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  1. that would be a cool feature
  2. honestly every single strategy is good but there are some people hate (I'm looking at you people who hide in the tent all game....)
  3. this is why i go random to have a chance at everyone
  4. i know the trick but impossible to block a shotgun BUT you can shift through the shot if your skilled like me
  5. so thats why shes smart.... and more scientifically thinking Tiffany is totally not the cheerleader ITS OBVIOUS SHE WANTS TO BE A SCIENTIST OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT besides her name is the "Bookish Girl"
  6. but cmon guys isnt it obvious who likes who? Vanessa x buggzy Adam x A.J Lachappa x Deborah the others idk but the person who said tiffany can be a final girl type character is kinda wrong when she's the flirty girl as "Part 2" had a flirty girl get stabbed by a kitchen knife ring any bells? also the person who said jenny doesnt look like a rotten head I MEANT WHEN PAMELA WAS ALIVE
  7. and if you think about it out of all the girls she looks the closest to Jason's mom
  8. the voice actor for jenny is the same person who plays laurie strode (I think i haven't seen the online article in awhile) also her name is Jenny "Myers" and the fact her stats makes sense for a final girl (Luck, Stealth, Compossure)
  9. buggzy would like vanessa its obvious jenny is suppose to be the final girl but no one is good at her so they die
  10. well for anyone who hasn't seen the tapes they basically say that Jason's Father raped Pamela and Elias was a guy she married that she though would protect them but then realized he would hurt them and killed him it also has what i believe is a relative of Tommy Jarvis she meets who is a doctor and along many other things i honestly hope they are canon because this would explain a lot
  11. oh i wish the tapes were then that would explain why in the comics Elias is dead and not in the novals
  12. can someone please explain if the tapes are canon or not if so that means Pamela met with a Jarvis before and Elias wasn't Jason's Father just curious as this could open new theories....