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  1. Pay to win! Pay to win! lol. They really must have no idea about that Jason's stats. Even if I had Savini Jason, I'd probably only use it every now and then.
  2. I'd love exploiters to be punished. Had these 3 idiots in a match when I was Jason. Can't believe they could just sit there for 15 minutes. You see 3 people in a match with D1 at the start of their name on XBox, find a new game.
  3. Yeah, that can't be fun at all. My guess was they just wanted me to quit so they got the quick points. I didn't. I went around camp smashing shit, and tried to catch them sleeping. Then before i left the lobby, i warned the people that were about to play with them. Seriously, id rather die in the first 5 minutes than do that at all. Gotta be so boring.
  4. And now another person is doing it in my next game to someone else.
  5. I just had something similar happen. I played as Jason and 3 losers with D1 at the start of their names got mothers sweater to get my attention, then went to the rock for 15 minutes. Don't know which map, but any areas near rocks need to be inaccessable. Yeah, if you see a few guys with D1 at the start of their name, find a new lobby.
  6. Just got my "Chad is a dick" achievement! Saw maybe 3 others were in the distance, leaving in the four seater, so i followed from way behind, figuring Jason might screw with them and i could help them and earn a seat. They somehow crashed literally feet from the exit, Jason killed 1 and the others ran away. Jason trapped the drivers seat and didnt notice I was right there watching. I manuevered around the trap, got in, and drove to freedom! Very opportunistic! Kind of dickish!
  7. I second this. I don't care if it's pretty much the F13th game with different maps, characters, and stuff. Michael and Jason have both always been my favorites. I'd love chasing people around with the Halloween theme blaring.
  8. Jason: Part 8 cause i can take down doors faster. And i usually go out of my way to take down A LOT of doors. I HATE those damn doors!!!! Part 3 if i want a better chance to kill everyone. Counselors: No real preference. Characterwise, Chad(not him as much anymore, just when i can be more noisy in my house and be on a mic mostly). If i want a better chance to survive, AJ, Tiffany, or Deborah.
  9. I just do what mother says.... My first 5 minutes or so is usually spent placing traps, breaking windows and doors, and destroying some power boxes. I rarely chase much at least until I get shift. Other than that, it's kill for mother!
  10. If I'm spawned as Tommy, I'll normally run right towards where Jason is, maybe try to find a few supplies first. I don't play to survive. I shake my head when I see a Tommy mostly hiding. If I'm Tommy and the last one left, maybe I'll try to get in a main cabin, set up a trap, and get to where i have a few weapons to attack Jason with before he kills me. Either way, I always want to have some kind of battle with Jason.
  11. I use it when the wife isn't around or trying to sleep. Which is rarely. Don't want to wake her up or annoy the shit out of her.(lol. I will roleplay as some of the characters) If I'm not using it and i get in a lobby where almost everyone else has one, I'll usually leave. They probably won't want me there.
  12. Your post. Thats a brilliant way of looking at it. If there's one way to make sense of it all, thats it. I'm gonna keep that in mind next time i rewatch the series. And of course, ive seen all the movies in the series many times. Jason X maybe only 2 times. And i don't make myself sit through JGTH like I'd rewatch the others so many times. At first, it seems weird that people are playing the game and havent seen all of/or some of the movies. But I think it's great. It can be a new way for a new generation to get into F13th. I'm not big on most horror nowadays. I grew up on this stuff, NOES, and the Halloween series. Hopefully everyone new to it checks out some of the movies and enjoys them.
  13. Part 3 and part 8. Only played 1 match with part 8, and i killed everyone, even though i still suck at shift/grab!
  14. I'm not being an asshole as Jason. I'm just being a good boy and doing what mother tells me to do!
  15. If i spawn near the lodge or car, run like hell and try to get away before Jason comes. Then I'll try to search a few cabins in the distance, and if I'm still alive or not being chased, just try to stay more in places Jason might not search for a while, searching cabins here and there. Any other parts of strategy depend on what I find and who I'm playing as.