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  1. Correct. But that's not what happened in this video.
  2. Playing with your music disabled has it's disadvantages. Had you had music on, even if you were not able to visually locate her, chase music would let you know you are in proximity. she was in that house when you first got there. If you look at 15:27, you can see her image on a ground level floor. You ran straight upstairs without clearing the ground level. The flare gun at the end makes me think she was standing in the backside of house a little bit further back from where you ran to get knife at near the end.
  3. I have reported the bug already, the purpose of this post is for help around it til its fixed. Does anyone have a way to avoid triggering the bug where you start a kill and it ports you back to the scene of your first kill on that map? It's really frustrating when it happens as you pull the driver out a car and get ported back to the random cabin you killed someone at earlier and finish the new kill there..If anyone has figured out what causes it i,maybe we can stop it? Happens with me most as SJ and J9.
  4. Heroic? I blame Tommy for the unstoppable beast that Jason is today. Had he not resurrected him all those years ago, We wouldn't be dealing with this now. Who knows, with the way that movies all ways resort to time travel and alternate timelines, maybe we will get a movie where the main character decides that killing Tommy before he digs up Jason is the only way to prevent Jason's return. ( lol J/k, still a better plot than JGTH though)
  5. So from the mocap footage we seen all 3 of J4 kills and didn't even know it. 1) Pigsticker to face and sling to ground 2)picksticker to chest, push, finish them when on ground 3) shown in reveal trailer, picksticker splits into head.
  6. I play on PS4 and I'm level 101 and do not have this issue. After 90 seconds of queue, the game makes you host. It could be that your connection isn't fast enough to handle being host so it just leaves you in a group as the host alone? Try doing a speed test and seeing if your connection is the issue. A quick solution would be after you queue up, if 90 seconds pass and it makes you host, just drop and requeue until you join a group with someone else as the host. I read recent patch notes that said something about lowering the required "optimal Ping" for group joining so that lobbies fill faster. Maybe this has some how impacted you?
  7. Any chance you put a trap there earlier? The yell at the beginning even though you wasn't there, followed by the butcher kill makes it seem like she hit a trap and lagged.
  8. Site has been down, found 2 more on sunday. So 4 total in less than 2 days
  9. They must have increased drop rate in patch. Got another one at 9:42 pm. Less than 4 hours apart. Also host dropped and it saved!
  10. Never fails, Some punks always on my lake.... ( home made Jason outfit, working to improve it for halloween. I call him part 6.5)
  11. you notice 5:52? looks like a new map
  12. So in the new video Gunmedia posted it showed one of the new intros with Jason 2 killing Rob with a throwing weapon. Is that the same sack that he has now? It looked a little more detailed to me? Also I noticed that Higgens Haven small is saved under a folder that says content>Maps>Crystal lake>Higgens Haven small. So if all our maps fall under crystal lake, where else could they be taking us?
  13. Maybe since they didn't charge for the free DLC and didn't do it for profit, they were just given a cease and desist? I have the NECA NES Jason ( got Kane to sign it,yay) and the rights are attributed to New Line Cinema. So I assume they own the rights to the music now??
  14. Ben, does this random Jason come from someone in the game who is already a councilor or a player waiting in queue?