as a counselor stuck in said trap. As Jason sets the trap, he covers it with leaves thus providing some camo to the trap. Choosing where you set the trap is crucial. We chose to set one here on the road so you can clearly see it. But a smart Jason would set this trap near other "world" leaves, thus making it nearly invisible. Here a counselor was unlucky and stepped in one of Jason's traps. The time it takes for the counselor to break free from the trap is only slightly longer than a counselor's trap. (if you follow)
  8. First let’s talk Freddy, Leatherface, etc. These icons of slasher films are IP, or “Intellectual Property”. The easiest way to define this is to just think about them as “brands”. Like Coca Cola and Pepsi for example. The name and likeness of other film icons, like Freddy, are owned by companies. Why do you think it took so long for us to get a FvJ film? Think of it this way. Have you ever seen Coke and Pepsi packaged together? Nope. Never. Wait, I know what you’re thinking...what about Mortal Kombat? They had Jason, Leatherface, etc, all in one game. Yes, that’s true. But it’s an MK game, not a Texas Chainsaw game featuring Jason. So MK becomes neutral ground in that case. It’s just licensed characters, which still has some legal red tape, but easier by comparison. Now that you’ve had a very brief crash course in IP, I’m thinking I know your next question. “OK, Fine. I get it. But what about the characters from the F13 films! Will we see characters like Reggie, Shelly, Chrissy, etc, in the game? You guys already announced Tommy Jarvis, maybe there will be more? Yes?” This one is more of a “maybe”. Let me explain. When we got the license to work with F13, the only thing that came with it was the ability to use Jason’s name and likeness. But even then we couldn’t touch JvF or reboot Jason. They simply were not included. Also not included were the characters from the film. Now, could we just make up a generic female character and call her “Chrissy”? Sure. But that feels kinda phony don’t you think? Shouldn’t it look just like her? We think it should. Which then leads to another authenticity question...Shouldn’t she sound like Chrissy too!? Yes, she should. That’s a problem. First we would need to find the actor/actresses that were in the films. Some have passed away, so securing their likeness would be very difficult. Some however, are very much alive and still very much involved with horror cons. So first we would need to pay them for their likeness. This gives us the legal ability to replicate how they look in-game. The actor/actress would go through our iterations and requests changes here and there to make sure they look as close to real life as possible. This takes time. Months usually. Next comes their voice. As people age, so do their voice boxes. Meaning regardless if you are male or female, your voice gets a little deeper as you get older. Vocal cords stretch and you sound deeper and a little raspier. So a 50 year old version of you, doesn’t sound like the 20 year old version did. Think about that. Most of the actors/actresses from the films were around 20 when they filmed. Which means most of them are in their 50’s by now. So putting them in the recording studio doesn’t always get you the result you’re after. Imagine your dad, trying to sound 20. Yeah. So in theory, it sounds awesome to put Freddy in the game, or try to get your favorite character from the films into the game. But there’s so much more to it than just having the idea. It’s not impossible, it’s just a major time-sync that more often than not, doesn’t pay off in the end. You either get something that feels shoe-horned into the game, or just leaves you feeling underwhelmed. -W
  9. Hey Campers! With launch ever approaching, we thought it might make sense to talk more in-depth about Jason's Stalk ability. We've been quiet about this ability since word first got out about it. It wasn't because we were just being secretive...It was because we needed to test the crap out of it to get it just right. We didn't want to reveal too much, too early, and then make changes to it later. But now, we have it dialed in. We love it and think you will too. OK, so what is it? Stalk allows the Jason player to both mute the music counselors hear when Jason is near AND boost Jason's hearing so he can pick up on counselors footsteps, opening drawers, doors, windows, etc. So let's break this down. First up, muting Jason's music. One thing I've personally wanted in the game was the ability to sneak up on a counselor as Jason. There are so many moments in the films when the soundtrack dies down, the target has no idea what's about to happen and BAM! Jason appears and kills. I wanted that, badly. However, the way we built the dynamic music system made this