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  1. No worries, I did, last week!
  2. Pc or ps4 will have a larger player base than xbox one - at least, I would think so.....
  3. Hey, I am a typical American gamer; looking to have fun as Jason by: decapitating yours heads off killing you with a harpoon gun, a flare, and with a sleeping bag. With my mother watching. Crushing your skull with my bare hands or a corkscrew. Being under your bed as you have sex then stabbing you through the abdomen. Ya know, the normal stuff... Chi chi chi hah hah hah
  4. Thanks all!
  5. Thanks! Glad to be here........!!!!!!! Should have joined a while ago, but figured it would make the wait that much harder..if that makes any sense....
  6. Thanks for the info! I am pretty pumped, as we all are, but would gladly waist to ensure a solid launch experience! We've waited this long, a tad longer won't kill us! (or will it?!?!??) chi chi chi hah hah hah
  7. Loved the games, which got me into the books. Just finished book 7 (or 5th novel). Hope its quality like Stranger Things and less OA
  8. I am Matt, and cant wait to get my digital code to play. Missed the beta due to schedule, but gives me something to be pumped for! See you online and in game!