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  1. Anyone else wanna bet they'll say all of our criticism for valid concerns and issues is "toxic".
  2. WHOAAAAAAAA Sorry. My bullshit radar just went fucking nuts.
  3. This... pisses me off.
  4. I think we all are for the same reasons.
  6. So. Let's begin. *WARNING* If you are wanting to go into the game purely blind, leave this thread now. Welcome you spoiler wanting heathen. We all remember the beta intro, shit its iconic along with chad face at this point. But the devs have stated multiple times after the beta that there will be multiple intros. After watching the stream footage, this is not the case. It has changed though. Instead of Tiffany being killed its.. some random guy. For all intents and purposes he will now be referred to as Jeff. So Jeff is murdered in the same exact way as Tiffany. The only difference is the background, Jasons kill animation (depending on the skin) and a more detailed Chad face. But that's it. Nothing is different other than Jeff taking Tiffs place and the background depending on the map. That's not a new intro. That's a new skin for an intro. Clothing pack anyone Do ya think they'll add more eventually? Or is this more of a "gotcha" moment. Edit: I heard there's a day one patch but i find it highly unlikely that there's different start of round cut scenes in that patch.
  7. My apologies. I feel the exact same way.
  8. We really shouldn't be. But seeing how most this time we haven't had issues with the devs. We supported their decisions and they didn't seem to be doing anything wrong. It all started going down hill once they came out with those stupid fucking traps.. lmao
  9. Lets place bets now. @bewareofbears I bet you one like that Jason will be killed before midnight tomorrow. @thatdudescott I bet you one like that @ResolutionBlaze will be the one with that excuse for the devs PS: No hard feelings blaze, just calling it in advance. Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong <3
  10. But not exactly what I was expecting. Or, really a lot of people. And thats kinda the point.
  11. With all due respect to charmin and laphin, they seem to be kissing guns ass all the time. When have you heard them say something bad about them or the game? We are all very critical on the forums. No BS goes through the cracks. Probably kissing ass for the extra benefits.
  12. I watched a stream where the counselors were escaping in the car. All was fine and dandy until the passenger looked over at the driver and her hair was going all fucking over the place and looked like it was trying to escape from her head. This is something I would 100% like to see this fixed. The counselor in question is Jenny. But i assume this goes for the rest of the female counselors.
  13. Holy crap i forgot about that feature and i used to absolutely adore the idea. But of course, it was scrapped. @thousandfool No where did i suggest we wouldn't be playing the game because lack of intros. I'll be playing the fuck out of it. But its disappointing and I've been losing more and more respect for the devs. No matter how much i love F13 or want to play the game. Don't let hype blind you.
  14. Yeah. BoB you were right a while ago. Looks like they don't need the little guys anymore. They already got our money.
  15. You. Yeah, you. You lied to us.
  16. I agree. But when something isn't in the final product that they said would be, it makes you wonder what else could be missing. And their masters of misinformation so we'll probably never know for a fact. Randy said this! but Wes said that! But Ronnie tweeted this! But Ben posted this in the forums! and the cycle continues. I swear if we go through this again with future DLC or the single player i'll be livid.
  17. I learned that (most) streamers are extremely frustrating to watch. They just run around with their heads cut off. and that gamespot and IGN gameplay showcase? fucking jokes. http://www.ign.com/videos/2017/05/24/friday-the-13th-taking-down-every-camp-counselor-as-jason-voorhees-1080p-60fps Watch them take down EVERY counselor in the game! What they don't tell you is that theres only two in the game. Which has led to, understandably, i very pissed and misleading comment thread.
  18. Oh i'm annoyed that they are steaming. I understand the cause but I don't gotta like it. I guess we will see if it paid off or not. But as @AldermachXI said, those bastards better have their stats reset come friday.
  19. Summer camp? That idea has been scrapped entirely for F13. They never showed the assets or even what the killer was supposed to look like. They don't even talk about summer camp anymore unless they say they used to be summer camp. I'd say its unlikely. Expect the only future DLC killers to be Pamela, Roy, IV, X, and Uber. Possible new Jason designs are a stretch.
  20. While admittedly i'm sure a majority of people watching the streams are backers like myself, thats also not guns or the streamers intended audience. The intent is to bring NEW people to the game by having the streamers showcase it before release. Their target audience is, you guessed it, the streamers audience. We'll just have to find out once the game launches and we have solid sales numbers.
  21. I'm glad you enjoy it here on these here ol' forums. But as BoB said, it's only normal what you're feeling. I'm sure i'd feel the same in your position. Especially since the both of you even have history with F13. But again as BoB said i'm sure he'd be in a game with you come Friday and making you see stars all over again. Hope to see ya at camp, bud.
  22. I think you are severely missing the point here.
  23. Guess their "advertising" seems to have paid off after all.
  24. You the real MVP BoB