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  1. Can you link us some of these videos? Because it's not true. Radios have always lit up cabins. At least on PC.
  2. We're 1v1'ing the whole time I'm chasing you. If I catch you, you've lost. Take your death like a man.
  3. Yep. I know it's hard to believe you missed that, but it's true
  4. Radios have made cabins light up since the game launched
  5. The game has always made me Jason on a pretty regular basis. I would say 70% of the time, or so. I even have times where it's the same exact lobby of people, and I'll get it twice in a row. I figured the majority of people were just set to counselor or none.
  6. Isn't Sense kind of useless in the first few minutes as it is though? The range and accuracy seem terrible. You almost have to morph to each objective anyway. I feel like with the way Morph works, and how quickly Stalk drains when you move, this wouldn't really end up as exciting as it sounds. You'd have to hit Stalk before you Morph, so that music doesn't play when you appear, then walk into the cabin and find a spot. Or get into position, music playing the whole time, then stalk. And then then the odds are really, really good that you are going to get all set up, activate Stalk one ever shows up. Just seems like way too risky of a gamble in the first few minutes. The times that you happened to surprise someone might be cool, but competitively, skilled Jasons wouldn't be wasting their time with that, and a Jason that starts with Morph and Stalk and then builds to Sense/Shift seems neutered to me. Just my opinion. I don't think it would work.
  7. I've really only used Part 4 since the update (PC), but he consistently knocks them down in two hits for me. I'll try out Part 8 tonight. I like it. Like Kodiak said, it keeps the pace of the chase up. the -shift is a good balance for this. The only weird thing I've personally noticed is that every now and then, when I'm bashing a door down, one of the windows in the cabin will randomly break.
  8. I like this idea in theory, but the music queue is an important factor to the balance of the first few minutes. Without it, the early game will shift more towards Jason. And we already have enough people that get upset over "spawn killing". Just something to think about.
  9. ya there is you can delete this mods plz thanks
  10. Is it just me, or do the faces look better now? I didn't see it mentioned in the patch notes, but I swear they looked...idk...less polished before.
  11. Just got the update on Steam
  12. That's one helluva 'typo'!
  13. That's what it is too. I am in a match as I type this, watching some kids use some glitch that makes the windows in a cabin unbreakable to Jason. Why even send in the recording though, ya know?
  14. I still have a hard time remembering their names to be honest, and just call them by their stereotype