tricky. But we spent some time tuning it and made room for this feature. This ability can be used in different ways. First you could find some counselors in a barricaded cabin, break a few windows, get out of sight and then activate Stalk. Now the counselors think Jason has left the area. The coast is clear, right? We can totally climb out this window and everything is great, right? Wrong. Jason grabs and kills. Awesome! Another way to use this ability is to plan ahead for a jump scare. Perhaps you select a building that you know will be a hot area for counselors. Perhaps a cabin next to the car. There's a good chance there's a car part in there, right? So you morph to that building, go inside, and activate Stalk. Now you just stand there and wait. A counselor enters the cabin, barricades the door and starts looking for stuff in drawers. Muhahaha...It's never a good idea to lock yourself in with Jason. It's hard to describe the glee felt when a counselor turns around from locking the door and you're standing there as Jason. Satisfying, to say the least. You have a lot of questions I bet huh? Let me try to guess your questions now. But feel free to ask anything if I forgot something. Q: When does Stalk become available to Jason? A: It's the last ability before RAGE. Roughly halfway through a match. Q: How long does Stalk remain once activated? A: If you stand still (don't move at all) it lasts for 3 mins. If you move around with Stalk active, it reduces dramatically. Meaning if you hit Stalk and then start walking, it will "burn" that ability off in about 20 seconds. Q: What if a counselor sees Jason while he has Stalk active? A: Stalk will instantly deactivate the moment a counselor sees Jason, thus triggering the Jason music again. Q: When Jason activates Stalk, can he cancel it? A: Yes. Just like Jason's other abilities he can cancel them at any time. Q: You mentioned that Stalk increases Jason's hearing. Can he hear people everywhere on the map? A: No. This is more or less an area about the size of a campground. Here's a quick mockup to give you an idea: Also there is a visual treatment we apply to the screen when Jason is in Stalk. The world becomes a little more blue in color. You will also immediately hear the audio differences. We drop almost all of the ambient SFX and allow Jason to only hear the sound queues that matter. Doors, windows, and drawers opening and closing. Counselors running, leaping out windows, etc. Get rid of the noise and give the player the tools to be a deadly hunter! Here is exactly what Stalk looks like visually to Jason. Normal Jason: Stalk Activated Jason: Overall we are very, very excited about this ability. It adds a lot of player agency for Jason. You can be the Jason you want to be. You can use Stalk occasionally to try to fool your prey...or you can plan ahead and be a more jump scare/creepy Jason. I personally love playing the latter. I've managed to creep into buildings undetected by counselors, activate Stalk and just wait. Now you can be more strategic as Jason; more stealthy. You might not get as many kills using this strategy, but the kills you do get..well...the victims will never forget it. When used the way I've explained, you'll hear more genuine screams from players. You'll hear more than just "OMG" through VOIP. I've heard screams that come from deep, in the gut...and witnessed real fight or flight reactions to this. I think you'll enjoy it. -W
  10. You can still throw knives and hit people on the other side of a fence, just have to clear the top of it. Can't throw it and split between two rungs, if you follow me.
  11. There are broken bits that hit the ground and then vanish after roughly 5 seconds. This, again, for performance reasons.
  12. Yes that's precisely correct. The fence only breaks in between the fence posts. Posts are built from the steel used to make the T-1000. We can't make the entire fence asset break (posts, rungs, etc) because that would be too taxing (big frame dips). So we have to pick and choose. -W
  13. There were a few comments on Adam's intelligence stat in the previous "counselor stats" post. One of which pointed out that Adam is the type of guy that works on cars and is good with his hands, therefore his intelligence stat should be higher than 4. We agree. We robbed a couple points off of other categories and bumped his INT up to 6/10. It was a good idea, and gives more credibility and backstory to this character. Good catch F13 Army! -W
  14. No, not at all. We listen to our community. Doesn't mean we implement everything that is suggested, not by any means. But if there is a good point made, and we agree internally, we're going to make that change. Isn't that what this communication and community is supposed to be? Maybe I'm missing something...
