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  1. @Alkavian I don't see why Uber would have less Stalk. Jason is supposed to stand still while using this ability (with my stats he is already slow, so why would he move?). But I still like your stats for Uber.
  2. Good analysis! Also, doesn't the Jasons with +Weapon Damage disable the effects of Tough Skin?
  3. So, you think +Weapon Damage works better than +Destruction in Uber Jason? If yes, I'll edit my post again. Also, nice analysis!
  4. I agree, but in this case, I thought of an exception. Those Strengths would be way too powerful for him, so I thought he would have big penalties too. I imagine Uber Jason as a war tank: lethal firepower, almost unstoppable but very slow and vulnerable.
  5. He would have +Stun Resistance and +Weapon Damage. Isn't that a reward for his weaknesses?
  6. Yeah! Crazy Ralph needs to appear! Even if it's a Kickstarter exclusive, I would like it!
  7. Strengths: +Defense +Stun Resistance +Weapon Damage Weaknesses: -Shift -Can't Run -Sense What do you people think?
  8. Interesting topic. No wonder why I've been here for so long! My today stats would be: Composure: 10 Luck: 2 Repair: 5 Speed: 2 Stealth: 9 Stamina: 2 Strength: 3 Btw I'm 17. My stats at the second half of 2015 "before I fell into darkness": Composure: 5 Luck: 4 Repair: 7 Speed: 4 Stealth: 8 Stamina: 3 Strength: 2 I could be a bit more accurate if it wasn't for the 35 point limit. But I'm ok with it anyway
  9. Good analysis. However, I've seen some streamers trying to Stun Jason 9 with a flare gun (not in the head) and nothing happened. The only thing that bothered me was the -Stalk weakness in Jason 6. Maybe a -Water Speed would work better (I said maybe).
  10. I miss him. He was one of the Moderators when I first appeared here (not as a member). Now it seems his place has been taken by @Kodiak(sorry to call you here). Well, things change...
  11. One of the Administrators. Where are you, @JPops?
  12. What happened to him? He died?
  13. Man! Kane Hodder himself getting his own model to kill counselors would be armazing! Angry biker rules!
  14. I don't know... Shift for me is not only a way to reach running counselors and cars but also a way to slow down them. I feel like the Shift-Grab is too cheap, even for someone like Jason. For me, he should only have the Shift-Attack. Since wounding a counselor makes them slower and even more afraid of Jason (fear makes them slower too). Gun Media! Remove all the Jason's actions after shifting except walking/running and attacking!
  15. Laphin, I think we should just remove the Shift-Grab and restrict Jason's actions just after Shifting to just Shift-Attack (or Shift-Combat Stance and Attack). Since it will slow down counselors and turn the advantages to Jason. This can be useful specially with Non-running Jason(s). And Throwing Knives won't be the only choice to slow down counselors anymore .