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  1. Settlement building is super daunting at first. YouTube videos are your friend. Finished a Part VI light at Egret, and am working on my Savini Jason light at Finch Farm. Will post pics when I'm done...
  2. There was a Christmas one year, where I got, like, 9 NES games. One of them was MANIAC MANSION, and for months, that was the only one I played.
  3. The obvious answer is that Part V is just plain not executed well, but in-universe I guess it's just that Roy went so cuckoo for coco puffs that he didn't care who he killed.
  4. My analog stick broke on me at the worst possible time, so I've been out of commission for about a week. Which makes me a sad panda.
  5. pornhub

    PFFT. Who cares? People wanking it to porn is seriously the least of society's worries. If what makes you happy doesn't hurt someone else, go for it, I say *shrugs*
  6. Wow. I mean, shouldn't you at least, like, SEE a film first before you condemn it to the flame. Jeez.
  7. Yup, I remember both of those games. My "no one remembers this" game is a PS1 game called TRAP GUNNER. It was super Anime styled and was a sort of grid based multiplayer game where you would shoot at and lay traps for the other player. Weird stuff. I also really liked the old DECEPTION games, where you were the bad guy in the castle, leaving traps for the heroes coming to slay you.
  8. I own STREET FIGHTER 4, and it in no way has a robust set of combo tutorials. It tells you what they are, it has little thingies where you try to do them, but it never once explains how the timing is actually supposed to work. I guess my point is that I don't really think that new players coming in and getting crushed or experienced players being harder to deal with, is something unique to this game, or a reflection of its balance. *shrugs*
  9. I really fail to see how this is any different from fighting games. I have, admittedly, never played STREET FIGHTER V, but none of the previous 276 entries in the series ever showed you how to do so much as a combo.
  10. Nah, I'm just a night owl. I needs my "me" time, and super late at night is when I get it. Sorry again about your Uncle. But time is the great healer. Alrighty, I'm going sleepy time. You should do the same, Austra-Alien. Remember:
  11. I am in Nevada, and I am still up from Saturday, but I will be crashing very, very soon.
  12. Aw, don't be sad about it! Dream nice dreams of butchering those that dare trespass against that which is yours. And... like... pandas... or something.
  13. Go to bed, Aussie .
  14. Where the Hell are you that it's 11:20pm? Because it's 6:22am where I'm at... *looks at world clock* Are you in Australia?
  15. On XBOX ONE use the Looking For Groups function and join groups that say "no glitching" and "no snitching" and "mics required" and "casual" or "new players welcome." These tend to be the friendlier groups, and eventually you might find one that you click with and enjoy playing with - and vice versa :).