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  1. I've seen some of your let's plays of the beta. Great watch. Welcome to the forum.
  2. I'd definitely support the idea of maybe Hodder and Buechler working together on their own skin, a follow-up to New Blood if you will.
  3. I hope so. I've waited sooooo long. It's unusual for a game to not be on the store until launch day.
  4. I think the guy was asking about the steelbook physical deluxe copy.
  5. The guy before me was asking about the deluxe psychical copy. He wasn't sure if it came with those or not. I'd say no, but I'm sure enough to say definitely.
  6. Thanks. That's a good idea to clear the air as I was sure they were never advertised as pre-orders unless you paid for them. I would assume that goes for the $75 game as well?
  7. Weren't they sold separately on the backerkit site? I remembered seeing a few items on there.
  8. countdown

    He better. I've waited a long time for Jason to finally kill me. Wait, what?
  9. I totally respect that. If I grew up with the latter interpretation my views might be different. I can't see Jason these days in anything without seeing the FVJ look. I'm just an old dog that doesn't want to learn new tricks. This look from Jason X never bothered me, though. So maybe if they did another one with a work shirt and jacket I'd be OK with that. Also keep him evil looking.
  10. Fantastic! Thanks for the video link. I'd like your post, but I've hit my daily max!
  11. countdown

    Please no more delays. Bad enough Paramount axed the next film. I hope the success of this game causes them to change their mind again, again. On top of doing a full watch of the films, I'm also watching Crystal Lake Memories and a ton of let's play videos on YouTube. Bring on the game!
  12. I kinda figured stuff like soundtracks, artwork and special cases would be limited. I'm just hoping to get as much game content as possible. I totally meant to get a backerkit and stupidly thought I'd have more time and forget. Still looks like it'll be a great game. I can't wait. I'm bummed about missing the Savini skin, but I may be more bummed about missing the clothing packs. I'm a sucker for customization. I would pay top dollar for it on DLC if they ever do open those two missed items. Only three EXTRA color and texture swaps? Does that mean you still get some swaps in the base game? Bring on any DLC, I'll buy them all! As much as I'd love to think what they could do on a sequel, I'm glad they'll be working on this one post launch. I'll spend any money on DLC they dish out.
  13. We wouldn't want that. I'll try to keep his name off my tongue. So it'll be on PlayStation store on launch day? Had to be one the best ways to open a film. You could tell JCB really cared about the mythos.
  14. I respect everyone's personal opinion so I'd never say you were wrong, but I'm not sure why that's the look that makes you think of Jason when he never wore it in any solo Jason film in the original series. Ronny Yu wanted to make Jason look more sympathetic, so that's exactly what he did for Jason in Freddy vs. Jason. He made him out to look like a downtrodden homeless man with soulful eyes. I mean it's not so much the jacket I have issue with, as I kinda liked the jacket itself in the remake more than the one he had in FVJ, my bigger problem is the tattered sweater or dirty tee he wears under it. Give me a Jason with his classic buttoned up work shirt with a decent looking jacket over and maybe we can talk. He sort had that look in Jason X with a ripped orange prison jacket over his normal work shirt. I would even take the plaid shirt and overalls again over the sweaters and dirty tees. It just doesn't sit right with me. And you have to remember he only wore the plaid and overalls for one film. He first donned the classic work shirt and pants in the same film he donned the iconic hockey mask for the first time. It's like it was the look he was meant to have and he stuck with that combo for 7 more films and over 20 years. I'm probably just a picky guy, but you can make changes to it a lot even, don't mess with the general idea of the look. That's my Jason.