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  1. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Here's hoping both our experiences on each console is fun
  3. I suppose I'll chime in with my choices... Part 7: As others have said, his design is and has been badass. Probably my favorite look out of all the movies. Part 8: It's funny; I don't like Jason Takes Manhattan. I don't like his unmasked look in this movie either. However, I don't mind his look with the mask on, and I really like his ability set. So I'll definitely be giving him a try. Part 3: In contrast to part 8, I love part 3. Seeing as I already have 2 undead Jasons in my lineup, I'd like to give one of the living ones a shot. 3 gets the nod over 2, though I do like 2's Jason and the movie as a whole.
  4. Right?! Thanks for the welcome! Thanks guys! Very nice to meet you! Thanks!
  5. I'm on PS4 PSN = Psychoraijin just let me know you're from here
  6. Thank you kindly! I did see that, I'll have to head over there. Thanks for that and the welcome!
  7. About the only other kaiju I know of that wasn't introduced to me through the Godzilla universe is Gamera... And that was through MST3K Bavk on topic... I have faith in these guys. The delays aren't due to a lack of work or some type of deception; it's so they get it right. I'm certainly intrigued as to what SP will contain.
  8. Yeah... If you're lucky, you can find a group early on that doesn't pull this crap. In a random lobby? Cross your fingers. Charmin's video is good and he makes some excellent points... But we're gonna have to see how the new features and balancing from the beta affect things. Different maps may call for different strategies... People are just gonna have to take the time to find which counselor best fits their play style.
  9. Couldn't ask for a better release date. Yay for a three day weekend, super psyched for this!
  10. I figured I should probably stop lurking and actually post. So I'm Ria/Ryan, I'll answer to either. I'm transgender male to female, but we'll keep that to PMs if you'd like to hear about that. Been a Friday the 13th fan for a long time and a gamer even longer. I plan to get the game on PS4. That being the case, it seems only natural I be a part of this community. I've listed most of my interests in my profile... So if you have any questions, just ask, I suppose. Thanks everyone.