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  1. i got the friday the 13th part 4 ultimate jason by NECA with all weapons from the actual movie changeable head-mask, Pamela tombstone, annnnnnnnnnnnnnd changable fist all for literally 13$ on ebay (Jason knows this is my favorite movie so he made it cheap ._.) P.S. getting it on December the 7th and free shipping edit: you can remove both masks and the harpoon used in the area where the sun dont shine for one of the guys isnt in this set ;-;
  2. we can all agree the 70-80's had the best horror movies? wait scratch that actually anything before the remake craze was usually better except a few lucky ones
  3. for me its just the forks in the path
  4. R rated super hero movies are actually doing the best if you think about it Logan Did Amazing Dead pool did Spectacular i hope people can see rated R super hero movies are actually amazing idea as you can usually go all the way
  5. this glitch happens when you do something that would mess up the hit detection of the car making it think its going over giant mountain or something and flip over its my theory
  6. jasons appearance

    dude think about it the mask only came midway through the movie they wouldn't advertise it
  7. I noticed one thing that made 0 sense to me and isn't necessarily a problem (I love the Jacket design) but nowadays Jason has a jacket after 9 FILMS they suddenly make him wear a jacket in Jason x and it looked better sure but makes no sense how did he get the jacket? all the other films always had him with just a shirt a simple shirt except part 2 (always green till for some reason part 8 changed it but that's a new story all together) can someone please explain this im genuinely interested
  8. jasons appearance

    fan made
  9. i predict this often which is a reason to differently go inside i attack the door and if i hear a ow then boom you dead
  10. jasons appearance

    while the thing is he doesnt have a white shirt ever and the jacket in FVJ doesnt have the pockets on his chest like the original
  11. league of legends turns me from a funny guy to a full on rage beast its addicting but makes me angry
  12. ikr but it is kinda funny how jason's body flops since he technically never dies XD
  13. dude the cars are exact replica's of the original cars from (i think part 1 so they're more of a reference) also do people really have enough time to get in a car and throw everything out with a killer 2 feet away?
  14. i do notice one thing that can testify this isnt real and the fact is that its part 8's wet clothes texture in the clothes too
  15. jasons appearance

    even if its the case why such a sudden design change?
  16. i was a clown.... :/
  17. the line is ironic
  18. ironically i have a elm street near me
  19. lets make this threat big and make sure @GunMedia_Ben Can see this
  20. look guys all im saying is modern jason vs modern micheal would be a even fight since they both taken hits and only thing micheal never dealt with jason has is blowing up
  21. jason has been headshotted too in part 6 all it did was piss him off
  22. a squad of police put micheal out for awhile while in jason x one of the failed attempts to kill him for good was a firing sqaud Micheal was knocked out for a long period of time by electricity in Halloween resurrection but jason in part 7 got knocked out for like 30 seconds and in part 8 alittle longer and in freddy vs jason not at all so i could argue jason has taken more damage
  23. Dead meat is a amazing channel that is doing all the kill counts and unlike most killcounts there is talking but hes a good guy hes a rapidly growing channel already 247k subscribers in 10 months watched since 1st kill count but subscribed after 4th i remember you should also know him from drunken Disney
  24. Hi guys its FlameRiderSD i was noticing one thing that i found strange in the early trailers Jason has different weapons for example part 3 Jason had a machete in one part 2 had a spear part 3 also had a pitchfork and pick axe when the game came out you couldn't switch weapons and it was weird all future trailers had Jason with only and ONLY default weapons i want to have different weapons in the game please because in the movies he never used one thing he always used even the littlest things like a corkscrew knives, cleavers shards of glass, a sauna rock and other things Jason should have the ability to grab a weapon In game and use it the only explanation i can think of why this isn't a feature yet is because it would mess with the kill wheel thats it since you'd have to have kills for each weapon My Solution: Make A Weapon kill menu make it all weapons have there own kills you can customize and make have diffrent kills a match all weapons would have 2 hand kills and 2 weapon kills this is my opinion and i hope you reply to use why you atleast cant make this or why it isnt in yet this has been FlameRiderSD Signing out