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  1. "The Axiom is an ambitious, well directed, impressively acted and stunningly shot independent horror film that has just a few, teensy little flaws holding it back from greatness (and therefore will have to settle for just being really, really good, instead)." https://www.dreadcentral.com/reviews/260666/axiom-review-stylish-clever-slice-independent-horror-2/
  2. I like the stacking trap thing. I think that's fine. I like pretty much all of the changes that have been implemented into the game except for these: Jason's grab range - I absolutely hate it now. If it was too long before, it is way, way too short now. The windows and door changes - Why can't I just hit a window with my weapon and break it? Why would you take that out of the game? This is so mind boggling to me, and the way that it is now, I find it next to impossible to hit a counselor climbing through a window, regardless of circumstance. With the door, having to go into the awkward door chopping animations make going after skilled counselors, who are already jumping in and out of windows that you can't hit them through, that much harder. The abundance of pocket knives - it sure feels like there are a lot more pocket knives on the board now. I haven't read through this thread, so maybe I'm just crazy or had a bad "roll of the die" the last few times I was Jason and , but it felt like there are around 5 - 7 knives in play when it used to feel more like 3 - 5. These changes have made playing Jason feel a lot less "Jason-y" then it used to, and made a scenario that was already challenging - playing against a lobby of experienced counselors - into one that is frustrating. In addition, I feel like it is forcing me into a more "slashy Jason" playstyle, that isn't as fun. Anyway, that's just my two cents. If everyone in this thread is already bitching about these same things, and I'm just adding to the chorus, then I apologize. I haven't actually read through it yet, but came here to write down my thoughts first. EDITED TO ADD: I LOVE the addition of the items showing up on the maps though. I think that is an awesome idea. EDITED TO ALSO ADD: I also love the changes to Tommy, which I think were needed. I know I'm bitching about the pocket knives up above, but Tommy spawning with one was something I always thought was necessary. You can't really expect the guy to drop everything and go run to play interference on Jason if he's just going to get grabbed and killed, and it's a lot easier to play Tommy that way if you're not having to stop and search houses first.
  3. Hey, a bunch of guys from my regular Xbox One group that play every Friday night (starting around 7 - 8pm PST and ending around 2 - 3am PST) are dipping out for the holiday season, so I'm looking to bring in some new, regular or semi regular players. So if you want to play with some solid, good natured players either friend me on Xbox Live and send me a message, saying you're from the forum, or do the same thing on Twitter. Some of us are part of the "Film Twitter" community, so that's where we tend to gather and let everyone know who's gonna make it and who isn't :). Hope to see some of your ghouls and ghoulettes at camp tomorrow!
  4. The hashtag is "WhoisFive" and there is a picture of a (incorrect) hockey mask with blue markings at the end and the mode is called "Paranoia"... Are people really confused about what the mode is going to entail? Because it seems pretty obvious to me. The only question I have is whether or not, once the cat is out of the bag and the killer is revealed, their appearance will change to look like Roy or not. *fingers crossed that it does*
  5. I'm running a little behind today, probably be about another hour!
  6. There, there little butterfly. Just fly your precious wings up and away. This world is too dark and disturbing for something as pretty as you.
  7. I'll be on in a couple of hours, if all goes according to plan!
  8. Every time someone posts in a topic to say they don't care about that topic God... does nothing because why would he give a shit even if he did exist. The rest of us point and laugh at that person though. *points at TestedTwice* HA HA!
  9. So, for like a month I have been seeing that there was going to be a free 10th Anniversary showing of HATCHET in L.A. with Kane Hodder and the director, Adam Green in attendance. And, for like a month, I have been lamenting my inability to go. Well, they just had it. Only it turned out that it wasn't a 10th Anniversary showing of HATCHET at all, but an unveiling of the filmed-in-secret newest sequel, titled VICTOR CROWLEY. http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/248142/victor-crowley-lives-fourth-hatchet-film-reboots-franchise-road-show-announced/ I am so goddamn jazzed for this.
