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  1. What an amazing post, bravo!
  2. Not exactly. More precisely, Jason should be punished to the the tune of X kills where X is equal to the value of counselors in the car once it has been successfully driven out of the map, having not been stopped by Jason both while being repaired and upon escape attempt. If a Jason stops a car near an exit, kills the driver and passengers, and uses the car as bait for the remainder of the match, the Jason deserves not to be punished for letting the car start, but rewarded for either being skilled enough to use the car as bait, or for being enough of a comeback kid to not let the car get away despite it getting started.
  3. The boredom that counselors experience while spectating, does not change the fact that this is a legitimate strategy. You mean it's not long enough for your liking as a preferred counselor. The shortness of this kill makes it a strategic option for emergencies like car starts, phone box pushing, and police arrival. Jason must be able to do something about people getting away. It's cost is irrelevant to anything. No. The lengths of the executions should be varied so as to give the Jason the option of being more strategic versus more stylish. The game must be fun for Jason's as well. In addition, this will make it so there will tend to be a "shut-out" so to speak when the counselors get so close to the cops, or when they get the car started for the first time. It will reduce the "anything can still happen" factor of the game in the sense 1 or 4 people can get away in the four-seater where "10 Second Kills" will reduce the suspense of various possibilities. Example: the 4-seater is started by 4 counselors. Jason cannot kill the driver or any of the passengers with a melee option the way he can otherwise, therefore, he is forced to grab, and in doing so, must now give each of the four counselors a solid, 10-second chance to start the car without the counselors earning the car stat by stunning Jason 2x as they must do now. Escapes must be earned, and every step of the way, to be valued by the player. No. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard "Oh, he's a slasher b----." when slashing my 4th counselor when the previous three I executed. People complain about slashing, now people are complaining about grabs, I've seen it all, my life is complete. Jason only has two options to kill people, slashing and grabbing. Complaining about either is unfair to the Jason and the solution to both is the same; Maintain a distance of 10-20 feet so as to stay out of range while making it so Jason isn't tempted to shift. ----------------- In sum, I don't mean to be so curt but every time I see a "Nerf Jason" post or similar, I feel the need to speak up as if the counselors get their way, Jason will be a punching bag for the counselors, the game will be broken, people will get bored, and stop playing. Survival is supposed to be hard. This game is fun that way. Please don't get me the wrong way.
  4. Thank you so much for both being aware of it and for working to find a solution. It's greatly appreciated.
  5. 1. I like this idea and made a post similar to it. The game mode would work and would be fun if implemented correctly. 2. For reasons already mentioned, the entry method can only ever be the mouth,... ever. If this becomes problematic, the cinematic camera can show the Jason counselor picking up the other counselor in the same way as seen in the movie, and then pan away playing specific music indicating they've been taken over. Something, anything. This mode would be fun and the hatred toward the movie doesn't change that.
  6. Many counselors have stories of perks they "Accidentally" sold when trying to sell a different perk. While I may rue suggesting this as a preferred Jason, let's have a "Perk Call Back" system where after deleting a perk, the perk then goes down-screen into a "To Disappear" queue, where the perk flashes slowly, and is held for a limited time of about 30 seconds. If a mistake was made, the player will have 30 seconds to go down screen and "Call Back" only the most recently sold perk which is now sitting in the "To Disappear" queue. Any perk in this "To Disappear" queue vanishes forever if a second perk is deleted as doing so causes the second perk to take the place of the first perk deleted in the "To Disappear" queue. Finally, if there is a perk in the "To Disappear" queue, make it so that players cannot delete a second perk until they review and confirm the perk that is about to disappear in a pop-up dialogue that appears as they are about to sell a second perk. This whole system, as described here, will prevent accidental deletions while at the same time, not allowing counselors to cherry-pick from multiple deleted perks.
