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  1. In film it's Terry, Alice rotten corpse with ice pick in head and Deputy Winslow. In game still should be Alice but for me it's look like men's body...
  2. Randy mention about it in Unreal Engine interview on Twich and Laphin confirmed this in one of his Cabin Chats, as he playtesting game right now with Devs
  3. EU players will play with EU players and US with US etc., on all public games. On private matches u can invite friends from any region and play with them. In US all gonna talk in english thats obvious, but what will happend in Europe with all those different countries and languages. Will it gonna be chaos, most in english or people won't talk at all...
  4. Finding a map is great idea! I would go even further with realism. It should shows other counselors on the main map only, when u and them pick up walkie-talkies
  5. I was really hoping for one counselor with beard or mullet hairstyle. Well... Kenny must be enough