  10. My retrospective on the Child's Play / Chucky series is up over at Dread Central - hope you guys enjoy it! https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/254453/chucky-30-years-childs-play/ From the Intro: "While there is plenty to appreciate in (the first Child's Play), what really appealed to my younger self was Chucky, and how unexpected he was. Even at ten I had seen creepy doll stuff before, like the titular creatures in Stuart Gordon’s Dolls, or the killer plastic doll in the Terror of the Autons episode of Doctor Who, but whereas those dolls tended to be tiny little automatons, blindly marching malevolently forward, Chucky possessed the one thing that none of them had: a personality. Sure, initially that personality was probably more that a little bit inspired by fellow foul mouthed slasher, Freddy Krueger, but it didn’t take long for Chucky, and Brad Dourif’s powerhouse performance, to become distinctive and iconic in their own right. That magic combination of Dourif’s voice and Kevin Yagher’s (and later, Tony Gardner’s) puppet magic made for a fascinating character, one who has captivated me ever since. And now, with twenty-nine years and six sequels under his belt, and as the only slasher to have escaped the dreaded continuity reset, it’s safe to say that Chucky the killer doll has more than earned his place in the slasher icon hall of fame."
  11. You can read my review of CULT OF CHUCKY, along with the rest of the Chucky films, here: https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/254453/chucky-30-years-childs-play/
  12. Add me to the XBONE list, please.
  13. In my experience there has always been two types of Friday the 13th fans: Those who think that the occasional bits of "sleaze" or "trashiness" are a integral part of the series, and those that tolerate, but don't appreciate, it.
  14. Looky. I wrote stuffs. And SHOCKINGLY, it's about FRIDAY THE 13TH! (and Poetic Poison helped). https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/252619/history-friday-13th-comics-part-1-topps-comics/
  15. Oh, and hey - if you guys like what you read and belong to a social media platform like facebook or twitter, please share the article there and help out a starving writer EDIT: AH SHIT - Sorry for the double post!
  16. This is great to hear. I'd be happy if he just spawned with a pocket knife, myself, but any additional benefits would be great!
  17. I assumed he was vomiting up any toxic waste he swallowed. I mean, yeah - it LOOKS like water... but so does 90% of the "toxic waste" in that film. Here's an overly long thing I once wrote about Jason and the ending to Part VIII: (DISCLAIMER: I am in no way stating that this is what the filmmakers intended, and I am fully aware that a lot of the evidence for my theory is, in the real world, simply the filmmakers either screwing up, or not giving a shit about the continuity of the series. This theory takes none of that into consideration and instead examines things from an "in-universe" perspective.) HOW THE ENDING TO JASON TAKES MANHATTAN EXPLAINS IT ALL My theory on Jason has always been this. He drowned, then he came back when Pamela's blood hit the water in Part I. But he came back as something... different. To put it simply, he was 90% Jason, 10% Demon. The novelizations by Simon Hawke (which I know are not canon) show that Jason feels a need to kill, a pounding in his head that demands it. So what if that pounding started out like a whisper, and all that little 11 year old Jason knew was that this whisper wanted him to do "bad things" that he wanted no part of. But, after Jason "feels" and is resurrected by his Mother's death, the demon thing inside him has the angle it needs. "Look!" it says. "I told you to KILL and you didn't listen. Your Mother knew what had to be done, and she died trying to do YOUR work!" At that moment Jason is still 90% human, but whatever little bit of sanity he still had (and to be sure, it wasn't much), left him at that moment, and he chose to do what the voice told him to do. That takes us through to the end of Part II. This is an important moment in Jason's history, because this is where he appears to break his bond with his mother. Basically, it's like this: Jason receives a blatantly mortal wound at the end of Part II. He dies again, then he wakes up again. When this happens (and as it continues to happen throughout the series) more of the human part of Jason dies, and the demon part of him grows. So at the end of Part II, let's say that he's 20% demon, 80% human. He wakes up, yanks the machete out, and leaves. He does NOT tuck his mother's head under his arm, or throw it into the convenient pillow sack he has laying around. Despite knowing that his shack has been discovered by Ginny, who escaped. Why wouldn't Jason do this? His Mother has been his sole motivation up to this point, and obviously he cared enough about her to build a freaking shrine around her desiccated head... but Jason leaves her behind when he could have easily taken her along. I believe the reason is his loss of humanity. Jason wakes up and no longer feels the connection with his mother that he once did. Instead, the urge to KILL and guard his territory grows more intense (because of the demon's growing strength) and in his weakened state it overpowers everything else. So he leaves his mother, and whatever feelings he once had for her, behind him for the rest of the series (or, to be more specific, while he may still possess the same feelings for his mother, his "death" at the end of Part II, and the growth of the "demon" within him, has now suppressed those feelings, instead forcing Jason to focus on the more powerful and overwhelming need to KILL those that invade his territory) until the perfect human/demon hybrid Jason of FREDDY VS. JASON appears. Jason also appears to subtly grow in strength between Part II and III. Blows that knock the wind out of Part II Jason tend to only momentarily distract Part III Jason. He also appears to have grown somewhat physically larger between the two films. All this can be attributed to the growing presence of the demon. Part IV: So, after the axe to the head Jason dies again. This