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  1. I love 3 of the Jason actors. Ted White, Dan Bradley/C. J. Graham and Kane Hodder. First I speak about Ted. He was very sneaky, which helped the sensation of unpredictability and hid in the shadows for several of the kills (corkcrew scene). I love killers that hides in the shadows! And since he was human, Ted made Jason look smart and strategic. And for last, he was pretty brutal! I loved how pissed of he was too! Morst of his kills also involved for the first time his use of superhuman strength. Which were done greatly too! Dan Bradley/C. J. Graham were good because they really acted like dead bodies! Humans without life or blood flowing in their bodies! For example, that sene where the couple with a gun encountered Jason, the man behind the mask was silent (as always), stiff and lifeless. Only his mask showed a bit of emotion. The way he was immobile was really menacing! Another good thing about them are the way they fast-walk. Seems agressive! Probably, it's the way Kane used to fast-walk in the game. Plus, the kills. I always loved his strength-based kills. And Jason Lives is full of them! However, Kane Hodder did the best of all of them! First, he walked very slowly... We could see how dangerous Jason was by slowly walking and specially breathing! The way he breathed gave more identity to Jason and made we think even more that Jason is no one to pass close by! And for real last, the kills. Kane did what no one during his job ever tried to do. He was creative with his kills! Thanks to him, we have the Stunner, Bear Hug, Two-Handed Choke, Head Punch, possibility Head Stomp and Fireaxe Trow! Damn!
  2. I wouldn't. I'm not good at creating things
  3. ???

    Should I put this as my new wallpaper?
  4. With what? 20 days after the announcement?!?!?
  5. ???

    Just wandering around the internet... Ok, it was in a random site called "fanpop".
  6. ???

    No more comments?
  7. I hope this is legit... Edit: The forest ranger on the right is in the movie. He appears during paintball guy's offscreen death. And I've encontered a site with several "behind the scenes" pictures from the movies:
  8. I'm... impressed Most J8 players I see just uses him for his +Destruction ability. That makes me so pissed off! About the Stalk-Shift method, just use Jason 9. I personally thing that that every Jason needs a pair of strengths. But if there's people that uses him like the way you mentioned, then I'm fine
  9. I still think +Morph would be better. It would make more use of his +Destruction strength early game. A good combination for +Stalk would be +Grip Strength, for example.
  10. You're right about Jason 4, maybe take out his -Traps for -Hit Points And J8 has +Stalk for nothing. No one I know uses him because of it. He is just +Destruction and nothing more. Admit it, +Stalk and +Destruction DOESN'T make a good combination. My idea is take out his -Grip Strength and replace it with -Stalk. And he would get a +Morph strength. Edit: @B0bZomb1e here's the explanation.
  11. This topic again??? Nah, just kidding! I'll always enjoy watching and support Jason 7 topics. He (and J8) needs a rework immediately!
  12. I was watching a stream from the YouTube channel Slash 'N Cast when I noticed: Why does Part 4 Jason and Mitch Floyd never gets wet when there's rain in the match? I heard this happens to every character except them! @GunMedia_Ben @Gertz @wes what happened???
  13. Nope. I'm not sure, but it is severely hinted that Jason Voorhees has a congenital disorder called Hydrocephalus. In which there's an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within the brain. This causes pressure inside the skull and increases the head's size to grown into large proportions and/or abnormal head formats. And yes, this prevents the development of hair. In Jason's case, his head's format is abnormal. Here: This is the special make-ups effects creator Tom Savini who did child Jason's face in Part 1 and came back one more time to create Jason's face in Part 4 (where Jason died). Here's "The Final Chapter" Jason Voorhees: Note: The only Jasons designed by Tom Savini are Child Jason, Part 4 Jason and Savini Jason.
  14. Everything is fine. You and @Barbara Ann have interesting ideas that may be possible to happen one day. This entire forum is proud of your collaboration. You and Ms. Ann should e-mail the devs about your ideas or at least ask when they will think about creating or releasing a "mean girl" counselor