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  1. That song needs to be in the game, imo for me at least its the "F13 Game" theme, I just hope its actually in the game, even if its just on a menu or at the end of the match during the "killcams?" Does anyone else want this? Does anyone know if its in the game at all? There are so many great games that had great themes that were never in the game, they were usually on OST's.
  2. After playing games similar to this playstyle, evolve, L4D2 vs, i noticed a large ammount of ppl, if they dont get the "monster" they will leave. Since this game is 1 "monster" per round i'm hoping this wont be an issue, is there an incentive to stay as a counselor? I was not in the beta and every video literally only does the campfire scene to the final murdered/survived screen . I seriously hope it wont be a spend 2 hours waiting while 45 ppl decide "I no Jay shun? I no play"
  3. Sorry if this has been posted, i just want to know 2 things, 1) When the game comes out, on the PS4/Xbone will the digital copy be $40, ik physical copies were $60 an ik that PlayStation wanted to wait, which is why we cant pre order on PS4 but that makes me wonder will they also force a $60 charge for the digital copy? 2) Will we be able to download at midnight or later in the day?
  4. Idk if this has been posted yet but, does anyone else think that multiple of the same counselor could be op? I mean, idk how exactly everything works but im assuming a full game of Vanessa's would troll Jason an turn into a walking simulator for Jason, or if its the stealth chick (forgot her name) it could be an entire game of "which way did he go george? which way did he go" am I alone in the worry?
  5. This might be a stupid question but here goes. Will there be a tutorial? I'll be on PS4 so I never got to play in beta. I have seen many videos but I have never seen an in-depth review of each of Jason's powers, what his strengths an weakness will actually do, exactly what the counselor stats do, ect.