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  1. help me Friday the 13th the game isn't working I brought it on steam tried playing it.it loads then goes to global shader cache file

  2. Hate to break it to you, but almost every console version is inferior to the PC version of a game. And I don't mean that in a dumb PC master race sort of way, I'm a console gamer personally that occasionally jumps on a PC game, so I don't have any allegiance on either side. I only mean that the PC versions aren't locked to any sort of frames per second or resolution rules like console versions are, and patching them to support newer resolutions is quick and easy. By playing on a console, we sacrifice better performance for ease of use.
  3. Same thing happens any time a multiplayer game goes on sale, so you can expect a second influx around Halloween when Xbox and Sony do their annual Halloween themed digital sales.
  4. I don't have any info, but I'd guess it's probably a maxed out database. They more than likely have certain limits on how much space the site can use and it's full. A quick purging of false accounts and accounts that haven't been accessed in a really long time should fix the problem.
  5. You realize that Ben is the social media manager right? He's not one of the main dudes banging away at code, nor is he the "one with your money" considering Wes is the company head. Why are you singling him out like he ran over your dog or something? That's like going to your job and yelling at an HR person for hiring someone you don't like rather than addressing the employee themselves.
  6. Damn, 17 days?! I got burned out after like 2 weeks of off and on playing. I only boot it up like once a week these last 2-3 weeks.
  7. You've made it all the way to 101 and haven't bought any kills? That would seem very boring to play as Jason then; not to mention you could've already completed the perform all kills achievement at this point... Anyways, if you're holding over 200k in CP, that's probably more than you could ever spend in the game. Considering you can resell unwanted perk rolls, a 50,000 CP perk roll spend gives you over 100 chances to stockpile rare and epic abilities. After you've built up all those high end perks and unlocked every kill, there's nothing else to buy so you're just going to be throwing CP onto your already existing pile so what's the point in increasing the gains for people that high? You're just collecting currency you'll never be able to spend.
  8. Blowing on the games was actually unnecessary in most instances. The reason NES cartridges wouldn't play was a misalignment of the 10-pin contacts because they don't sit flush in the tray that they slide into. 95% of the time a simple push to the left or right on the cartridge after it's been inserted into the system would align the contacts and the game would play just fine. Nintendo fixed that issue in the top loader by having no "wiggle room" for the contacts to be misaligned. Just a little nugget for the next time you pull out an NES and get that annoying blinking screen. If you really want some examples of NES glitches though, I did the google search for you and as luck would have it some random guy has a site devoted to compiling all the NES glitches he can find. http://davidwonn.kontek.net/nes.html
  9. Both of the generations you speak of didn't have the option to patch so they had to be glitch free in order to release. That's also why higher end games took 4 years to complete a lot of the time. Those games also had less code in their entire cartridge than most games have in a single map now a days so less bugs could occur. Not sure if you've ever coded anything, but the complexity involved with even making a character move around in and interact with a 3 dimensional world is way more difficult than making a character move on a 2 dimensional plane like games in the 80's and early 90's did. Honestly it just seems like you're looking at the old days through rose colored glasses. Broken games didn't just starting happening in the days of modems and hard drives. The 1980's and 90's had plenty of shitty, broken titles. Hell, Angry Video Game Nerd has made a career out of covering those titles. LJN and Acclaim are just two examples of companies that succeeding in selling bad games for well over a decade during those days... Acclaim survived for almost four console generations releasing such top notch hits as Rambo (NES), Total Recall (NES), Legends of Wrestling (PS2), WWF Warzone (N64,PSX), NFL QB Club (Multi), South Park (N64), and Forsaken (N64,PSX). Both companies released licensed garbage for years cause it was easy to quickly produce something loosely connected to the IP and usually guaranteed to sell at least enough to turn a profit. Also, the fact that you try to use the Official Nintendo Seal just kills any creditability your argument has. Anyone with a decent knowledge of video game history knows that all the Nintendo Seal of Approval meant is that the game developer paid Nintendo their licensing fees. The only thing Nintendo checked for was that the games had met quality control standards in terms of basic programming and that the games would be suitable for the entire family and thus free of objectionable content. So basically as long as it booted up and didn't have anything adult themed, it got the go ahead. That's why games like Fist of the North Star, X-Men, Where's Waldo, and Heroes of the Lance were able to obtain approval even though they're barely playable. The whole reason non-licensed games like the Wisdom Tree titles and Tengen Tetris existed is because some coders found a way to get around Nintendo's lockout chip that is installed into every NES and they used that work around to avoid paying Nintendo their cut of the money and avoid having to agree to Nintendo's very oppressive licensing terms. The seal of approval from Nintendo was worth about as much as an I.O.U. from a drug addict back then. Here's some info if you want to study up on the history of Nintendo's monopoly back then. http://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/Nintendo_Seal_of_Quality
  10. The release was the same for every platform. The day 1 patch just didn't get cleared in time for the Xbox which made it appear like a downgraded version of the three platforms. Once the patch cleared, it was the same game as the others.
  11. Well, for starters, the game came out with six days left in May, and the majority of most game sales in the in the first two weeks of release, so the fact that it maintained such good sales with it's first week of sales being on a different month is a major accomplishment. Secondly, almost every game has drops in sales and hype a month after release. Hype is built from people being excited for the release of the game. Once the game is out, the hype dissipates cause the excitement of the unknown is gone. None of the things you brought up take away from the fact that such a small game with little to no marketing budget managed to top the sales charts. That's a pretty huge accomplishment.
  12. All things considered, it's been a really impressive first month of sales for Friday. Topped the list of most downloaded PS4 games in June and is currently one of the top paid titles on Xbox live. This is all good news since the money will allow the guys more time to work on bug fixing and growing the game. I have a feeling there's going to be a solid influx of players around Halloween as well, especially since a Friday the 13th happens in October also. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/07/07/playstation-store-junes-top-downloads-2/
  13. Yes, but that's really not the topic of conversation... MS could've shut down the servers as well, they just promised to let everyone finish their matches before doing so, which is why the players refused to let their match end. They trolled Microsoft's generosity by basically creating an infinite game that wouldn't end. The point I was making is that having infinite matches creates the potential for full servers that aren't really being used. Basically imagine servers are a mall parking lot, and you get there and like over half the spots are filled by a bunch of people that parked there all day to just hang out with each other and don't plan to buy anything. They're just walking around doing nothing and don't plan to leave all day. Now you can't park there to actually shop because there's no where to park. That's what infinite matches would potentially create.
  14. @Redcat345: it's still the same answer. Even private matches connect to a server. They have a player hosting but everyone in the match is still logged on a server taking up space. If enough trolls started infinite time private matches and just walked around without trying to win they could eventually get to a point where all the servers would be filled up with people that aren't really playing and Gun would have to waste resources either by spending money spinning up more servers or with labor costs by going through and closing the offending matches. Look up the guys that refused to stop playing Halo 2 when MS was about to shut down the servers for an example of what I'm talking about. They successfully kept a game running for days after the servers were supposed to be shut down because they refused to let their match end. Not saying your idea isnt good or bad, just saying the negative effects of such an option is why it won't be implemented.
  15. They can't have a match with no timer otherwise people would clogged the servers with never ending matches and cause issues, like some less elegant form of DDOS attack.