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  1. Yeah. I'm hoping this will all be fixed soon. I tried it with 3 different accounts other than my main and it still happens.
  2. I just came home, hoping to play some more and now I get the Database login failure even on my alternate accounts on Xbox. I can't play at all now.
  3. That actually makes me feel better, considering that I backed the game from day one and never watched any streams of it or anything until I played myself. I just thought I spent my money on a half finished game, but it seems like that won't be the case. Thanks for bringing this up!
  4. You're still lucky I've never not had the database error.
  5. I agree. I was just giving an example of what it seems the PS4 patch fixed. At least that's what people say. I just want to play.
  6. My ping in those private matches is so high mist of the time that I time out and get kicked.
  7. Since people are saying patches have already rolled out for PS4 with dynamic hair etc. I assumed Xbox would get patches too. Am I wrong?
  8. Just wondering, because everything seems to roll out especially slow for me. Still haven't been able to login with my main account either and I can't find any public matches either.
  9. I know but I haven't played at all so far and I really want to try it finally!
  10. If you get this error on Xbox, sign in as a guest and it'll work. It just did for me.
  11. Just got mine too.
  12. I'm in California so I still have a couple of hours to go.
  13. I backed $50 for one Xbox key and one PS4 key. The PS4 key is available yet, but it's for a friend. The Xbox key is still pending however...
  14. You guys got your code yet?