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  1. Yeah, they really didn't think that through. They told us to play audio through the TV and use a external recording device like an video camera. A lot of work to report someone. But that's deserving of a ban.
  2. @Randygbk So what is it? Allen Joseph Pre-op? Or something more simple?
  3. Corn maze map isn't a bad idea.
  4. "Late summer 2017"
  5. You forgot the lazarus, abandoned camp, and generic camp layouts to name a few. My vote would be for lazarus.
  6. I'm very sorry for your loss. We all feel for ya.
  7. Speaking of which:
  8. Maybe the devs can have their own taste of information dissemination. MUAHAHA find your booth now Ronnie!
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/xBlackWombatx/status/887675403242008577 Even I felt that one.
  10. No matter who broke the window, if you go through it you will take damage. If you crawl through it you will take less damage than jumping through it.
  11. I've never felt so enlightened
  12. I guess technically Ronnie and Wes both are. They are "Co-Creators". Randy is the "Executive Director" and Ben is the "Community lead and Junior Producer". http://f13game.com/
  13. It is odd. They make it sound like they have their own booth.
  14. Climbing through a window does do damage but a considerably small amount. However leaping through a broken window does much more damage and is visible by jumping through once.