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  1. Only once a year is way to infrequent. If they waited till 2018 to do another double xp day, 50-60% of the player base will be gone by the time it happens and those that are left will likely already be well past lvl 50.
  2. So basically, survival when Jason's chasing you would be impossible. Cabins are the only somewhat safe zone for a player to collect themselves before Jason breaks in and tries to finish them. Forcing Jason to go through the door provides a vital chokepoint for counselors to place traps as well. If you allow him to go through windows, then players might as well just stand there and die once Jason knows where they are.
  3. perks

    I'm pretty stacked on perks so I'm gonna use the money to buy all the special weapon kills for the Jason's and then buy whatever kills I don't have with what's left. It should come close to wiping out all the kills for me so my CP from then on can focus on rolling more perks.
  4. It means your connection to the game is starting to struggle. Could be cause of the host, your ping times being too high, or other possible issues.
  5. 60 fps

    It's for sure the game isn't fully optimized, even on PC. Over time, they can definitely patch in some optimizations so the game can run at a more stable rate once they clean up the bugs and other issues. The Xbox version in it's current state sometimes barely can hold it's frame rate at a playable level during some more busy moments. I don't know if we can ever expect 60 FPS, cause more than likely the game code is locked in at 30 FPS max, but it would be nice if they can get that number to be consistent at least.
  6. At some point, I'm guessing they're going to have at least one internally designed campsite map not pulled from the movies, just like they have a Jason design made specifically for the game. The potential for a Jason X or Jason Takes Manhattan city map are there as well. But why would a bunch of kids be at a summer camp in winter? If they're gonna do weather, I'd rather they do hard rain that hinders counselor visibility but also lowers the distance of Jason's hearing and Sense abilities as well. There were plenty of rain scenes in the movie after all...
  7. Depending on the Jason you're playing as, throwing knives can sometimes be the only way to kill Jarvis. His stamina and speed is like an Olympic athlete so the zombie Jasons have no choice but to do whatever it takes to kill him. I've successfully outran Jason as Tommy for 5+ minutes before cause his stats are so strong.
  8. Thought I merged that but I guess not...
  9. Never said he was better, just said he's a viable option...
  10. Maybe they wrote it sarcastically? Maybe they really did compress it just to do it. Not totally sure. Either way, with only three maps, 8 character models, a cd's worth of music, and essentially 15-20 cabin models, there's no way this game takes up more than 6 GB's uncompressed. In comparison, South Park: Stick of Truth is only 6.5GB and it has hours of voice acting, and high definition visuals, granted 2-D high def visuals but high def none the less.
  11. There's no CGI movies, very little music and voice acting, which all help make make the game size small. Plus there's no single player, which also means no AI coding. The game is mostly a bunch of artistic items and some coding on how to manipulate those items, which doesn't take up much space and those art items are very high resolution so that lowers their space taken even more. In all honesty, they're probably no compression what-so-ever, cause the game is already so small there's no need to compress the game and potentially lower sound quality or visual fidelity.
  12. Well, the camera during the dead body thing aimed right at the wall, so maybe someone died on the outside and it just glitched and engaged the animation for you cause you were close. Hard to say since the video ends right after the dead body animation. I mean, if it was just an odd glitch, it's a pretty small one in the grand scheme of the game's issues. Hopefully it's not a new bug to iron out though.
  13. Are you in a quick play match? Cause it's never been allowed in quick play to avoid people telling other players where he is.
  14. The LaChappa kid isn't a bad male character... I think the big reason you're noticing such a difference is just because the stealth mechanics are so much easier to manipulate to your advantage vs the combat and strength ones. Nothing wrong with that, I play stealth all the time honestly cause that's just how I usually play most games. Using stealth makes the player invisible to the monster chasing them and players tend to live longer so it seems like you're surviving more, but really if the combat just gets tightened up to where players can more capably defend themselves then Adam and Bugsy could be just as viable. The trick is to not make it too highly tuned though otherwise games will just break down into a Jason vs 7 Bugsy's that pummel Jason as a group all match.
  15. No, I never said that at all. I said the Xbox patch is a bundle of the DLC they're giving away along with the bug fix patch they released last week for the PS4/PC. The patch was already going through cert in Microsoft when they asked Microsoft to hold off and threw the NES Jason DLC into it and resubmitted to spare the Xbox people from having to download two separate patches.