  7. I agree that Jason could use to be at least a little more powerful. My post was Satire, meant for poking fun.
  8. zOMg! Jayson is waaay to powerful! The fact that he can teleport to any pinpoint location at any time is absolutely unacceptable! The fact that he can shift from one corner of the map to the opposite in 15 seconds is absolutely unacceptable! The fact that he can mute his beats so I can't hear him coming is rediculous! How can I take longer to lose if I can't hear him coming?! Worst of all, why did you devs make it so he can see exactly where I am in a cabin with his ultra-precise x-ray vision? -Nefr all of these powers, by like, a lot! -Delete rage mode, Jason is always pissed, it's his secret. -Since pocket knifes are so hard to find, make it so I can pick them up after using them to stab Jason, ALL OTHER weapunz do! (duh!) -If Jason throws knife, make it so I catch it and throw it back at him. -If Jason hits me with a knife, make it so I can take it out and throw it back and DON'T make process of "taking it out" a skill check! -Bring "Thick Skin" back as an "ultra epic", I don't want to live in a world where Jayson can kill someone in less than 30 swipes with an axe. -Addz more escape methods to the map until every camp looks like a car dealership! Also, make it so when the game starts and sez "5 Minutes Later", I can push the button and win. It's 2017, it's time. Nurf Jayson! #CounselorLivesMatter --------------------------------------------------------------------------- In all seriousness though, 1. That was more fun that I thought it would be. 2. I feel filthy using misspellings.
  9. Interesting idea. I think other possibilities may include: -Some counselors starting with flashlights while others do not depending upon trope. -A 4th perk slot that can be either the flashlight, or a 4th perk. -Battery power mechanic that reasonably limits flashlight use (may be dumb since all flashlights will/can last 20 mins or longer)
  10. It can be, however, there are times when I will watch replays of Jason rounds and notice people I didn't see before due to focusing elsewhere on a large 55' TV that I now sit farther back from as a result. I will see them jogging with little or NO audio baubles and they got lucky since my sense was on cool down. In addition, this can be of further use if and when your Jason is either drinking (as I do) or if the Jason is a moron.
  11. She is good if you want to be a transporter ONLY, like Vanessa, except you are willing to TRADE some speed for some stealth in case you don't like kiting Jason. That's it. Some have said that she has an additional use relevant to her posterior however, I personally never put her in a bikini and am actually patiently waiting for Gun to release a poofy set of 1980's shorts for her as I am actually repulsed by the appearance of her behind since the human fascination with the butt is not one that beings from my home planet will ever understand about you humans, especially since this is where feces (something you humans "say" you consider undesirable) is derived from. We are also hard at work trying to figure out why genitals in the oral cavity is permissible while "eating food from the floor" is considered nasty, but I digress.
  12. Thanks for sharing! 1. The executions that Jason uses are not always up to him and directly depend upon terrain and proximity of walls, therefore it is wise and strategic for Jason to use whatever execution he can to make sure that the captured player doesn't escape. Every successful grab is earned and as Jason, if you are lucky enough to successfully grab a counselor that does not have a pocket knife, it is both foolish for the Jason and too much to ask from the counselors that the Jason risks losing it unnecessarily only to perform an execution that prevents other councillors from feeling bored. 2. Any legitimate technique is fair game, and any legitimate technique, no matter annoying, is not cheating and shouldn't be discouraged. As a counter example, I don't prefer being kited by an excellent juker, but it can happen, and when it does, I wouldn't dare lay into someone for successfully evading me. In addition, head punch is a must for emergencies like car starts or phone box activation. I'll even use it to get my numbers initially up if I'm taking too long to kill people. 3. When Jason grabs a counselor, there is already a ~2 second window where Jason must raise them up in the air, and also a second before executions light up.
  13. If this won't convince you of the need for a penalty for leavers as well as credit at the start of a kill, nothing will: Have a look at this player who repeatedly tells Jason he's going to leave to cost him the kill, only to do exactly that, after saying "Told you, bitch." before leaving mid-weapon death. Ignore the podcast audio covering the Las Vegas shooting.
  14. It really seems that it has, and my experience supports that. In addition, I have some theories that are UNCONFIRMED but I will share here and continue to keep them in mind as I hunt down more: 1. Theory: Tapes can be found on any day but the spawn rate is higher on Fridays even if slightly so. 2. Theory: Tapes spawn at a higher rate the closer you are to the 13th of the month. 3. Theory: Tapes spawn at a higher rate the close you get to Halloween. One fact I can confirm is this: Just because it USUALLY is the case that you find Pamela tapes early in a match, and usually in your first house, this doesn't ALWAYS have to be the case. This happens often because NEW drawers are being searched most rapidly at the beginning of the match, by the highest number of people; it makes sense that it usually happens early. Also, there are many videos on youtube where people are finding them in cabins other than their 1st, and I personally found one half way through a match, just before dying, Higgins large, Still water, Cabin by the car spawn, in the main bathroom off the foyer, in the drawer. Again, halfway through the match. While they are found early, it doesn't have to be early. The only thing Pamela Tape locations seem to have in common are 1. They are in drawers that are closed. and 2. They only spawn on the night-time maps.... (sigh)
  15. .... How am I 340 hours in,... and never knew this? My life just changed...