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  1. Sometimes yeah, the other night I was playing as Tiffany and was driving the car which was near impossible once it started to lag. Slightly unrelated but the same night I had installed the car batter and the gas as Tiffany and I had the car keys, was stoked, got in the car and.... couldnt do anything... Couldn't start the car or exit, could only bring up the menu. Thought the game was going to disconnect for everyone but nope, it was just me stuck in the car waiting helplessly for Jason to kill me after all that hard work lol.
  2. There's usually at least one Buggzy in every lobby, he's a good/popular character to use. Just make a mental note of any TKing Buggzy's you encounter and avoid them. There's plenty of good Buggzy's out there. Although i've seen my fair share of TKing Buggzys I also see a lot of team killers playing as Jenny, are you going to avoid lobbies with Jenny players too?
  3. I try man, lol. I know people typically don't care for no-mic players and I get it. But theres plenty of ways around it. Can't even tell you how many times the flashlight has come in handy for leading other players to useful items and/or leading them to the 4-seater should they not have a map but have the parts. I just like to think of myself as one of those mute characters you occasionally see in horror films.
  4. I don't use a mic and I manage to be a good and helpful team player just fine. Hurt? I'll heal you. Have better offense than my character? Here have this cool weapon. Being persued by Jason? I've got your back (who doesn't enjoy seeing a Tiffany come to their rescue and start beating the crap out of Jason so you can escape?). If i find a set of car keys I almost always drop them off at the 4-seater or give them to somebody who has a mic. I used to play as a lone wolf because of being without a mic, but after many games I've learned you can be just as valuable to a team as someone who is using a mic (sometimes moreso...) I see how it can be frusterating though. Even if I wanted to go on mic it's often just not possible because my roommates are usually sleeping at the time.
  5. I have no idea haha, we were chilling out waiting for the keys to the 4-seater, the other Tiffany went all homicidal with the shotgun I gave her so I was distracted watching her, then bam, 2-seater takes me out. Couldn't help but laugh my arse off. No good deed goes unpunished.
  6. I was being such a good teammate, helped get the 4-seater ready asap, healing people, giving out a shotgun and some flare guns. And then this this happened... LOL.
  7. Adrienne James? Adrienne Joyce? Adrienne Jean? idk
  8. I saw a dude kill more fellow councilors in one game last night than Jason did... They beat a Jenny player to death with a wrench, so Jason killed the Team Killer rather swiftly, only for him to immediately return as Tommy. He went on to kill an AJ and a Tiffany with one well timed bullet, Tiffany also had a gun so he picked that up. Great... Then he found an Eric player and a Buggzy(I think) player who were in a showdown with Jason in a cabin. The Eric player was asking for Tommy to help them, instead Tommy shoots Eric and runs as the Buggzy player gets killed by Jason. He ended up escaping via boat... Team Killer: 4 Kills Jason: 3 Kills
  9. I got accused last night on PS4, which was actually kind of funny. I was just going all out on this set of councilors and trying to kill them asap. I'm level 22 and my play-style is a lot less grab reliant than most Jason's, which pisses some players off because they can't use their pocket knifes (uh.. why do you think I'm NOT grabbing you!). So I just meele'd my way through most of the councilors. Evidently a little too fast... because I had a dude rage spamming me accusations of cheating. In reality it just wasn't a great batch of councilors, they kept running into my traps and kept getting themselves cornered in small enclosed areas which made it easy to trap and kill them.
  10. They should be more focused on FIXING the bugs/glitches in their game than bans right now. You know how many people I have played with that have gotten stuck in the staircase at Higgins Haven while running away from Jason? And none of them did it intentionally (Why would they... it's a guaranteed death)
  11. You can also just double tap the share button to start recording, then double tap it again to stop recording which also saves the video to your capture gallery. You can edit how long it can record clips in your settings, I believe it can record up to 1hr videos max.
  12. A ban seems a little excessive... yes team killing sucks and I hate it, but players have a right to play how they choose. Even if that means they're being an Arse. Just have separate pvp and pve severs. I doubt pvp would need a very big one anyway.
  13. Had some close calls today as Jason, first a Jenny and Chad managed to get a boat going and they were making their escape. But silly Chad was going the wrong way so I caught the boat as they came back around. Tipped it once and killed Chad, then again to take care of Jenny. They were right by the exit buoys :x Then in the same game just after all that I hear a car... ended up scaring the Tiffany player off of the road and into a tree, luckily killing her before she could escape. Again right near the exit :x
  14. Luckily, in my many many games since release neither of these have ever been a problem for me. I think I've gotten hit by another player just once, and it was so random that it was quite funny. Walked up to a Jenny and said "Hi" *long pause as she stares at me* *Jenny lunges and hits me with a machete*. Me: Wtf dude? Jenny: Sorry I thought you were the other AJ who keeps trying to kill me. *Jenny heals me and gives me a pocket knife* so I just laughed it off and we proceeded to help each other escape. Coincidentally we ended up running over the violent AJ during our escape (He/She had evidently killed more players than Jason) As for punishing leavers, I don't think it's a great idea. Again they have not been a problem on PS4 for me. I myself only leave if I die extremely early into the match unless I am the host. 1-2 minutes of gameplay then watch 18 mins of others playing? Not so fun. But I've known many people who have gotten disconnected right after or during the intro. Would really suck to see people getting punished for something they didn't have control over.
  15. I don't think you can really penalize those people, yeah it sucks sometimes but it all comes with the MP territory. Just find some good people to play with, it's not too hard. I never leave unless I am already dead, even after death I usually try to stick around until the end. But if I am unlucky enough to have Jason spawn near me right away and I bite it less than 2 mins into the match I am not sticking around another 18 minutes as I wait to play a new round (unless playing with friends or just a really cool group). I've never rage quit over not being Jason though.And the servers still aren't perfect, I'd had to get penalized because of a disconnect.