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  1. I'm not sure, but the devs know. I play the game the way it was intended, so I don't have to worry about being banned. @Fooobar just because you didn't know about it doesn't make it not true. Look it up. I'm right.
  2. You can only get banned from public matches. Devs have said they will never touch private matches.
  3. This whole using the car the block building so Jason can't get in thing has been a talking point since before the games release. Its not something the fell through the cracks, it's was blatantly ignored. Side note, you can't get banned for messing around with your friends in private matches. That's when dumb stuff is fun, with friends.
  4. You just gave him part 6 stats, but worse.
  5. I'm pretty sure someone did the math and the running Jason is only 12% faster than non running Jason.
  6. If it's double Exp. That means we get double CP too. 10% of Exp = to how much CP you get.
  7. Search the forums. It's been posted many times.
  8. Luck, and with a combination of perks.
  9. What gets me is, that it's spelled counselor.
  10. You can do it from the window on the first floor too. I've tested it with friends and both work. I feel like it just must be that side of the cabin.
  11. You replied to a 2 year old post. At the time OP made the thread, no one knew what the game was like at all. So at the time it was a legit question.
  12. Good, thats exactly what you should have done in the first place and instead of trying to get sympathy from random strangers on the internet. I'm also not salty at all, just trying to inform you on something you may have not known. Good luck.