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  1. Console - XBox One Gamertag - Andy4516 I'll also be using a mic when I can. Probably not when the wife is trying to sleep! Looking forward to having some awesome games with the real fans!
  2. lol. I pretty much figure if I survive a little while as a counselor or scare a couple people good as Jason, I'll be doing alright. As long as we're having fun!
  3. Part 8 - Think I'm gonna want to stalk a lot and try to scare the shit outta people! Part 6 - My fav movie. Throwing knives. Part 2 - Gotta pick one that can run. Leaning towards him over part 3 for the traps.
  4. Definitely "He's Back". Great song for a great movie!
  5. The wife is a fan of F13th like me, but i highly doubt she'll play the game. Just doesnt like to take the time to learn how to play games. Probably won't use a mic as much when she's home. I'd wake her up, or she might not be able to hear the tv she's watching.
  6. I'm sure most people will say Halloween II, but ya never know. For me, it's between the first Halloween II and Halloween 6. I know 6 gets a bad reputation, kind of a mess. There's a lot I love about it though. The atmosphere. I really like the Tommy Doyle character too. Also, Michael just seemed PISSED off!
  7. Jason Lives. Jason finally having a rival in Tommy was pretty cool. Much like having Dr. Loomis helped Michael and the Halloween movies.
  8. Satisfied by Aranda
  9. For me, I have to say it's JGTH. I mean, the body jumping. The snakish thing coming out of his mouth and going into the next body? All the weird stuff. I get it, they wanted to try new things. Hell, I even liked some things. At least, when the real Jason was in the movie. And what was up with that huge Voorhees house? Guess Jason moved up from his little shack in the woods! I enjoyed every other movie much more. Jason X, although it's Jason in space(A little ridiculous) still was fun to watch. At least you get the actual Jason throughout the movie And I didn't have too much of a problem with the remake Could have been better. Could have been A LOT worse
  10. I finally had to cave in and register! You guys are definitely my kind of people. Been a huge horror fan all my life, growing up on the Friday the 13th films, so this game will be a dream come true. I work way too much and I'm sure most of you will kick my ass in the game, but it'll still be fun and i look forward to playing it with all of you!