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  1. I saw it. It was interesting.
  2. Pretty sure commercials are VERY expensive. Gun Media just doesn't have that kind of money.
  3. I watched the first 3 movies for the first time yesterday and I actually had the thought that it could work really well as a series! I'm not interested in writing a script but I think a show would be perfect. I would keep the same basic plot as the first movie but obviously let it burn over like 12 episodes. The shit would really hit the fan over the last 3 or so episodes. What am I saying, OBVIOUSLY it should be 13 episodes!
  4. I like the idea of permanently disabling access to the game if anything is changed in the files. I mean, is there a way to do all these cheats without tampering with the game code or whatever? I just think it'd be great if someone tries to cheat and then a second later they're locked out of the game forever and lost 40 dollars
  5. I was thinking about this as well. I like the idea of not being able to see counselors on the minimap until some condition is met, like finding a walkie, and then of course when finding a map.
  6. Ooh! I like that a lot for Deborah. I think any way to make the counselors more unique and viable for different playstyles is a plus. Here's hoping for counselor specific abilities someday.
  7. 95% of the kills I saw were outside. It only makes sense because if you're in a cabin, once Jason comes through the front door, your only real option is to crawl out a window and run. Hiding in beds or cabinets never seemed very useful.
  8. Vanessa's definitely seems the most overpowered. I like the idea of the abilities being a once per match system though, that way you'd really have to consider when you want to use it. And since it's a one time thing, seems like it should be worth it. Or were passive abilities more of what they had in mind?
  9. I searched the string "counselor abilities" a bit, but couldn't find a topic quite like this one. Apologies if there is one. I believe abilities are no longer a feature, and I'm not sure how they would have been implemented, but I've got a few ideas. Jenny- "OHKO" First hit against Jason is an automatic stunner. Vanessa- "Feet Don't Fail Me Now!" Stamina pool refills immediately after being drained completely, once per match. Deborah- "Smart Is Sexy" or "Prodigy" Automatically successfully complete one repair minigame per match. Chad- "But I'm Rich!" Break Jason's grasp automatically once per match. A.J.- "Invisible Girl" or "Ghost" Completely undetectable (except by physical sight, excluding repair fails) by Jason for 2 minutes, once per match. What do you think? Feel like they'd be too powerful, but I tried to tailor them to the character tropes. Any ideas for other counselors? Or does anyone know what they had in mind in general for abilities?
  10. As silly as it sounds, a dedicated social media manager seems like a real asset these days for companies. I mean, I didn't even know about the game until last week. Gotta do something to engage as many people as possible.
  11. I must confess that I know nothing when it comes to computer specs. I don't even have a computer at the moment. Could someone please recommend a laptop that could play this game on medium-high to high quality? I want to play this game so bad!
  12. I found out about the game a week ago and I've been watching beta gameplay videos basically nonstop. This is the kind of game I've been waiting for my whole life! Looks amazing. Glad to be here!