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  1. I agree 100%. As a preferred Jason, I now REFUSE to play with people who use 3rd party chat software like Discord, Ventrilo, Team Speak, or others, as it is CHEATING, as it defeats, like you said, the chat mechanic of the game. I can't believe it took me a while to realize this, but I began noticing that I would always kill it in Public matches with 7-8/X kills, but when playing with this group of friends that had amalgamated AND would use Discord AND would put the Jason player in another chat room, my score would drop to 4-7/X kills. It then dawned on me... they've made it as though walkie talkies are a non factor as everyone starts with "infinite" voice range and as a result, completely override the intended limitations of the chat mechanic. In addition, by placing Jason in a different channel, they are f------ Jason over further by now allowing him to be privy to the channel that they are using to cheat with which, when you think about it, they should allow Jason to be in the room to compensate for the fact that they are cheating by overriding the chat mechanic in the first place. I heard that Hulu will NOT run on your computer if you have any kind of Ad Blocking software on. I can't imagine why Gun/Ill can't make the game NOT start or crash if people have Discord/TeamSpeak/Ventrilo or any other type of chat software running. Doesn't CS: GO have things like VAC Banning that prevent this sort of thing? There are software based solutions.
  2. Wow. I didn't know Rydog was doing that. I did read all his guides on Steam. Maybe I missed something. I agree 100%. The game I want to play is the one the creators intended, and without bugs/glitches... and adjusting that system based on balance related needs. Part of me feels that I will be both amused and disappointed when I see (and we will see them) counselors getting upset that they can't body block anymore now that they've gotten used to being able to do it. What is "abduction"? Help me out here. True, true, true, all day long. I agree 100%.
  3. We have to try. If we don't say anything, it certainly won't get fixed. I only do it because I'm recording anyway, but while I'm at it, I'm always happy to clean up game bug and cheating players. Too bad it takes so much time away from me editing and uploading GOOD and FUNNY rounds to my channel which is what I originally set out to do.
  4. After exiting the car that was smashed by Jason and throwing firecrackers, I got stuck between Jason and the car with no way to run away OR get back in the car.
  5. When killed as Vanessa by Jason, objective based items in my inventory glitch through the map causing us to lose not one, but TWO escape methods. The other car keys glitched through the map for another player, robbing the remaining players of ANY chance of escape. Before you say "Leave the items by the objective.", that's exactly what I was trying to do with the keys before finding the fuse box, that's when Jason got us.
  6. Based on your logic, I've been talked into this mechanic, especially with the 1/3rd top speed mechanic nerfing it. It would be a factor in real life that speeding up, slowing down, and any adjustments in speed and turning would apply forces to the counselor on the rooftop that would make it very difficult to stay on top. In addition, I like Pappus's other content and teachings, I just don't like the cheating or any teaching thereof; Specifically, this,... and body blocking, which he does teach in another video. Body blocking: 1. Makes Jason's traps less effective than they should be and 2. Make pocket knives go further than they should since you don't have to spend them on traps.
  7. Jason entered a cabin through a window in Part 3 Jason grabbed a person by leaning in a window in Parts 2 and 4 Jason jumped through a window in Part 7 Therefore, please add to Jason: 1. The ability for Jason to lean into windows and grab counselors through them the same way he grab counselors in a car, or make Jason mash E like crazy to pull the counselor out of the cabin unless he gets stunned, in which case the counselor is free. 2. The ability for Jason to JUMP or CLIMB into cabins through windows when in RAGE, even if you want to put a cool down on it. If you think this would make Jason too OP, more than he should be OP, then add these abilities to CERTAIN Jasons, specifically, Part 7, who did Jump into a window, and needs a lot of help strength-wise. Keep in mind that these abilities would be somewhat balanced by the fact that some windows are second story and cannot be reached by Jason from ground level, or are too high and present the same problem (Think Packanack and the surrounding cabins). Also, you can make it so this ability gives counselors SOME time to run as there is an animation involved, similar to pocket-knifing Jason. Thoughts?
  8. 1. The glitch you're referring to can be seen here. It needs to be fixed alongside all other glitches in this video: 2. Combat-stancing the doors is actually part of the game as confirmed by "praetorian" on Reddit. It was under when thy released the initial list of bannable offenses.
  9. I've seen this and it is annoying. Just know that there ARE times you can morph back into the map in time, it just depends on factors I don't know. See below. This guy was able to morph back in after taking time to sip his soda:
  10. You've got the video, you've got the steam links, you got the e-mail. Send that baby in.
  11. You need to send this e-mail and link to: Be sure to cite which rule they are breaking in your subject line. You will usually get an automated response within a day or two thanking you for the report. I have no way to know if any of the people I've reported have been banned or not, especially since I've blocked them. Please do report and best of luck.
  12. You need to send this e-mail and link to: Be sure to cite which rule they are breaking in your subject line. You will usually get an automated response within a day or two thanking you for the report. I have no way to know if any of the people I've reported have been banned or not, especially since I've blocked them. Please do report and best of luck.
  13. With respect, please fix the following exploit/cheat: There is a bug/exploit that counselors are capitalizing on called "Car Surfing". This bug is detailed/explained here, time stamp included: The way it works is this: When inside of a vehicle, push the button to exit, then QUICKLY enter combat stance, attack, then cancel the attack with block. If you do this, you will be "floating" inside of the car and can ultimately exit where ever you wish. The only way Jason can counter this is to either shift to the counselor or hope the counselor re-enters the car at a seat that he has access to. You can also use this technique to get on top of the car and not fall off while the car is being driven, allowing you to also shoot from to roof of the vehicle. Please fix this bug so we Jason's don't have to deal with this cheaty nonsense.
  14. You have a point, but hopefully the wait will force them to change their mind. In addition, I wonder if AI counselors, however hard to program, can help with this problem. It may work so long as they have variable difficulty and are not more of a liability for counselors than an asset.
  15. No. As Jason, this glitch happens to me quite a bit, it's embarrassing and frustrating to have to explain to players that you're not doing it, and the only way they believe you is that the teleport takes you AWAY from an area you'd strategically want to be as Jason anyway. Players believe you when you port AWAY from the phone box battle you were just engaged in. Makes no sense to go away at a moment like that. The other night I was watching a stream where this happened twice to a Jason playing on Packanack who was killing counselor in/around/near the 4-seater trying to escape. She (Jason) grabbed and killed two counselors only to have it port her to that one spot outside of Packanack twice, which sucks because she had to use real morphs to get back to the car which was all the way in Palmers Pass. Trust me, it screws Jason over too. When you're Jason, location and timing is everything, and to randomly spawn somewhere is like Russian Roulette.