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  1. Welcome to the forums, Andy! I'm in the same boat, I work a lot of overnights, but it's definitely all about having fun!
  2. Welcome aboard, Cloudy!
  3. Welcome to the boards! What ever you do, don't drink the water.
  4. The level of detail they've been adding is great! I agree with you, IHeartBreakerI, I wasn't expecting any new surprises before launch, but this is even more of a reason to be hyped for launch day. Hard to believe it's only a week away!
  5. My 42" HDTV on PS4, and my HDMI enabled gaming rig's 24" monitor on Steam. Planning to go dual-monitor before launch to stream while I play
  6. 11 days, XX hours, XX minutes, and XX seconds until the slayings officially begin.
  7. I've been watching a ton of beta footage (and laughing my ass off at a lot of it), working on continuing development on my RPG and playing some H1Z1 in between when work isn't interfering with my gaming activities. We've got just twelve short days until the game goes live. I'm practically salivating to get into the game and either killing some counselors, or just surviving. I just started following this game in January when an ad for it popped up on my Facebook page. I was hooked right from the start just based on the franchise.
  8. Welcome to the forums doc! And while you're here, I've got a molar that's driving me to kill! Can you take a look?
  9. If this is possible to be done, it could even turn into an achievement in game, such as "Sharp Shooter". This concept would add a whole new element of strategy into the game.
  10. Game launches at 12:01 AM EST. Everyone logs in. Servers at 12:04 AM EST.
  11. That's Resting Chad Face, singing like Queen from a sac grab.
  12. It's always fun to come back to check in, and see interesting theories like this one. I'd wondered about this myself while watching beta gameplay, and think it would definitely be worth trying once to see what the outcome is. I mean, if all else fails, there's always the elusive phone fuse or time limit to escape.
  13. I will likely have to work through the release weekend, but they can deal with me being TIRED for several weeks. I'm willing to sacrifice sleep for F13 time.
  14. Just joined up and setting up Discord to keep up with everyone.