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  1. You can preload the game now on steam. its 3.7GB
  2. Yeah guess steam preorders can only preload now. I have preload it now Friday the 13 is number 6 on the topseller right now on steam ^^
  3. i use xbox 360 controller and i never had a problem with it.
  4. Hey :)

    Hey all!! I will play this game on pc, if i can get it up running before the game gets released I hope it will be ready on friday !! I have been waiting for a game like f13, guess 15 years....8 days and its finally here
  5. On steam today it cost 37 euro, so it went from 40 to 37 ^^ Now i have it,, i would not preorder it before i knew my pc was ready for the game
  6. Question about pc stuff.

    I got a problem about my monitor cant find my gtx 1060 6gb card with HDMI cable. My pc. windows 7 intel core- 3560K 3.40 GHz x 2 8 GB Motherboard: Z77A-G43 64 Bit If anyone got a clue, about why it happens, it would be really nice to get some feedback about it, i'm not the best to pc stuff, The gtx 1060 6gb i just got,
  7. Question about pc stuff.

    Yeah, Or almost I just need to buy a ned system fan, the one i order dont fit.. But not like i 100% need I already have one in it. But now i will try get the money back for it and buy 2 other fans for the same price But yes i'm ready for the game now About 700 dollars to make it ready ^^
  8. Question about pc stuff.

    Its okay I tried for fun to just take card out of my pc, remove the power cable from pc.. and put it all back in.. and then start it with HDMI in it only.. and now it found the HDMI. Guess like you both said, it can be a little thing that do it all.. But thanks for the help both of you..
  9. Question about pc stuff.

    Okay, i will try and look at it tomorrow, its late here.. almost 2.30 am now. and i started looking about this like 9pm ^^ But thanks for all the tips so far
  10. Question about pc stuff.

    Is it this? graphics from PEG to IGP or enable multi moniter support?
  11. Question about pc stuff.

    Its not F2 sadly. man i been playing around with this like for 4 hours now..
  12. Question about pc stuff.

    I cant see it on the box, just read it on many places on forums. Okay thanks
  13. Question about pc stuff.

    well the fans dont spin on the card, i read that it have to get over 62 before they start to spin slowly.. It just have light in it now
  14. Question about pc stuff.

    Okay, i just dont see my PSU on the list. I'm so bad at this haha.. I connect 8 pins to the card, but idk if it got more, i got 8 more pins, If my card have more, i'm not even sure i have pick the right place on the card haha.. if it got power connector 2 places.. i will look It just have 1 place, 8 pins that i use on it. I just cant see what key i have to press to get to bios, like when i boot pc up.. it just start and i just see start picture as 0.5sec.. no way i have a chance to see.. guess i will try google and maybe find out what i have to press with my motherboard
  15. Question about pc stuff.

    yes i did. Now i start to think its my PSU. i look at this list and i dont see my PSU on it. cooler master gx bronze 650w http://www.pc-specs.com/gpu/Nvidia/1000_Series/GeForce_GTX_1060/3540/Compatible_PSUs Maybe i'm blind, but i cant see it... Fucking hell -.- First my old monitor cant with my new card, so i buy a new monitor, and now guess a new PSU..
  16. Question about pc stuff.

    Dont help. I will try go into bios. When i plug VGA in, it just auto go on it and monitor works, Even if i have it on HDMI and the light on the monitor go to orange after it say no HDMI signal I just cant see what key i have to press.. its kinda start up so fast.. like 1 sec on the first picture that comes up, when boot up my pc.
  17. Question about pc stuff.

    When i try connect with the HDMI ig goes black, then it go blue and say HDMI No signal. Yep it does.. Full HD 1080. I cant try with a DVI, only got a cable my card cant connect with. I try to put HDMI into lap top and it works. Right now i got no sound put into my pc, i just use headphones.( just not plug in at the moment) Uhmm no clue, how i find out if it get enogh power, i just know it got light on + my system found my card ( i see that when i connect my monitor to the bck case of my pc)
  18. Question about pc stuff.

    Okay, yeah i should try that. Drivers should be fine, i install them while i just on VGA, just not Connect to the Monitor. Its my pc build, i jsut forgot to white.. PSU 650W Yeah it support full HD: Full HD 1080 I try VGA from monitor to the pc, and it works fine there.. i can see that my system have found the card. But it cant just not find it when i switch my monitor to HDMI. The DVI cable i have, dont fit too the gtx 1060 card, thats why i use the HDMI cable.
  19. Hey :)

  20. I'm almost sure i read or heard it somewhere,( most likely in a video) that you can set what you prefer most in the lobby. To be Jason, counselor or both. But even if you set that you prefer counselor, you can still get Jason.