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  1. has anyone tried the update yet?
  2. ok we all know Jason is deformed but its mostly on 1 side but i noticed something the side that gets all his most iconic scars (Axe) (Machete to face) (Boat Moter to face) is his less deformed side the left side poor Jason ;-; Pictures to show Note Part 4 picture is flipped so its on the wrong side
  3. i might play dead by daylight if they added ways to kill without hooks or end
  4. it makes more sense since jason isnt smart enough to build that honestly
  5. atleast he didnt call it bad
  6. like also i hate how people complain about the teeth while in the book it says that "The clown face changed to something horrible that made his nightmares of the cellar look like sweet dreams and destroyed his sanity in one clawing moment" only thing i wish they kept was the conversation of you'll float too
  7. it creates a good effect of how he isnt a clown as thats how pennywise should be looks like a clown but not quite
  8. great idea Jason didnt just charge people while going "IM GONNA KILL ALL YOU MUTHER FACKERS......" (On perposely spelt those words wrong due to jasons i actually seen sounding like this) he was stealthy and only charged at people when they already seen him
  9. i would love a story mode but honestly dont remove part 6 7 8 as they still follow the originals very closely only part 9 and on should be removed because thats when continuity ends
  10. i wish they actually made it the pumpkin is halloween and the snowflake is chrismas for less confusion
  11. we need those psychical copies so we get a huge player boost and the bug fixes before that so the game can last
  12. Technially part 5 is the worst check this video out it actually makes great points on why he ranked certain things but this is just my opinion
  13. the same person who did the alien design made pumpkin head
  14. i just got one thing to say.... this is great! think about it this means we get big stuff BEFORE halloween and we get offline bots and the basic stuff i mean singleplay isnt something easy the new counslers 2 TIMES before the end of the year but we wont have anyone jasons till next year but this is still great news will have the pre 2000's lineup complete parts 2 to 9 AND we will still get the demo before christmas so guys just please be happy and cross your fingers
  15. Maniac Cop : Great movie and Good Story it was really good and is recommended to watch and might get a remake in 2018 on the wiki it says which will be great the second one was good was well but 3rd one sucked
  16. i hope to god this game does not die in PC and I'm lucky to meet new people most of the time but if you guys are right about the numbers we are gonna be in big trouble Please be physical copies do good and there's no glitches >_<
  17. ye storm is basically gonna be part of the game so its pointless honestly just make it the sprint but its on a cool down and its a short burst for part 4 to make it balanced
  18. me when the dlc comes then realise theirs bugs in the patch
  19. this is great i cant wait for friday the 13th i can not express my excitment
  20. that to be is effective because 1 pennywise isnt a clown 2 that was intentional i believe
  21. doesnt say if part 4 is free or not but i do like how its saying Retro jason will be reworked into a real Jason and not a skin
  22. part 7 because Jason Is A UnDead Walking Giant Guy and he has one of the best masks and best faces and the fact he has the chain is really good
  23. that sucks
  24. we all want this and even early images had them but it was for some reason removed
  25. well actually theyre not that diffrent its like the stats of jason so it wouldnt be unfair if they got abillites right