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  1. This now is inexcusable!!!!!!! One launch day I'll understand. But these guys were lucky enough to essentially have 2, and they shit the bed again!!!! I'm sorry I can't defend anymore!! Like I said inexcusable!!!! I'm so glad I didn't take my kids out of school and a day off of work for this like I planned!!!!!!
  2. I'm embarrassed to have the same name as that shit stain!! Mike was a great name until that lil fuckers parents named him that as well!!!
  3. As far as I'm concerned, us backers who truely enabled these guys to make this game, FROM THIS POINT FORWARD shouldn't have to pay for ANY future DLC!!! NOTHING!!!! And I'm not sure that's even enough to bring my pisses temp back to Normal!!!!
  4. Instead of Tommy coming back in the spacemap, Bring on K M and her fake tits with unlimited automatic weaponry!!!
  5. I truely feel fucked now!!! First we get bent over for a 9$ clothing back, then we didn't get our Dlc codes for that and savini for 2 weeks after launch, then I find out they gave away savini to any swinging dick that happened to be on the store at that time!!(Still pissed!!!)😡😡 now this!!! My piss is Boiling!!!
  6. Where is my physical copy I ordered 12 months ago? I just had to go shell out another 40$ to buy another copy since I promised my kid one today and mine didn't show up!
  7. This in my opinion is dumb. Jason should look like this anyways after slaughtering a couple counselors. Getting even more blood splattered as match goes.
  8. I hope it's a banana hammock with a pot leaf on ass cheeks
  9. At least you didnt spend 9$ for a lame ass clothing pack Dlc.
  10. Wow. Bens on this shit!!!!! Thanks Ben but your still fired!lol
  11. I was an original kickstarter backer and I never wanted a digital copy. I preordered a physical copy and was gifted a digital. I for one am not complaining about this.
  12. Well a lil late now, I already told my my daughters I'm getting them out early from school so at least I won't lose a whole vacation day. Problem solved. All fails I take them to happy death day while we wait for an update. Thanks jpops.
  13. I m really hoping for a ton of sticky Kleenex 's in tommys bedside trash can along with binoculars on top of a hustler magazine on his night stand.
  14. I'm not saying OP. I'm saying come at least with a box of ammo and maybe a k-bar knife. I know I would at least. ( I would bring an assault rifle and a case of bullets and extended clip) but that's me. This asshole shows up with a shotgun and 1 count them 1 shotgun shell!! R u kidding me!?
  15. For the record please it's spelled counselors