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  1. This is a sign I found about a year ago and I knew one day I would need this picture.
  2. People tend to only ask questions about being banned when they think they might get/are banned. And no, only gun knows the banning systems.
  3. I am one of these players. I don't have Thick Skin but I have the perk where you get to use med sprays twice. I like to have two sprays and one knife in my inventory.
  4. My two favorites on every counsoler are; Marathon +11% stamina/-1 Sprint speed Restful +11% stamina recharge/+3 noise generated. With these two perks Vanessa or Bugsy is even more of a pain in the ass.
  5. They have put out statements for your very concerns. I know it takes longer but try doing public matches, that way if people glitch you can record and report them to get banned. If it's a private match you can do almost anything and not get banned.
  6. Then just leave, unfortunately at this time nothing that can be done. Just try to move in to the next game and make sure to block those players so you never see them again.
  7. Mute them. Now the abuse is over. People are shitty. Not the games fault, people just suck.
  8. That's what I like to hear. Atta boy.
  9. @Ghostboy20 Was that a public or private match?
  10. No need for that.
  11. You have a valid opinion. Sorry for my previous comment.
  12. maps

    I really hope it's harder to be counselors in this new game mode. And I'm saddened to read all the posts with negative thoughts on free dlc. I know it's maybe not what you wanted but that'll come too, probably on Oct 13th.
  13. He may be a giant dick but he has a point. The game is there's until a fix is made. I hate team killers more than glitchers.
  14. 1) I like this. Yes. 2) What about if Jason grabs a counselor while you were aiming at them and now it won't let you hit Jason since the counselor hit box is in the way. 3) I don't think it should change. If you were climbing through a window and a knife hits you in the back i don't think most people would climb in slower. I really have no idea, I'm just basing it on my idea realism. 4) Sure why not. 5) Oh yes, too many Tommys just being selfish.
  15. Booted up the game today and as I did I received the kill 8/8 achievement. Anyone else? Xbox one