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  1. I cant stand kids, yes even adults can act like children, but a adult can insult me and I can still have my hearing. Meanwhile a 9 year old joining the lobby with the high pitched voice and saying hi, well it makes my ears bleed. I hate playing with children
  2. Normally i would agree, but this game lacks so much in the content, it needs alot of it.
  3. This community is nowhere near as toxic as overwatch. I think the community is tame
  4. I have played it. Seems like call of duty with some zombies thrown in.
  5. Yea playing against 7 ppl with MICS its a B to be Jason
  6. If someones just camping and not moving, i rat
  7. Gotta admit it was funny lol
  8. Last post didnt show up for some reason. If a mod removed it just let me know lol
  9. Excuses. I bet u justify people rioting, not protesting, but rioting because hillary lost. Ok maybe jason doesnt have rage atm, maybe this is a issue that last the whole game.
  10. Yea i escape most of the time
  11. Im tired of it being near end game, my character running from jason, i jump through a window only to see jason open the door down the hall, shift and kill me. Or he just shifts into the cabin because the door is open
  12. If u try and defend ppl joining a game with no mic. U are probally a true no mic person.If someone is offending u, mute them. The oh ppl are racist crap is a load of crap when u can mute and talk to everyone else. I hate putting the battery and gas in the car just so some idiot can come in 30 seconds later with the keys and drive off. I hate having to constantly be having to check my map and objective to see where ppl r because if i dont watch the map every 5 seconds someones gonna have the keys and get in the car.
  13. Wouldnt worry about it. My life gets threatend in game all the time but i know the ones threatning arent old enough to drive so its all good
  14. Im in a empty room