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  1. Nowhere near worth the effort though.
  2. Also, OP, the poll question is a little confusing.
  3. It's more of a 50/50. When playing with children, it all depends on how they act rather than their voice. I don't mind their voices, as long as they act mature enough.
  4. Whenever councilors try this on me I find a way out of it. But it does depend on the circumstances. I either just start swinging, morph nearby then shift+stalk back to them, or they end up screwing up and try to hit me during my no stun "grace period". There's ways around it, but you'll likely get your ass kicked for a couple seconds.
  5. Microtransactions can fuck off.
  6. Title says it all. it'd be nice to rotate counselors so we can see the clothing to it's full extent without being in game. I'd like to see the designs on the back of adams jacket and such before the game starts. Seems like a basic thing to have. I was honestly surprised to not see it in game. Whats everyone elses thoughts?
  7. Excellent work here. I could see this layout as an actual map.
  8. I feel the same way. AJ is my main and I love playing as her but it is getting stale. If you have enough buddies for a private lobby, I recommend convincing everyone in there to set both councelor and jason as random. It's a hell of a lot of fun.
  9. I still have hope for a stoner counselor. If Scooby-Doo do has one, so can this game. not to mention the movies.
  10. I am all for this. Like the one guy from part 3 (I forget his name).
  11. Sorry im a little confused. Which game are you comparing to?
  12. Exactly. They mentioned they couldn't do it because of a potential AO rating, but as long as drugs aren't actually in the game there should be no problem.
  13. Bruh I read the title of your post and immediately thought "stoner". And I'd say the skill set you gave is spot on.
  14. Out of respect for JPops, I'll end it there.
  15. To that post earlier, I don't think you've been around me enough. The way I make statements and throw my opinion into the ring does make me sound like an asshole which is not my intentions. But if they would like to debate, they are more than welcome to. I still stand by my statement. and you're right. To MY knowelge I was the only person to use stalk correctly as I have yet to see otherwise. I've since seen plenty. So I can no longer stand by that statement. If you took what I said as only the mentally challenged laughed at your videos, that's on you. Others in thus very thread have said worse. Nah I've heard things you've said before. It's all the same shit. This is the ego I'm talking about. If you feel that out of tens of thousands of players you're the only one who does what you do, you need a reality check. My intentions are to state my points in an argument and not pussy foot around it. If that comes off as dickish, again I'm sorry you see it that way. But you obviously believe you're above people here and just another SJW. If you don't like my posts, block me. If what I post is truly so malicious the moderators will take care of it. I'm sure I'll get a warning point out of this but it's worth it to get my point across. And the only reason I lashed out orginally is because you got your feelngs hurt because I said you're not unique. You wrote me a novel containing arguements and insults not too long later.
  16. The only AVGN I know is him: Fuckin love that dude.
  17. The conversation did get a little heated, but I wouldn't consider @Campkill a troll. He has every right to be and post here as the rest of us.
  18. Bullying new folks? I'm courteous to all members here, new and old, unless I have a reason not to be. Your novel you wrote to me gave me a reason to "lash out". Saying your playstyle wasn't unique hit a nerve with you. That's all I'm writing this up as. I'll be, and have been kind to every member here (given a few mistakes I can admit). But first and foremost I will be honest. If that honesty hurts your feelings, then I'm sorry?
  19. There's plenty like you. More than enough actually. I will keep playing silent, and you can keep believing you're unique. I don't bring in fans. I don't really care and don't want to. I don't need attention like you do. I play to have fun the way I want to. And you're more than welcome to do the same the way you want to. Nothing wrong with that. But to say your play style is unique is laughable. You can block me through my profile if that's how you deal with criticism. I'm surprised you've made it this far on the Internet being so squishy. Additional note: I know my silent ways arent unique. Plenty of silent Jasons out there. But you seemed to take it to heart that I said yours wasn't. No hard feelings, just truth. Plenty of Jasons who think they're funny out there.
  20. Odd, considering how everyone else i've come across say the opposite. I guess it's your "fans" words against my "fans". Not trying to brag, but in the same sentence you managed to brag. If I wasn't typing I would be clapping.. slowly. You have a higher ego than I anticipated. Try not to let it get to your head from now on. If you're trying to base facts off of comments from social media, I worry for what else you might believe. And no. You can tell two silent Jasons apart. It's called play style as i've mentioned many times prior. I can tell when my buddy Rising is Jason or hell even Dre without looking at the scoreboard. I know how those fuckers play by now and they mute their mics as well. I'd rather have a Jason genuinely scare the shit out of me, movie style, than have some dude on a mic say he's gonna rape my dead body. Not to mention every Jason says the same shit. And do not suggest I am boasting about my Jason play. I merely posted my game clips here so others could pick up on it. I actually even said that when I posted them. Those kills are very satisfying, but you wouldn't know since you decide to act like "the count". God thats so self indulgent. You really are full of yourself. Shouldn't surprise me though, most streamers/youtubers are. I'm sure you kill a bunch as Jason as well, but nothing is more memorable than opening a door or turning a corner and seeing Jason there when you least expect it. Sure you'll remember someone screaming into their mic and laughing their ass off, but for the wrong reasons. I've seen that shit a thousand times over.
  21. For a second I thought THE Tom Savini was live streaming the game. Little disappointing.
  22. I use the spin around and head stab one mainly because it's quick, easy, and doesn't require a lot of room compared to the others. Definitely. I have that kill on him.
  23. I personally use the knee snap with Savini and the other 3 are the pitchfork kills. I just like how the counselors stare at him in disbelief and pain lmao.
  24. For each Jason I use all 3 weapon kills and one specific kill that is either from the movie he's in, or a kill i can see that Jason using.