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  1. and thats both sad and bad for everyone
  2. Dev's built it up as the big in game secret, saying it would be hard to figure out, people did the same thing the beta that streamers are doing, but it didnt work, and then the EA streamers just tried to do that, they had no restrictions on it. So Because it was built up so much by the Devs, people are upset, that backers and people who care about the game didnt even get a chance to do it on their own first.
  3. that's pretty messed up, make them buy the damn game
  4. People are upset that there wasn't a NDA on the thing the Devs kept tight lipped on, not that it happened, since it was bound to happen when people are playing and not there to show off the game, thats what people are upset about. People know it was going to happen, but if you are going to treat streamers like press, they need the same restrictions as press usually have, and thats not to give away the secret that the Devs didnt let happen beta. Sure let them figure it out early if you want, but dont let them stream it or put it on youtube, until after release. Would it have been such a big deal if the Devs weren't so coy and secretive about it,making it seem like its one of the bigger things in the game, probably not. So was it a big deal it happened, no not really, the timing was the issue. the secret got before people could buy the game, and thats the problem. Let the press/streamers play all they want, but restrict the big secret, easy peasy.
  5. i think this whole thing really backfired on them big time, Did they get more eyes on the product, probably, but and and its a huge but, I think i've only seen one video that actually recommend playing the game, It seems like lots of streamers are telling their group of followers and viewers that this game is horrible and not close to worth the money. People are going to be critical of the game, that's a good thing, that's how stuff gets better, but you have to show both sides, and I dont think I've see that much. Every Early Access/Press stuff i've ever seen has some sort of restrictions on some stuff, why hide and dance around how to kill jason, only to let people who admittedly have no interest in the game, spoil it for the people who actually made the game possible in the first place. Many of the streamers seemed like all they wanted to do was race to be the first to do it, so they could up their own profile, And i feel like that defeats the purpose of having them "show off the game". Would people have done the same thing on release, of course, but those people would have paid for the game, and it wouldn't be their job to show the game off and get people interested. It's a shame cause, it seems like people are actually having fun when they are playing the game, actually playing it, and not being the over the top screaming things they have become now to get views.
  6. seems like thats all they wanted to do, not actually show off the game, just race to see who could kill jason first, based on the work of the beta players, and then i see some of them tagging outlets like kotaku trying to raise their profile on this, ugh.
  7. Anyone checkout Downward Thrust, he got a key, did a 6 minute video trashing the game, and on twitter said he didn't even want to play it
  8. XB1: tumor13
  9. Been lurking on the forums for a while, finally decided to join in on the fun.