  15. Hey guys, Just thought you'd like to know that we added the bell to the porch of Packanack. It wasn't that we overlooked it..it was more just a time thing. But we squeezed it in, because the details matter.
  16. In an effort to negate players ability to troll Jason via windows, we've implemented a new mechanic into the game. We noticed in playtests that we could be inside a cabin, and when Jason enters, just hop out a window. As Jason comes around the cabin to face the counselor, they could simply jump back in. Now Jason has to go back to the door, and guess what would happen? Yep, the counselor would just jump back out again. This is frustrating. Sure, it's a great approach if you're a counselor, but that leads to an unbalanced experience. Our solution? Let Jason break windows. So how does breaking a window thwart this behavior? Well, once Jason attacks a window, it leaves little shards of glass in the window pane. Now if a counselor hops through that window, they get cut. Continue hopping back and forth, and you will reach a wounded state. Once wounded, your movements are limited. We will continue to balance this during the beta to get to a point that "feels right" and fair for all players. The last thing we wanted was someone finding this "looping" mechanic and exploit it. That's never fun. Sure, Jason could change up his plan of attack. He could simply leave the area, go kill others and then find that other player once they are out in the open. But once a player finds an exploit like that, they will use it over and over and over. It becomes part of their tactics to stay alive. We hope you guys find this new mechanic fair. Once beta hits, we'd love to hear your feedback on it.
  17. Also, important to note. ALL STAMINA was tweaked. This accounts for total stamina pool and stamina regen. Everyone got a slight bump to stamina regen. So just because you see Deb at 3/10 and say Vanessa at 9/10, don't get too bent out of shape. Deborah regens pretty damn quickly. Vanessa, not so much. So there are two characteristics relevant to stamina to consider. Once you get in and start playing, you'll see/feel what I'm talking about. But as is, we feel it gives good differentiation between the counselors, without making one character super OP, while others not so much. -W
  18. Yeah I know....L33T CP haxors...One of the perks of game development.
  19. Hey Campers, Love seeing all the passion and feedback you guys are providing us. Hits us right in the feels to see you guys in here, banging away ideas, sharing thoughts and having open discussions about the game. Very cool! So let's talk about disarming Jason traps. We already have a "paper design" for disarming traps, and have for some time. We already had a pretty good idea that this feature would need a counter, but we wanted to see what you guys thought. Another factor was time and certification. We knew we wanted traps even before the beta, but you put everything up on the whiteboard, and then start crossing stuff off due to time. Post-beta we went back to that board and started circling things we crossed off because we knew we had the time between beta ending and launch. But disarming traps was going to be tricky and some of the other features we wanted (better flare guns, firecrackers, etc) needed some additional TLC to get done. The last thing we wanted to do was put certification at risk. And sticking in a new feature during certification is a major no-no. What's the design we have? Great question, glad I asked it. Counselors will be able to disarm Jason traps, but there's a catch. To disarm a trap, the counselor must be crouched and very, very close to the trap. If standing, walking, jogging, or running, the interact prompt will not appear. Thus, SNAP > Ouchy. But wait, there's more! Once crouched and near trap, you must have a pocketknife in your inventory to disarm the trap. This gives the pocketknife more than one use, pretty neat. Ready for the fiendish, difficult decision part of this? (muahahaha) As you are crouched, with the pocketknife in your inventory, and the "disarm" prompt appears, you select it. Your counselor starts working on the trap. As they work on the trap you see the trap slowly start closing. It's not a quick snap shut. It's slow, as if your knife is turning a screw, thus loosening the tension of the trap. Just as the trap is nearly closed (disarmed) you hear a light "SNAP" sound. What happened? Your pocketknife blade just broke, making it useless. Your knife disappears from your inventory...no more get out of Jason jail free card. Decisions, decisions. Do I step on the trap? Do I move on and let someone else deal with it? Do I disarm it and burn my