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  1. well it's nice something got a response from them, Too bad all it took was something that would probably have hurt sales of f13 and their new game.
  2. see the actual online game is fine for the most part, other than the launch server issues its been pretty stable there, its the actual game that is borked to shit. One huge issue, I have is no host migration, I mean, you have a game where you have a low percentage chance of being jason, which will make people quit, you can get killed in 30 seconds based on bad spawns, that makes people quit, who wants to wait around 19 minutes all the time. I seriously dont understand how that wasn't a priority in development, It's an online game, and people rage quit, sadly thats just the way it works now. Its about as common sense in gaming as you can get, how is that not a standard feature. another red flag is they new about the memory leak before launch and thought, well its good enough. So they've had however long before launch til now to fix the issue, there is no way that can be put on MS, especially since make good patch, has more memory leaks and gun tried to shove that on us. As for why people are saying gun and not illfonic, I'd imagine it's because they are the face of the game, the ones running PR and the forums, twitter and the like.
  3. Don't Worry, they will have a patch "soon" /s really a shame cause its fun when it works, but it never works for long or often
  4. if you've read other replies, its clearly broken on all 3 systems, just more so on some than others. Yeah drum up business, so those people can get refunds when they realize the state the game is still in.
  5. you seem to not get it as much as gun. Everyone here understands and knows those 2 at the con, really dont have much to do with the game anymore, Ben has gone radio silent as a PR guy. Its more people are upset that their first real communication was hey we are going to the con see us there, Instead of actually talking to the players about the broken game. Thats the big deal. They touted themselves as the most interactive and open devs ever, but they go silent, until they want to drum up more potential buyers/ interest for the broken game. To me it feels like they are at the con shilling a broken game like it doesn't matter that its broken.
  6. lol at the gymnastics people are doing to defend the game being basically unplayable for one system, like seriously to say thats a shit happens thing, no thats devs who really dont know wtf they are doing. There is not defense after they tried to put out a patch that would have made the memory issue that they knew about before launch worse. I have never had a game on any system need to be restarted every 3 rounds or it will crash, and for the game to be in that state with patches available nowadays is crazy. Xbox has had what, one real patch and one update for nes jason, and that patch was the day one patch, a week or so later, So I think its pretty reasonable for people to be inpatient when we keep getting promised a patch, and then get told soon. Players aren't asking the world, they just want a game that works, I'm sure 99% xbox players would be happy if they could just patch the memory leak and work on the glitches later. I can't think of one reason since launch for people to have faith in Gun, its been a disaster since launch and they really haven't managed any of it well, PR-wise or anything else
  7. the Gun guys really just seem to not really have an effing clue at all. Like with the banning thing, they didnt get that it wasn't about the ban and more about everyone getting the same punishment, they dont seem to understand why the fans are fed up, either that or they just dont care, and I'm not sure which is worse. Fans and game owners, are disappointed that your game still in the horrible state its in and the fixes you have managed to get out have broken even more stuff and you are out there at a SDCC probably trying to drum up more sales and the like, I'd say the word Con is probably most fitting at this point.
  8. this seems to be a bit outrageous, a little too much to be true
  9. really just more of the same, soon, on the way, so its really nothing
  10. i'm sure there is a joke there about them going to network and find people who can fix the game
  11. fake, that would require gun engage with players
  12. I would have voted for the other issues, but I dont have the chance to experience them much, since xbox crashes so much
  13. it is very hard to keep being patient when they keep jerking us around, first no actual day one patch, 2. the make good patch was delayed an barely out before the promised double xp,3 getting on 3 weeks for the soon, on the way patch. 4 They also knew the game had the memory leak when it launched, also seems like they tried to down play the crashing issue. People really shouldn't have to restart their game every 3 matches so they dont get a crash. It's been 2 months and they've done nothing at the moment to stop that, people have the right and are justifiably upset and impatient to have a working game. Posting here everyday and asking them to fix the game at least makes people feel like they are keeping the devs accountable. People are being pretty civil here, I imagine most are holding themselves back a bit, i'm sure there is a long list of names people want to call the devs, but don't, (atleast on the forums) because that does nothing positive. Why would anyone complain about people asking when a fix will come to a broken game, i'm pretty sure we all just want the same thing, a game we can actually play. And if people want to ask everyday , why not just let them, and skip those post.
  14. so they hope to submit to review "soon", Hopefully it passes on the first try this time, unless that's whats keeping it from coming out, it's possible it has failed already.
  15. such a small studio, so glad they have the game where they want and get to take a great vacation, well deserved