time he comes back, say, 30% demon, 70% human. Jason seems to have much more rage in this installment then the previous ones, making "HUUUURRRRH!" type growls as opposed to his utter silence from before - except for the loud grunts that he made when getting stabbed in Part III. Also in this installment, Jason gets his hand cut in half lengthwise without making a sound and, in fact, looks at the wound, seemingly surprised - as if the human part of Jason is a little bewildered at his lack of pain. These things can be seen as further, subtle clues of the demon's growing influence. Then at the end of Part IV Jason's body is so horribly wounded that even his demonic healing abilities cannot repair it. Jason is buried and his body begins to decay. In this environment of constant physical entropy, the best the demonic force within him can do is keep his body from rotting away within… at least, until that lightning bolt gives it a little jump start. In Part VI Jason is now about 70% demon, 30% human. The big leap attributed to the length of Jason's "death" (in fact, if one is inclined to believe in a mysterious "Elias Voorhees-shaped" figure lurking behind the scenes of the series, making everything happen just so, then you could even say that Jason's slumber was intentional in order to reawaken him as a more powerful creature... if one was so inclined). As chronicled in the Part VI novelization, the human part of Jason is not happy to be awakened. For the first time in a long time Jason was at peace, without the constant pounding in his head demanding that he KILL, KILL, KILL! This memory of peace will haunt the human part of Jason (helping to fuel the demon's rage) until the end of PART VIII, when the last part of Jason's humanity dies. It is this memory of peace, and Tommy's inadvertent resurrection of Jason, that CAUSES Jason to go after Tommy, even to the extent of abandoning other victims, at the end of the film. There is just no way that Jason recognizes Tommy from the end of Part IV (I mean, just look at how much Tommy's appearance changed as he got older!), so Jason isn't attacking him out of revenge for Tommy butchering him, he's attacking him because this SOB woke him up, out of the first peace he's felt since he was 11 years old. In Part VII things get bad for Jason. Now he's become a passenger within his own body, a body that is now 80% demon. He feels, he watches, and he is fully aware, but he is utterly unable to control. He and the demon have now switched places, and it is the demon that is now in the driver's seat. Jason yearns only to rest and for peace. And in Part VIII it finally comes to him. Because of a psychic connection forged (through unknown means, but possibly from Rennie swimming in Crystal Lake when she was the same age that Jason was when he drowned) with Rennie, the 10% or so of Jason that is left in this movie is constantly psychically haunting Rennie, trying to force her to free him from his prison. In the bathroom scene little Jason comes out of the mirror, grabs Rennie, says "HELP ME! HELP MEEE!", then fades back into the mirror - and then, for a split second, the child appears to be surrounded by the silhouette of his adult self - a visual representation of the child Jason stuck in the demonic monster that is his adult form. Jason also appears especially evil in Jason Takes Manhattan (for example, the way he slowly spears the girl at the beginning), and, for the first time in the series, appears able to blatantly teleport. His appearance has also radically changed, with both his body and his clothing seeming way, way more intact. All signs that Jason's humanity is almost completely gone, and Jason is becoming more and more a purely supernatural creature. The human part of Jason wants Rennie to "kill" him again so that he can be free. Notice that Jason only directly attacks Rennie once in the movie, and through a porthole from behind. In fact, in Part VIII there are several shots where we see Jason watch somebody walk somewhere. Each time he follows them and kills them. We get the exact same shot with Rennie... and he leaves her alone. He even gives her this weird head tilt look. I believe that this is the 10% of human Jason inside. Somehow, due to his connection to Rennie, the human part of Jason recognizes that she can free it, and it keeps her alive by subtly influencing the demon to attack elsewhere. It happens again with the mugger/rapists. After Jason kills the guy on top of Rennie he has plenty of time to dispatch her as well before the other mugger pulls out his gun and starts shooting him. At the end of the film, Jason is once again killed, and this time everything that is left of his humanity dies with him. Rennie looks down and sees the dead, undeformed body of Jason as a child where his adult body lies, a psychic representation that everything pure and innocent and human within Jason is finally dead and free at last. Notice that when Sean looks where Rennie is looking that his face fills with relief, an unusual reaction to seeing a dead child he has no way of knowing IS Jason, so it's probable that what he is seeing there is the very messed up and half melted adult Jason. And, of course, all of this culminates in JASON GOES TO HELL. This Jason is 100% all demon (and a small, squiggly little demon at that) and no humanity. Obviously Jason didn't always have the Hellbaby within him, or it would have emerged in Part IV, so, like his increased endurance and strength and teleportation, it must have manifested as became more demonic in nature… Finally, in FREDDY VS. JASON (and therefore also in JASON X, which I believe begins relatively shortly after the ending to FVSJ) I believe that Jason comes back from Hell as a perfect hybrid of human and demon. A kind of Jason that we've never seen before. One with the healing and strength of the demon Jason, but with the attachment to his mother and fear of drowning from his humanity. TOO LONG, DIDN'T READ: Jason's demonic powers grow as his humanity dies, culminating with the ending of Part VIII symbolically showing us "human" Jason's death through Rennie's vision, and JASON GOES TO HELL showing us his ultimate demonic form.