knife? Tough call. But we're not done yet. There are also perks that we did not discuss. Perks that might lessen the chance that the trap will go off when you step on it. Or perhaps the trap will still snap on you, but there's a chance Jason won't be alerted. These are just a few ideas that we feel are great additions to this feature. We could also tie the pocketknife breaking to a game of chance, perhaps linked directly to the luck stat. There's a lot of directions we could go with this. Here's the thing. I don't want to make a promise I can't keep, but we're going to do our best to get this design implemented, and submitted as a day one patch. Again, I can't promise it because it requires art, animation, and engineering, and the latter two are up to their ears with certification at the moment. We already predicted that when we announced Jason traps, that this would be a hot topic of discussion. We have a plan in place, I just want to remain transparent and keep our promises. Thanks again guys for all the passion. Can't wait to see each of you at Crystal Lake. -W
  20. We learned a lot from watching you guys play the Beta. One thing we noticed...you guys were good at getting the phone fixed quickly. Also, Jason caught on to this and would "camp" the phone area heavily. This wasn't fun. So we made a change. Now the phone requires a fuse to fix it. The fuse spawns within the same campground as the broken phone. Therefore, you don't have to run around the whole map looking for the fuse, but it's not like it's right next to the broken phone box. Once you find the fuse, you pick it up and it's now in your inventory. You can run to the phone and drop it on the ground if, perhaps, you have a low repair and someone with a higher repair is nearby. This way you can work together to get the police called. In our internal tests, adding this extra step (finding the fuse) slowed down how quickly someone could call the cops. In some matches, no one found the fuse, since there's only one and sometimes a person would find it, but then get killed before they could get back to the phone. Now the fuse is laying next to the dead body, thus making it even harder to escape. We hope you guys like this new feature...we really liked it. It cranked up the tension even more and made matches last longer.
  21. It sounds simple in theory, but throwing something into the trap..then have trap slam shut, and then break whatever you threw in it (stick, piece of wood, bat, etc) has a lot of potential bugs associated with it. The biggest being physics. My body hurts when I think of all the unpredictable, crazy physics bugs that would occur from that. -W
  22. The tree branch is a weapon just like a baseball bat, 2x4, etc. You can hit Jason with it. If a player decides to not pick it up and use, that's on them. But to your point, it's not a useless item in the game. Additionally, using the tree branch to disarm a trap would not save us "the hassle of making shit loads of animation." Both require new assets, animations, and camera work. -W
  23. Fans are family. We treat you guys with love and respect. And you guys return the favor. That's how it should be. -W
  24. We discussed allowing counselors to disarm the traps. And we're still open to it, but here's some food for thought: Imagine you have the battery, you approach the car, and you clearly see that Jason placed a trap precisely where you have to stand to put said battery on the car. Major suckage. So what do you do? Well, you have two options. You take one for the team, step on the trap, get hurt and hope that Jason was too preoccupied with something else, to come kill you where you stand. The other option you have is to simply drop the battery near the car, and let someone else step on the trap. Dirty deeds, right? Those are uncomfortable, hard decisions to make. Hurt myself or screw a teammate? You should have to stop and weigh the consequences and not just mindlessly click buttons. It is a horror game, remember? We think a small part of that is dreading a tough decision. There aren't many games that allow that type of agency. Perhaps that's for a good reason, and we're all dum dums. If we are, and this feature sucks, we'll make adjustments. All I ask is you go into with a little more of an open mind. Put on your horror glasses, and look at this through the lenses we use every day. -W
  25. Also to quickly point out...in that image of Jenny trying to get out of a trap, you'll notice little red icons on her minimap. This is a dev thing, as we can summon Jasons and Counselors at will, and in doing so we get weird HUD issues. That's actually the minimap Jason would have, thus showing him where his set traps are.