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  1. You can choose in the pre-match lobby. It's those 2 question marks next to your tag.
  2. It's random in a public lobby. In a private lobby the lobby owner can choose.
  3. It's part of the server issues they're experiencing.
  4. Ps4

    I feel your pain lol. Having to wait til 11 tomorrow is killing me!
  5. I'll throw my name in as well. lionhearted215
  6. Their facebook has release at 12:00 am EST for Xbone & Steam, 11:00 am EST for PS4.
  7. I don't see it being a problem in this case but you can easily have something spoiled for you without watching the stream/video. I had Rogue One spoiled for me after somebody uploaded the ending to YT and described what happens in the title. Just going through my feed, didn't watch the video.
  8. countdown

    That's a sick mask yo.
  9. PS4 - lionhearted215 Mic'd up as well.
  10. 6 - Fav movie (and that spear) 7 - Fav Jason design After that, idk maybe 8? That uppercut axe kill looks sick.
  11. Hello everyone! So I actually signed up a little after the release date trailer but I've been in the bachground, reading threads and just generally scoping the scene so to speak. But now I figure I've been that creepy guy lirking in the shadows for long enough, now it's time to be that creepy guy lurkinh in the moonlight lol. Been a F13 fan since I first saw A New Beginning on VHS back in elementary school, even though my fav chapter is part 6. Eagerly anticipating this game!(and Injustice 2, but mostly this game!)