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  1. There should be a forum board where everyone collectively reported all the different perks available in the game. Only characters and clothing are unlocked through leveling up though. You should have all the counselors by level 18 I think, and the last Jason is level 41. The perks are purchased through a random dice roll system, like a slot machine essentially. Go into the preferences and choose any of the counselors, then select any of the perk slots and it will take you to the area to purchase them. They cost 400cp per roll, but you can resell ones you get that you don't want to try and buy more.
  2. That first situation sounds like you just need to switch to a higher stamina character. Maybe try Tiffany or Bugsy with a repair perk attached so they're still functionally helpful to the team. Also, never go out of the window until Jason has already walked into the house you're in. It makes it a lot harder for him to use his shift to get to you. Plus if he mucks it up by getting stuck on the doorway or something the cooldown is way longer that early in the match so you'll likely be able to run away to a fellow teammate or at least get into another cabin to rest.
  3. I usually run with Deborah because her stealth and repair skills make her great for sneaking around accomplishing tasks while Jason goes after the other players running around. I tend to always get a solid amount of repair and survival EXP in my matches while playing as her, where as it's a crapshoot with most of the rest.
  4. I'm not particularly trying to defend the devs, just calling out the trivial nature of this complaint. I'll be the first to admit that this game has had a terrible four month launch period. I stopped playing from July until just a couple weeks ago cause it was so bad. I appreciate what the devs have built and the improvements they've made, but can be honest and dispassionate in judging their results. Same goes with complaints on the boards.
  5. They've already accommodated those that have paid, they gave them a download code. The same exact data on the disc is already running on our consoles and PC's right now. So it's not really a "bad look" if you view it from a business perspective. And from a purchaser perspective, there's nothing gained from having it earlier cause the product is already accessible. It's honestly complaining for the sake of complaining, cause there's absolutely no harm done.
  6. If they didn't care, they wouldn't have handed out hundreds of FREE digital copies to those with physical purchases. It makes sense they'd prioritize the retail release over backers, cause again, YOU ALREADY HAVE THE GAME. What's the physical copy going to really do for you other than sit on a shelf at this point? And I'm saying this as a Rev 1 collectors edition purchaser.
  7. Lol, I had the same issue. My first match went just fine, but then the next two rooms I joined had some loser just kiting Jason to all the other counselors. Kinda put a damper on an otherwise exciting night of playing Friday.
  8. So you'd rather punish EVERYONE to wait till tomorrow so it launches simultaneously on all platforms, just because you personally are being inconvenienced by Steam's policies? Even though console users gain nothing over you by having it before you... You sound like a swell guy.
  9. Ha, naw, just took a long hiatus to enjoy the summer and give the devs some time to work out the bugs. I picked the game back up a couple weeks ago and decided to jump back in the conversation.
  10. Not sure what that has to do with the topic at hand... They're about as related as you and I.
  11. I doubt it. The game's been released for almost five months now. If anything, they probably purposely held off on releasing it just to hit that date when they could've put it out sooner. Printing discs and lithographs can be done in seconds, so having enough copies to meet the pre-order demands and put enough out on the store shelves would've only taken like a month of printing.
  12. Same here man. I basically stopped playing it near the end of July and only just recently jumped back in cause they finally fixed some of the crippling issues. The frame rate problems are pretty hard to ignore though, along with the host disconnects. If the patch this weekend doesn't fix the frame rate chugs, I'll probably bow out again until they get another couple patches out.
  13. help me Friday the 13th the game isn't working I brought it on steam tried playing it.it loads then goes to global shader cache file

  14. Hate to break it to you, but almost every console version is inferior to the PC version of a game. And I don't mean that in a dumb PC master race sort of way, I'm a console gamer personally that occasionally jumps on a PC game, so I don't have any allegiance on either side. I only mean that the PC versions aren't locked to any sort of frames per second or resolution rules like console versions are, and patching them to support newer resolutions is quick and easy. By playing on a console, we sacrifice better performance for ease of use.
  15. Same thing happens any time a multiplayer game goes on sale, so you can expect a second influx around Halloween when Xbox and Sony do their annual Halloween themed digital sales.