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  1. I did it once online and I had the sweater while my friend was Tommy. Us and 2 others were ready in a cabin and we kept trying to attack Jason and one of us died, but eventually we got it and killed him.
  2. I don't understand why they thought it was a good idea to announce it and say it's coming out tommorow if it wasn't even ready yet, especially given the issues they've already had.
  3. I wish the Savini skin was like that and instead of a new Jason it just applied a flame affect to all the Jason's. It would of killed the pay to win arguments and wouldn't have made exclusive content.
  4. Given this is a pattern Gun needs to stop releasing trailers and release dates before they know for sure they can release something.
  5. Such a joke.
  6. I really don't understand why they are so rare. They are just audio logs not some holy item. What sucks is that with how they spawn now you are basically gonna have to look them up online to hear them all and it will be impossible to find them all by yourself.
  7. The lack of response is ridiculous at this point.
  8. No response on this is getting really annoying.
  9. I wish that they just made a normal Jason with a pitchfork and gave it to everyone, but then allowed backers to add a "hell" effect to all the Jason's that transformed them into demons like the Savini Jason.
  10. The one time Mircrosoft doesn't screw up is when they could've released the Savini Skin.
  11. Just try to get ready before you search for a match.
  12. Jason shouldn't be able to see you if you crouch at the start of the game, this will make it so he doesn't see your noise pings. The flashlight will also help by keeping your fear down. If you do this and he still comes to you at the start he probably just randomly went somewhere and you are unlucky. This happens a lot if you're by the phone or car.
  13. Will the patch fix the crashes on Xbox?
  14. I've been having a lot of crashes on Xbox.