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  1. now everyone knows what xbox has gone through, but at least you are getting the patch and dont have to wait until the next one
  2. of course jason should be op, as he has been since they start, but you need a fine balance or the game just isn't fun unless your are jason. you have to give people a reason stick around and if you dont have a chance to survive, why would you. This isn't the movies, it's about having fun,
  3. the topic would be grease monkey works, the end.
  4. you shouldn't ever "HAVE" to have certain perks on to win/survive, that takes away the whole point of the perks system. seems like a great way to ruin fun gameplay
  5. seems like they may have effed the stuns by reducing them all instead of the ones they were doubled so the patch notes as we all know are not the end all be all, i mean look at what they do to perks and dont tell us about.
  6. Still dont have the Code of conduct in the game also why even have a welcome message on the main screen if you aren't going to use it to tell people what's new, like i dunno, say something like spring break 1984 dlc clothes now available. and it still seems awfully convenient with the timing and how other mods let the post go, just saying
  7. I haven't rolled perks since june, really no reason to, either they didnt work, or they are going to get nerfed in a new build of the game, without them tell us. Just makes it seem like a waste of time
  8. I just dont get why they waited until super late at night to do it after it was ok with other mods all day, and mods even posted in those threads. maybe hoping people would punch themselves out and not want to post again about it, cause man it's gets sad having to say how broken the game is all the time. With the frame rate still being an issue, undocumented nerfs to perks and the stun not working, why would you want to play, i mean i play for the game to be fun, and if you reduce my chance of surviving, why would i can to go back and play, or buy the dlc.
  9. they would never admit to the game being in early access, but really can anyone say it hasn't felt like that at all, its an extended beta, still we dont have the whole game, and what's there is broken and seemingly more broken after every new build they give us.
  10. rip all the good convos already had, really seems a bit late to lock all those topics most of which had different things going on, bit of a shame, cause it seems doubtful people will want to post the same stuff again. Also really is it a patch if its the whole game every time, its just a new build not a patch. it's a bit tiresome downloading the same broken 4 gig game everytime
  11. every update they make the game harder and less fun to play
  12. I couldn't imagine how much this would break the game even more.
  13. that shouldn't be an issue, when i update this game and others i've never restarted my console and they work fine.
  14. that has nothing to do with the hotfix, every patch is just the whole game again, and not an actual patch, seems like they can't do patches and just send us a new build of the whole game everytime.
  15. if it worked before the patch, expect it to be broken, also if it was broken before its a 50/50 if it's fixed, also expect changes no in the patch notes, cause what fun would it be to know if you should change perks, gotta play to find out whats nerfed, looks good on the playerbase numbers