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  1. I'm on Xbox one and I am missing my savini code as well as clothing pack But the games still missing from the store so it seems they have bigger fish to fry
  2. countdown

    How do we get to the game hub? Edit: I figured it out thanks man
  3. countdown

    Game isn't showing on the Xbox store. And I still haven't heard about my savini skin or clothing pack I even took a day off for this. I hope everything's worked out.
  4. Well, so much for a midnight release. Hope microsoft is able to work out the issue by tomorrow morning. Night guys.
  5. Well yeah there's no hair physics there. I'll wait until Im playing this on my Xbox one and leave an update.
  6. Whoa. If that's the case I'll be pissy. So nothing out of the ordinary.
  7. *gasp* Let's wait until we're playing to make such rash decisions.
  8. Okay that one got me rolling.
  9. This could be the possible meta..
  10. JPops saved my cat from a tree. He's the only fire department I need.
  11. Again you're missing the point. And elitist? You've been on here with the rest of us. Read what we've been talking about. I don't know where you got that idea from. We're upset about no NDA on streamers with early access in regards to defeating jason. But there's a thread dedicated to that.
  12. Huh. Weird. They seemed dead set on 3.5 GB. And they must've been working on that 2 gig patch for a little while.
  13. Have you not read our posts? We're not upset over streamers playing the game early. Get with the times we've been talking about that for a month and roughly everyone here got over that.
  14. So.. make it a 5.7 GB download?
  15. Why don't you come discuss with us We're nice. I promise. You just caught us on a bad day.