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  1. I feel like logically it should be 1. Stalk 2. Sense 3. Shift 4. Morph
  2. Pretty sure Jason (or his mother...or Roy Burns) have placed dead bodies to scare people. And has thrown bodies through windows at least twice. I think it would be a good feature.
  3. I think even just a 10-15 second wait for morph to become active would help the counselors immensely. And not really hurt the Jason all that much.
  4. This game has so many layers and no one really seems to know how things actually work lol.
  5. Someone mentioned this on a stream I was watching and I don't think it would be bad idea. Jason can still see people making sound anyway.
  6. Just to have a change of pace if desired. I was thinking simple things like 4 vs 4 counselor deathmatch, etc. Or perhaps team based capture the flag. Seems like this particular game format with the characters and weapons and map layouts and stuff, feels like a lot of different types of games could be played. And they could be shorter rounds. Maybe just 10 or even 5.
  7. Just watched all the movies for the first time. Best to worst: 2 3 6 4 Remake 1 X FvJ 7 5 8 9
  8. Thanks! I watched 7 yesterday. On to 8...
  9. I've watched 1-6 so far, for the first time, because of the game. They're for the most part surprisingly good. 5 is bad and one isn't great but I like 2, 3, 4, and 6.
  10. Are you staying in the same lobby? I heard that the longer you stay in a lobby without playing as Jason, the chance increases that you will.
  11. Very good tips and I still see streamers doing the exact opposite of these
  12. This seems accurate!
  13. I think a mini series could work. Have it take place almost in real time like 24. The events of the first movie happen over like...1 or 2 days? Idk. It looks nice in my head
  14. Was watching a stream and AJ was crouched and not moving but her hair kept bouncing up and down.
  15. I saw it. It was interesting.