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  1. Idea for when a few drop at the start of game: Make that game session have an internal "urgent" flag. The game can start pulling people in queue to that match to fill it fast. The player could enter the map by having a dark screen and hearing the death scream from the intro guy and the councilors screaming. The screen then shows the player wake up from a bed in a cabin saying "What the fuck was that?" idea for people dropping when Jason grabs them: As Jpops said, you can't just flag the kill animation, because then people will quit right at the start of grab if they know they dont have a pocket knife. What I propose is to have a log out timer of like 20 seconds, kind of how most MMO's have. If Jason has you in a grab or you are driving, Your character says "I can't do that right now". Now some people may say, "but if real life happens, im stopping." and that is perfectly fine. Again like most MMO's you can force a shut down of said game, but your character will stand idle for a few seconds even after you leave, allowing Jason to get his kill. Idea for host migration: Should have been there before May 26th 2017. This is really the most frustrating issue with this game for me.
  2. Depends on what slot is working this week just kidding. I use the chance to avoid sense when crouched, in case Jason pops up and im out doors. stamina regen and i switch the 3rd one out from time to time. My main is Deb. I dont see the point of starting with a walkie or map. Map location is static on all 3 maps and there is usually such an abundance of walkies that usually you find 1 to 2 in each cabin. Or the infamous lone drawer in a ramsacked cabin will have 1 of these 2. And before someone says, "I like to communicate from the start" Usually early game everyone is getting items and also most are hiding from Jason when he is trapping near their cabin, so they are silent on coms til he leaves anyway.
  3. Good list. I don't agree with the boat situation, but I could see newer players mucking it up. I would like to add that if you are in the second half of the game, around 10 mins or so that hiding in a spot is a waste of time.Last night after Everyone except 1 person escaped and I was spectating, I watched a Kenny hid under a bed. After Jason Found him and killed him, he got all pissed saying someone gave away his location. We tried to explain in the later half of the game that even in a hiding spot that the cabin lights up red and he called us all liars and left the group...
  4. tonight when Randy was on PS4, he said that he feels the drop rate is way to low. Hopefully that means a change is coming.
  5. We don't have to argue. We both said what we needed to. Cheers!
  6. That video was garbage, but the intro music is so chad like lol
  7. Would you go to a bands concert that you already own the cd and heard their songs a hundred times if you got the chance to see them and interact with them? That's why I watched. Sure I already own the game and have logged hours. If my memory recalls from the other thread, you and I are both level 96. But in those hundreds of hours, how many games have you played with Larry and Randy? As I said earlier, I have never logged into twitch. But the chance to play against them made it worth it. Im sure Ghost enjoyed his time with them and instead of playing the game he already owns and having an everyday match against more random people in the lobby, He can have the memory of trying to save the creator from Jason and watching Shelly Die in game as well as on the movie screen. To each their own.
  8. I agree with this guy. Although it is a thing, I believe this picture to be staged. I know we can't see his right leg, but isn't the left one the one that gets blood on it if you hit a trap? I think door blockers are going to be the new " in" griefing method once TK is removed.
  9. Well considering I don't know either of them personally to call and ask if they want to play, the next best option is to join their channel so when he says he is sending invites, you can put your name out there. Will I follow his channel weekly, no. If he's on PS4 and I have a chance to play,sure.
  10. Usually I would agree with this. But having the chance to play a match with Larry and Randy is enough reason for me. First time ive even logged into twitch.
  11. it was an accident. Jason was behind him and the guy shot jason and it hit jason and him.
  12. I loved his facial expression that last game when the guy accidentally team killed him lol He was truly shocked and was like," What the hell happened to me?", all bummed out.
  13. "Rent?" You don't own all the Fridays? And when people say he's weak, clearly they dont remember that hell of a door bust he does near the end lol
  14. I'm lvl96 and I honestly have had way more negative experiences than positive . A recent good one was yesterday. I random my jasons. I got J7 and went through the match and annihilated 6/7 in around 10 mins. No cop call or Tommy call made it in. So as I tracked the last guy down and he was in the larger cabin with the fire place and couches in it. Now by lvl 96 I feel I'm fairly experienced in this game. What happened next supprised me. This guy juked me around the living room for 9 minutes. I got him with throwing knives but he healed. I chased and shift grabbed. He would barley slip away. Normally as Jason, I'm the strong silent type. But I had to turn on my mic and talk to this guy. He was being friendly but still kind of trash talking. I actually told him I was enjoying being juked as it Had not happened since release. With 20 seconds left on clock, I finally got him and toasted him in the fireplace. He was such a good sport and I enjoyed hos commentary. Next match we fixed 2 seater and left together in 3 mins lol. It was a very positive experience for both of us, as weird as it sounds to say being juked for 9 mins was positive lol