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  1. are these levels confirmed or are they your guesses?
  2. now i thimk about it the abillity seems like a joke on evil dead it makes a sound effect hes invisible in it and it makes him fast :/
  3. i voted them all :3 BECAUSE WHY NOT
  4. dont mention uber jason he made the movie go downhill for me
  5. now back to actually topic finally say either your version of the stat or say what you think of mine
  6. umm excuse me why did this suddenly turn from a stat thing to timelines lol all i wanted was to hear what you guys thought of them :I
  7. honestly i hate uber Jason but would love a Normal Jason X one
  8. Something got me thinking when i seen the end sequence as i seen a second body next to a Pamela head and it wasn't headless so its definitely not hers so guys please tell me who is that body at the end of each round you see when jason returns to his shack im curious this is FlameRiderSD signing out
  9. i dont think it would be too bad you could not have the ragedoll model and just have them face on the wheel dead and when someone wants to drive they simply push it out on a flat surface
  10. i wish i can do that :-;
  11. that would be cool but it be anonying for Jason
  12. I think we should just Have It One unique weapon, one machete, and then can find other weapons across the map it be better then just swaping the weapon competely and would be the best alternative
  13. wait did someone merge my forum? because the top comment wasnt VoorheesAJolyGoodFellow
  14. i didnt know it existed and its too late now :/