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  1. Vendetta Against Savini Jason?

    Savini and part 6 are god awful for slashing. I just go for the grabs but even then you'll find me whiffing a bunch.
  2. Vendetta Against Savini Jason?

    Unfortunately I can't convince randoms that he's not OP when no one escapes.
  3. End of Round Screen

    I'm used to seeing horrible suggestions on here but this one is pretty damn good. I'd like to see this in game.
  4. Favourite Counselor Poll

    Since day one my preferred counselor was A.J.
  5. Most of my hours in this game have been spent at the menu. I wish I could say it's been a blast.
  6. New Emote Pack for Counselors

    We'll get more. I'm sure the devs want to milk as much bullshit as they can.
  7. Emotes need to go

    Example A: patch notes
  8. Emotes need to go

    Doesn't fit with @wes "third reel of the movie" scenario. That was deceitful as hell. Actually, I don't think he's said that since the emotes we're added.
  9. Sometimes I make digital pinball tables

    More TLC went into this than some aspects of the actual game. Nicely done. I'd play it.
  10. I've been preaching it for a while. Knowing where Jason is at all times (more specifically where he's not) ruins all tension.
  11. Permanent stalk would allow this to happen in MP much more often.
  12. Jason Is Made For Beating

    Ha! You must be joking. Bots are as hardcore as it gets. Cops called and both cars repaired before I even have stalk. Don't even get me started on Tommy. That fucker killed me once. Obvious sarcasm is obvious.
  13. Been preaching this for a while but taking away Jasons boom box would be a much needed buff and make the game scarier. Make stalk permanent.
  14. All Jasons grabs are shit. All undead jasons are slow. All Jasons are pinatas. A strength in destruction, shift, and some head games with stalk is perfect for me.
  15. Are you a Rando?

    I go random counselor but I keep SJ as my Jason.
  16. If the game was still summer camp vol 1, this game would be dead in the water.
  17. Jason Taunt Pack?

    Jason emotes? No thanks. Even if they add in good ones as @thatdudescott mentioned it'll just open the flood gates for god knows what. My emotes are kills. I'll stick with those.
  18. Still reskins. It's not exciting to climb 50+ levels for default clothing with different colors/patterns.
  19. Just had the time to look at this. Great job on the list @Treymaker. The lack of decent content between levels 44-103 is concerning. Unlocking recolors sucks but I already paid my dues there. Hopefully we'll see more unlockabale content there. I'm curious if Savini will have his own bloody skins at different levels once they patch his skin back in.
  20. Good Sportsmanship Club

    I'll send one as soon as I'm able
  21. When a player calls you trash

    I'll yell "bitch!" After I knock Jason on his ass. It's nothing personal. Just seems like the right thing to say. Especially to @Risinggrave
  22. Why part 9 face is inverted ?

    They said they "couldn't live with themselves" if they kept it like the film. I wouldn't expect them to switch it back. As others have mentioned, there was also a poll as well.
  23. It's probably gonna be free. I wouldn't mind a free kill pack as an "apology" for leaking the skin so many times.
  24. Emotes need to go

    When they're wearing bunny suits, lingerie, wrestling outfits, and togas I definitley find it hard to believe. Swimsuits are fine. It's F13 ya gotta have some T&A. Not those goofy ass costumes though.
  25. Good Sportsmanship Club

    You can PM me your GT and I'll send an invite when I'm able.