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  1. Excuse me good sirs why aint on the PC list ;-;
  2. wepon swap pairing

    Only problem I have Is that the shears dont do any Shear like kills there too much like daggers only hedge trimmer is good like you couldve atleast added the part 5 kill
  4. Jason X

    real translation : Hello, dear developers, when will you add Jason X?
  5. First Look: Single Player Challenges

    i know this sounds greedy but i hope someday we can do almost all the kills from the movies in some shape or form
  6. let me give you more
  7. Pinehurst in 1986?(TIMELINE PLACEMENT)

    only way to describe it to make sense atleast he wasnt like caillou
  8. Savini Jason is the only Jason you cannot get in random pick which sucks Do you guys think they should make it in the random pick? comment below (also make skins work in random pick I.E the bloody skins and NES Jason)
  9. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    This is great! but will we get a kill pack like last Jason release? (well this is roy...)
  10. Making Strength a Worthwhile Stat

    havent you thought of one flaw..... THAT WOULD MAKE BUGGZY OP
  11. Deleted

    those animations looked sick i didn't even notice but instead of a crouch abillity for counselors what if jason can grab you if you go too close to his body when hes down it would be a nod to a classic horror movie trope in movies to not go near the killer when hes down also we need jason to be able to drag bodies one of the most requested abillities and instead of removing music when seen just make stalk one of the very first abillites like you get stalk and morph instantly
  12. the biggest reason why uber shouldnt be on the other maps or other jasons on grendal is the fact in the movie Jason dies from futuristic weapons in his normal form easily Uber jason doesnt even flinch at bullets uber would literally have a 24/7 rage mode since he could break down metal doors and jason has never done that (dont say fvj that was a normal metal door) unless you want uber to not be like the movie (which will piss people off) go for it
  13. Where is everybody from...

    Canada, simple
  14. pretty much my opinion J3o1e1 you did the right thing
  15. Guys in the movies Jason could Teleport EVEN roy Could In part 8 he teleported the most tho he has done it in 1 scene in part 7 where he was suddenly in the water just right after a kill There are many times were he teleports
  16. whats so bad about sinner101
  17. Content Vs Constant

    honestly the only thing i dislike in this game is small maps if jason gets buffed slightly on those maps so hes as good as the fact counselors can fix the car in 1 minute then the game will be great for me (I really hate small maps)
  18. can someone please explain if the tapes are canon or not if so that means Pamela met with a Jarvis before and Elias wasn't Jason's Father just curious as this could open new theories....
  19. Content Vs Constant

    who actually said that? ^ (not the show the person who said we dont care about new content) i still kill people 5/7 as part 7 so Jason isn't as weak as people say but i do admit they could make him more menacing for example adding a feature if you go near Jason while hes on the ground he would grab and if you don't hurry kill you (this is to prevent t-bagging but just a suggestion)
  20. i asked for ben not you
  21. @GunMedia @GunMedia_Ben does anyone know the answer?
  22. I'm pretty sure Ben if he asked would know the answer to our question so its worth a shot also they have the original people so they would know
  23. since im revisting my own topic ive decided maybe we should ask @GunMedia_Ben to tell us the truth of this situation since he works with the others Are the tapes canon ben?