  18. Most people who have hydrocephalus to the extent that Jason does would be handicapped in some way, from what I remember when I looked into the condition years ago. I tend to think he was slightly mentally handicapped, but not severely.
  19. I decided about a month and a half or so ago that I basically give up on this development team. Like, I love FRIDAY THE 13TH, and I appreciate the free stuff - and will make a point to post that I appreciate it to let the team know that - they've given, and continue to give, to help make up for all the fuck ups, and I will certainly buy all the other DLC as it becomes available, but the repeated communication problems - some of which are still ongoing (just what exactly is happening about that free Savini that tons of people got on XBOX again? *crickets chirping* *crickets chirping*) finally got me to the point of just saying, "Thanks for the FRIDAY THE 13TH game, which I will continue to enjoy whenever possible and support, but I won't be recommending it to anyone that isn't a diehard fan and I won't be supporting any future games from this team." So now, whenever they fail to communicate about things or miss promised dates or whatever I can just shrug it off with a "Yep, sounds about right" and more easily just enjoy things as they come without letting myself get worked up or angry about it. And, at this point, when someone on the team does communicate I just think, "that's nice," take everything with a grain of salt and totally ignore any and all dates. And, again, this has made the whole experience much less irritating.
  20. Just played this for the first time two days ago and I have to say... Eh, I didn't really care for it. Presentation wise, it has a gloss to it that the FRIDAY THE 13TH game is lacking, but gameplay wise it's just so simple, with the exception of the overly complex perks and levelling system. I much prefer the wider range of options for how to approach things in the FRIDAY game than the comparatively simplistic gameplay of DEAD BY DAYLIGHT. I don't think it's a horrible game, I just don't think it's for me. Which is a shame, because with Michael and LeatherFace both in it, I'll probably end up supporting it anyway.
  21. It's been four months, and even with all the patching and fixing and whatnot, we have been given clothing packs, a Jason skin, smaller maps, etc. According to the developers, the majority of the technical fixes have now been taken care of, and they intend to support the game for quite some time. So, no, I don't think it's crazy to think that, at some point in the not that near future, we might very well get a spaceship map. Manhattan, or at least something like Times Square, is probably too much to hope for, though. And cops on a spaceship map can just equal a squad of troopers like the ones, you know, actually IN JASON X. And cars equal escape pods. It's really not that difficult with, like, a minimum of imagination applied.
  22. Didn't vote because I want him to be regular Jason from JASON X until he hits his rage mode, then I want him to transform into Uber Jason.
  23. I see no reason Pamela can't eventually be added to single player, at least. And they've announced three new Jasons. Part IV is one of them, and that literally only leaves Roy and Jason from JASON X, as the developers don't have the rights to FREDDY VS. JASON or the remake. That pretty well proves that, at some point, the developers are going to be willing to change up some aspects of the gameplay. Regardless of how you feel about Roy's power level, there is no reason whatsoever for Pamela's sweater to affect him, so they are going to have to change that around, and that means changing the mechanics of how Jason is "killed" as well. Similarly, including JASON X Jason would seem to indicate a willingness to change things up, because it's hard to imagine the won't include some sort of map that represents the character. Just because you can't, or are pretending you can't, imagine a way for the developers to change the mechanics of the game here and there for things like a spaceship setting (and I can think of a few ways to make the spaceship setting work that doesn't strain credibility any more than, say, the battery and the gas having been removed from every car in Crystal Lake does) doesn't mean that the developers can't, and it seems kind of shortsighted to believe otherwise with the announcements that have already been made.